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鸭打鹅 Glass Walls歌词

12/15 16:18
If you love no one, no one will love you If you hate no one, no one will hate you If you hug no one, no one will hug you If you harm no one, no one will harm you Glass walls, shiny shiny shiny Glass walls If you love no one, some one will love you If

Frente! Paper, Bullets, Walls歌词

10/25 01:27
Show me anyone 来吧 向我证明 The patient is gone 耐性已消逝 It hasn't been breathing 它已停止呼吸 Since it learnt right from wrong 自从它从错误中吸取了教训 Any innocent, got discontent 有没有无辜的人 觉得很不满 This is why children sing lament 这就是为什么孩童们唱响挽歌 Are you dying yet? 你还活着么 Do you r

Hayden Dynamite Walls歌词

08/12 04:32
open your eyes, put it in drive get on the road, and just go city lights turn to tree lines and national park signs the mountains approach as we follow lines in the road and the air turns to falling snow the engine blazes, the elevation raises and th

Safura Glass House歌词

09/06 12:21
Glass House It's just about to break will it wait for us It's almost way too late to save us There are days It gets too hot Then there are days it gets too cold I can see through all these walls but I can't see us And we'll shatter a million pieces A

Crywolf Walls歌词

10/08 06:05
[Crywolf] You invited me in and said "It's bound to happen" The darkness, it shaded your eyes And all I could think about Is the life behind our lies And the blankets, they covered your skin Your lips, they just welcomed me in I don't feel at ho

Cathy Dennis Too Many Walls歌词

07/24 11:32
Too Many Walls Wish on a rainbows is all I can do Dream of the good times that we never knew No late nights in the warmth of your arms I'll dream on Living in wonder, thinking of you Still looking for ways to uncover the truth You're so young is all

Sugarcult Bouncing off the Walls歌词

02/09 09:06
制作:lincoo sugarcult---bouncing off the walls i'm bouncing off the walls again and i'm looking like a fool again i threw away my reputation one more song for the radio station i'm bouncing off the walls again and i'm looking like a fool

Mario The Walls歌词

10/31 12:12
If the walls were watching If they could see your face They'd be talking and I know what they'd say They'd say damn that girl is going crazy Damn that girl she's amazing Touching moaning never seen you like this baby Never seen you this way She don't

Dream Theater Under A Glass Moon歌词

05/29 22:43
Tell me, remind me Chase the water racing from the sky Always beside me Taste the memories running from my eyes And nervous flashlights scan my dreams Liquid shadows silence their screams I smile at the moon, chasing water from the sky I argue with t

Luke Thompson Walls歌词

09/02 00:10
WALLS Oh the earth shakes It shivers and breaks and the walls that we build up Fall down and take It's the walls that we build up That fall down and take from us Oh the earth breaks It quivers and quakes and the borders we build up Divide and they br

T.I. Castle Walls歌词

05/06 03:18
Everyone thinks that I have it all But it's so empty living behind these castle walls These castle walls If I should tumble, if I should fall Would anyone hear me screaming behind these castle walls There's no one here at all, behind these castle wal

Shawn Colvin These Four Walls歌词

02/20 22:14
[ti:These Four Walls] [ar:Miley Cyrus] [al:Breakout] [00:01.32]Miley Cyrus - These Four Walls [00:07.42] [00:14.61]These four walls [00:18.80]They whisper to me [00:22.63]They know a secret [00:25.92]I knew they would not keep [00:29.83]It didn't tak

The Faint Glass Danse歌词

09/03 21:52
Feel the vapor pressure drop as the dark steam pours out the entrance Real cold world is swirling in to a club that keeps the life world out Where every sense seems deathly weak from the frozen time you spent in transit. The glass dance world flicker

The Myriad Stuck in a Glass Elevator歌词

10/21 20:21
if we run we just might find that there's a way to get out of this place if we run we just might find that there's a way that there's a way, to get out to get out and in the end the glass will crumble in the end it will burst and break in the end the

Willie Nelson Hello Walls歌词

05/04 06:51
Hello walls (hello hello) how things go for you today Don't you miss her since she upped and walked away And I'll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me Hello window well (hello hello) I see that you're still here Aren't you lonely since

Nico Touches the Walls バイシクル歌词

05/27 01:29
何も持たずに 生まれたはずだろ 錆びついたペダルを漕いで 身体ひとつで飛び出した衝動 見えない 荷物をばらまいて 隣の芝生は いつだって青くて いったい何の罰が当たって こんな惨めな気分になるの 不安並べたらきりがない スピードを上げるほど 強くなる向かい風 神様僕を試してますか? 神様僕を試すのですか? 全速力で坂を下って 風よ迷いをさらっていって どうせ空のこの頭を My Bicycle My Bicycle ゼロに戻してよ 笑えばジョークに 変わると信じて 笑えないあれこれを全部 心のどぶ

Nico Touches the Walls ホログラム歌词

09/11 11:20
真っ白な景色にいま誘われて 僕は行くよ まだ見ぬ世界へ 迷子のまま旅していた 鼠色の空の下 日替わりの地図 いくつもの夢が滲んでいた いつかはさ ちっぽけな僕のこの歩幅でも あの雲の向こうまで行けるかな 強がって キズついた心透かしたように 降り出した雨粒たちが 乱反射繰り返す 真っ直ぐな光が交差して 行く先も告げぬまま どこまでも突き抜ける 淡い残像 両眼に焼き付けて 届くはずなんだ まだ見ぬ世界へ 知らず知らずに貼っていたのは 白黒のステッカーで 大事なもの 僕らは隠してしまっていた 宝の石

Eleanor McEvoy A Glass Unkissed歌词

04/22 10:42
Lost touch, long ago, It didn't end so well, I know Lashed out, had a row Don't know where home is for you now Your drink should not have stayed undrunk You should have drunk it down with your prayers I showed no mercy to you then No mercy when Choru

王菲 Heart Of Glass (Live)歌词

05/23 13:13
Artist: Blondie Album: Parallel Lines Title: Heart Of Glass (disco Version) Once i had a love and it was a gas, soon turned out had a heart of glass. Seemed like the real thing, only to find mucho mistrust. Love's gone behind. Once i had a love and i

Susanne Sundfør Walls歌词

10/12 14:36
There have been so many people Walking through my door They don't seem to wanna come back any more I never ask them to I let them all go I guess I'm not the easiest one to talk to when it's cold But I guess I'm alright I guess I'm fine I think sunshi