sister are doing it for themselves歌词

Kid Sister Switch Board(feat. DJ Gant-Man)歌词

08/18 19:50
DJ Gatman, Get it Kid Sis Uh oh chi-town you ain't ready for this one I came back with a quickness It's your girl, Kid sis Like this, jump out yo skin You can be from down south girl Get on the floor rip it down and dis more When this control better

Swing Out Sister Now You're Not Here歌词

04/19 17:04
Now You're Not Here Swing Out Sister Love was young We saw beyond a sky that had no limits Much higher than the highest star Beyond the furthest planet We thought that we could change the world And everything in it But time ran out of endless hours G

Drey-C I'm Your Sister's Boyfriend (Strictly Acoustic Version)歌词

12/02 06:51
Hey, can you come over here for a minute I wanna talk to you in private cause What I'm gonna say may sound a little crazy And whatever you do you can't tell nobody I mean specially her, this needs to stay between me and you Look I've been watching yo

Swing Out Sister Happy When You're High歌词

06/20 18:41
Happy when you're high Lonely when you're low Try to break my bones with sticks and stones Laughing in your face Feeling out of place Wondering why there's nowhere left to go Follow every lead Trading what you know Try to make the most of a broken wo

Kid Sister Pro Nails(feat. Kanye West)歌词

10/04 19:24
[ti:Pro Nails] [ar:Kid Sister] [al:Ultraviolet] [00:-7.52]Kid Sister Ft.Kanye West - Pro Nails [00:-0.02] [00:00.35]Got her toes done up with her fingernails matchin' [00:03.88]Got her toes done up with her fingernails matchin' [00:07.32]Got, got her

Mr. Twin Sister In the House of Yes歌词

02/23 09:18
I slip down Fade the echo out of memory Rise up and disappear for me Feel my curb, Now that I've had one or two I can get a little free It feels good To celebrate the loss of men Up and dance, I'm in the mood To let the rhythm push me out of here You

Swing Out Sister La-La (Means I Love You)歌词

11/21 07:10
Many girls have come to you with a lie that wasn't true and you just passed them by now you're in the center ring and their lies don't mean a thing why don't you let me try I don't need a diamond ring 'cause you prove you love to me when you sing swe

Kid Sister Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix)歌词

10/26 12:41
[ti:Right Hand Hi] [ar:Kid sister] [al:200176] [offset:0] [00:07.84]Hi I'm Kid Sister and I'm stacking money [00:10.46]Drinking all night got you feeling right [00:13.33]Better get your right hand hi [00:15.81]Hi I'm Kid Sister and I'm stacking money

Mr. Twin Sister Kimmi In A Rice Field歌词

01/11 06:21
At first the sky was empty Kimmi's feet follow The path to the edge Near the road A boy passes Guiding his bike He waves hello Patiently, Kimmi waits Patiently Picking petals Until the moon Lifts itself to the sky Stars come out Kimmi rushes To the e

Sister Machine Gun Another One Down歌词

03/15 19:54
I would've done anything to never say goodbye I would've done anything for you But I don't think those things will happen anymore, don't be surprised 'Cause there's just nothing left to do Oh my god Another one down Sometimes it hits me right between

My Sister's Machine Inside of Me歌词

04/23 09:40
I'm not the one that you're after It's blood you want; I can see it in your eyes I think this is the answer It's blood you want; come on, you've had mine, now let go of me If love cut grooves in the mountains Then love sinks in what I see 'Cause tomo

Swing Out Sister Twilight World [Superb. Superb. Mix]歌词

09/30 08:56
It's twilight world It's twilight world Time out World in a hurry There's more love than money changing hands Lights out Thinking out loud Turn your back on the world outside Night thoughts No one can share As darkness breaks through another day Secr

Swing Out Sister Don't Let Yourself Down歌词

09/13 09:29
Flying high Flying low Hate to be the one to say "I told you so" What picked you up has let you down Up to tricks just for kicks And now their habits got you licked Don't let yourself down Trust your heart because you know it's the best Don't le

Twisted Sister I Wanna Rock歌词

06/20 15:11
I wanna rock, ROCK I wanna rock, ROCK I want to rock, ROCK I wanna rock, ROCK Turn it down you say, Well all I gotta say to you is Time and time again i say no No no no no no Tell me not to play Well all I gotta say When you tell me not to play I say

Quietdrive Sister Christian / Night Ranger歌词

09/03 17:47
night ranger sister christian.lrc歌词 (下载lrc歌词,请用左键点击上面的"下载LRC文件"紫红色图片) Night Ranger Sister Christian by Kelly Keagy Sister Christian Oh, the time has come And you know that youre the only one to say Okay Where you going What you looking for You k

Michael Jackson Superfly Sister歌词

11/22 06:46
Love ain't what it used to be That is what they're tellin' me Push it in stick it out That ain't what it's all about He wanna do something keen to you He wanna wrap his arms all around you girl He wanna shake it up shake it down Doing it right He wan

Chochukmo Sister歌词

03/19 16:04
Oh listen to the radio Driving you from high to low Polka dots of miracle Sister please say no Don't be so predictable Breaking down the stereo Yeah I know I told you so Sister please say no Oh sister please say no (Hugs) Romance will drag you down (

Train Hey, Soul Sister歌词

12/08 06:19
Hey Soul Sister Lyrics Hey, hey,hey Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream I knew when we

Soundtrack Jean-Philippe Verdin - Little Sister歌词

01/07 06:14
(J.- P. Verdin/ R. Delannet) 2009 Pathé Production We used to say That we were Brother and sister We used to think Nothing, was every bitter Today, I break, my promises To stay out of the emptyness Today let's make our promises For tomorrow We used t

Twisted Sister Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas歌词

09/14 03:40
Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light From now on, our troubles will be out of sight Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Make the Yule-tide gay, From now on, our troubles will be miles away. (spoken) "Hey! Hey! Hey! Guys