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John Legend Where Did My Baby Go歌词

11/14 15:29
john legend lyrics 歌词制作:细眼蛇61067033^_^ \"where did my baby go\" where did my baby go? i wonder where she ran off to i miss my baby so i\'m calling but i can\'t get through please tell that girl if you meet her that someone\'s longing to see her

Magnetic Man Getting Nowhere (Ft. John Legend )歌词

12/09 07:58
[ti:Getting Nowhere(Breakage As Hard As We Try Remix] [ar:群星] [al:1Xtra] [04:40.08][04:34.36][03:00.35][02:40.02][02:14.09][00:47.09][00:00.88][00:00.23] [04:36.46][00:00.40]群星 - Getting Nowhere(Breakage As Hard As We Try Remix [00:00.73]Lyrics By:��

John Legend Green Light歌词

07/15 00:35
john legend featuring: andre 3000 - green light give me the greenlight give me just one night i'm ready to go right now i'm ready to go right now i'm ready to go right now i'm ready to go right now i see you move, i'm checking your smile working your

John Legend Shine歌词

04/01 14:19
[23 seconds of instrumental to open] [John Legend] They wait to plead their case, unknown cast aside I love to see their face, can we spare the lie? Are we afraid to see them, prisoners of history These beautiful minds, trapped inside, bring them bac

John Legend Hang On In There歌词

01/03 20:39
Whenever things seem hard to bare Don't give up. Hang On In There There ain't no time, No time for sorrow. And we ain't got time no time Ah time to be sad. And maybe the world ain't what it could be But to understand why is to know reality Ah don't g

John Legend P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)歌词

02/13 01:21
Let's go to the park 心驰如马 I wanna kiss u underneath the stars 星光亲吻我们我亲吻你 Maybe we'll go too far 也许我们陷的太深了 We just don't care 我们才不管 We just don't care 我们才不管 We just don't care 无力反抗 U know I love u when u loving me 不分场合大声说着我爱你 Sometimes it's better whe

John Legend Everybody Knows歌词

05/06 03:54
John Legend - Everybody Knows LRC by sean ,from It gets harder every day, but I can't seem to shake the pain I'm trying to find the words to say, please say It's written all over my face, I can't Function the same when you're not here I'm calling you

John Legend Coming Home歌词

04/23 16:45
A father waits upon a son A mother prays for his return I just called to see If you still have a place for me We know that like took us apart But you're still within my heart I go to sleep and feel your spirit next to me I'll make it home again I pra

John Legend Slow Dance歌词

09/06 15:54
Yea, sing it with me yall, oh yea yea Can we wait just a minute Slow it down for a minute now baby Your talkin loud Your wilding out Don't seem like my old lady Lets go and play the song we used to play Can we reignite the flame Cause things just ain

John Legend Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be)歌词

06/08 06:46
Whoa, oh, yeah Time is gettin' harder and harder More and more each day, yeah Still I am determined that I.'m never gonna change my way Thinking 'bout love the way it should be You gotta open your eyes and you will see About love the way it should be

John Legend I Love, You Love歌词

06/04 04:38
john legend - i love, you love lrc by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang hush my baby, don't you cry. i'll dry your eyes. ful fill your heart's desire. let's go in. try again. careful this time. broken promises linger in our mind. i'll give in completely. h

John Legend It's Over歌词

06/15 21:40
ukoo.net/bbs 孤独的小贝制作 john legend--it's over i dont wanna be what you want me to be so when i call you're just yelling at me (i'm sorry it's my fault) its over now what do you keep standing there for its over, its overrr now what do you keep standing

John Legend Cross The Line歌词

07/03 23:18
john legend--cross the line ukoo.net/bbs 孤独的小贝制作 only just a friend, the love story begins, now here's a happy ending to believe in. and always there for me, now you're with me in my dreams it's got me wondering if you ever, dream of me. i don't wann

John Legend Number One歌词

01/19 13:16
ooh i promise not to do it again i promise not to do it you can't say i don't love you just because i cheat on you cuz you can't see all i do to keep you from knowing the things i do like erase my phone and keep it out of town i keep it strapped up w

John Legend Save Room歌词

06/18 16:13
Save Room Say that you'll stay a little dont say bye-bye tonight say you'll be mine just a little bit of love is worth a moment of your time. Knockin' on your door just a little it's so cold outside tonight let's get a fire burning oh I know I'll kee

John Legend Ordinary People歌词

08/24 01:21
Girl, I'm in love with you This ain't the honeymoon Past the infatuation phase Right in the thick of love At times we get sick of love Seems like we argue everyday I know I misbehaved and you made your mistakes And we both still got room left to grow

John Legend Shine (Waiting for Superman Version)歌词

08/15 10:04
They wait to plead their case, unknown cast aside I love to see their face, can we spare the lie? Are we afraid to see them, prisoners of history These beautiful minds, trapped inside, bring them back to life Let 'em shine, let 'em shine on Let 'em s

John Legend This Time歌词

07/16 12:47
john legend - this time ran into you yesterday memories rushed through my brain its starting to hit me now you're not with me i realize i made a mistake i thought that i needed some space but i just let love go to waste its so crystal clear now that

John Legend Tonight (Best You Ever Had)歌词

07/28 19:24
Ain't this what you came for Don't you wish you came, oh Girl what you're playing for Come on, let me kiss that Ooh, I know you miss that What's wrong, let me fix that Twist that Baby, tonight's the night I let you know Baby, tonight's the night we l

John Legend Who Do We Think We Are歌词

03/29 14:15
[Intro: John Legend] Who do we think we are? Baby, tell me, who do we think we are? [Verse 1: John Legend] We can't run out of magic It's the only way we know Let's trip the night fantastic Light it up 'til we both explode We love, we love, we love t