Miranda Lee Richards, Beautiful Day 歌词

Miranda Lee Richards Early November歌词

08/28 15:10
Early November - Miranda Lee Richards Caught in the headlights Now there's no place to run or hide And I'm at the point where things are breaking And that would bring you to mind Was that my life I wasted? I was your secret and I always kept it In Ea

Miranda Lee Richards Life Boat歌词

03/26 09:57
Oh,my love Won't you stop your crying? The sunlight's bringing rainbows to your tears Cotton swaying fields Are the pillars of your sadness The daylight dries the rusted leaves You wake up, it's a dream And it's a bright, sunny morning Each day a new

Miranda Lee Richards Olive Tree歌词

08/12 05:47
Pick a fruit from the Olive Tree Open it green Show me a taste of life I'll try anything Put at bay your adversary Your commentary And show me a little faith 'Cause I don't have much these days Life's a walk in the park on a cold misty mornin' Life's

Miranda Lee Richards Hidden Treasure歌词

10/12 05:50
Walk through the hills The ones so golden, the ones beholdin' The fondest memories of yesteryear And I will follow you You know I won't fear, I'm growing up my dear And starting to hear my own direction Finally, there's something I can hold onto that

Miranda Lee Richards Right Now歌词

07/04 04:02
[ti:Right Now] [ar:Akon] [al:] [00:01.00]AKon - Right Now [00:03.00] [00:13.17]It's been so long [00:16.40]that I haven't seen your face [00:20.27]I'm Tryna be strong [00:22.60]But the strength I have is washing away [00:27.26]it wont be long before

Miranda Lee Richards Breathless歌词

02/20 06:25
Miranda Lee Richards - Breathless 米大虾,转自LrcbyXimenaJ.fromLKLyricsGroup Breathless, your hands are tired Sleepless, the battle wages higher "All aboard!" you hear the captain say Take what's yours, only what you can carry in your arms Before I me

Miranda Lee Richards Pictures Of You歌词

01/05 18:41
Artist:Miranda Lee Richards Song:Pictures of You Shine with the mornin' Beginnin' to pick up that mess that you've made Are you findin' pictures of yourself on better days? Say you've been lonely Tell me that nobody understands you Are you with me; a

Miranda Lee Richards Hideaway歌词

09/09 04:28
Would you stay, would you stay tonight? 你能留下吗 你今晚能留下吗 Oh how you make me feel 噢 你让我怎么想 From across a crowded room 从一个拥挤的房间穿堂而过 I was lost in all the noise 那些喧闹声让我迷茫 So lay down your weary head 来俯下你疲倦的头 And rest your eyes my friend 让眼睛也休息下 我的朋友 'Cause

Miranda Lee Richards Here By The Window歌词

04/21 12:49
Here By the Window - Miranda Lee Richards It was here by the window I saw the truth outside today And on the walls that kept on closing The ones that took my breath away So I'll go uncovered Yah,,step out in the rain 'Cause I was waiting for life t

Miranda Lee Richards Savorin' Your Smile歌词

07/29 01:42
There's no easy path to redemption There's no easy way out of the trouble in your bones And you're crumblin' like an old watchtower You can see a way out but don't remember how to get Home I'm Savorin' Your Smile Yeah, I'm Savorin' Your Smile You sto

Miranda Lee Richards I Know What It's Like歌词

07/06 08:01
Warning signs All around you Yellow lines They divide you These warning signs In time You may regret (You might learn from) Things you do 'Cause you have to The nights that end in curfew Well I Know What It's Like I've been here before Please believe

Lee DeWyze Beautiful Day歌词

06/08 01:31
The heart is a bloom Shoots up through the stony ground There is no room No space to rent in this town You're out of luck And the reason that you had to care The traffic is stuck And you're not movin' anywhere You thought you'd found a friend To take

Lee DeWyze Beautiful Like You歌词

11/29 10:34
Everybody wants to Looking to the mirror Feel little better now And everybody wants to Notice someone out there Waiting for you to come around And I wish that You could feel it But you don't use To believe it Cause I know that You can't see it that w

J.R. Richards A Beautiful End歌词

08/04 17:33
Fate - we say goodbye on this day a Potter's field angel lay the sunlight fills from your grace - and so much love gives this place the feel of warmth inside I hear the words of your life an angel gone....... moved on its a beautiful end to a beautif

Jared Lee Beautiful World歌词

08/29 07:37
beautiful world - jared lee look what we've done we've fallen in my only question is where you been i've been alone for too long baby they say one moment changes lives and when i looked into your eyes i understood what they were saying you got all of

Kristy Lee Cook Not Tonight歌词

07/04 00:24
Oooh yeah My favorite addiction You're no good to me But all this attraction Makes it hard to see The line between what's right And what I wanna do So I've got to tell you I'm gonna pack my bags Leave a lipstick letter Take the first plane out of tow

Lee DeWyze Dear Isabelle歌词

10/09 22:32
Dear Isabelle 作词:Lee DeWyze.Toby Gad.Lindy Robbins 作曲:Lee DeWyze.Lindy Robbins.Toby Gad I found this faded picture of you and me on Lake Michigan you were smiling, the wind was blowing in your hair I think it's been around 5 years, and everything and

郭富城 Beautiful Girl歌词

05/09 10:34
Beautiful Girl 郭富城 作曲:JOSE MARI CHAN 作词:陈乐融 歌词编辑:叶泽生 Beautiful Girl在心的那边 是否可以收留 一份纯真的爱 你可知道我的心 站得好远好远 不敢相见 Beautiful Girl如果真有缘 那怕岁月改变 我们纯真的脸 还是幻想某一天 也许明天 明天就能永远 移动我的视线 却不能移动世界 总是傍徨 总是孤单 总是期待 Beautiful Girl如果真有缘 那怕岁月改变 我们纯真的脸 还是幻想某一天 也许明天 明天就能永远 移动我的视

ふくい舞 Beautiful Days歌词

11/26 11:24
幻だったのかな 何度も笑い合った 优しい时间 月日は流れる川のよう 速く 速く 远ざかってくよ いつまでも 手をつないで どこまでも 行きたかった あなたがいなきゃ どんなに幸せでも 淋しいよ Now you're gone Now you're gone 爱しいあの日々を あなたを いつも 思い出してしまう I miss you I miss you 声が听きたい 时间(とき)が过ぎても 何ひとつ愈えない 幻だったのかな 私の肩に寄りかかってきて "背丈がちょうどいい"とか言って い

RAM WIRE Beautiful World歌词

06/24 07:00
Beautiful World 作词:ユーズ・Monch 作曲:ユーズ・Monch・RYLL・couco 子供の顷からね どっかで舍てきれない劣等感 あきらめがはやくて 逃げ道を探す癖 时はだんだんと しぶきジャンジャンと 撒き散らすように现实を淡々と あたしに见せてきた 自分にとってプラスかマイナスか 考えない人はいますか? 未熟さとズルさに胜つ真っ直ぐなモノ 守れていますか? 想像もつかない悲しみがあることを 知っていますか? 大切な人と生きれるこの今は 永远にそこにありますか? 镜を见た