edm death machine歌词

Knife Party EDM Death Machine歌词

06/09 17:22
In the future Nobody will drop the bass No-one will do the Harlem Shake No-one will know bitches love cake There will be no internet friends There will be no antidote The human race will be extinct Say hello to the robots! Say hello to the robots! 专辑

Defiance Death Machine歌词

11/25 20:13
Take a look into the future See a time that will exist But you can't seem to find out When it really is There's talk about a legend It rides across the land They call it death machine He rules with metal hand Yes, he'll ride To run you down Silently

Death Suicide Machine歌词

09/10 04:45
Controlling their lives Deciding when and how they will die A victim of someone else's choice The ones who suffer have no voice Manipulating destiny When it comes to living, no one seems to care But when it comes to wanting out Those with power, will

Living Death Killing Machine歌词

10/18 10:49
Day so dark, full of dust You stand out and watch out You work so hard, here right now You run for you life And you know where they come Bombs falling down Every day and every night You stand out in fire Rivets fall, all explode Come and bring you do

Fan Death Reunited歌词

04/13 10:53
My fists in pocket Sleepless I'm walking Towards all that I don't know I'm returning something That I've found and was once yours So precious to the dream police This is a coin for the well I wish my wrongs were righted Just want to be reunited I had

Scar Symmetry Mind Machine歌词

01/15 21:55
All free will is gone Automatic knowledge Humans lead in leashes Silent, untrue All are subjects to Automated liars Broadcast feelings through Machines that makes you Wither away Death of the soul Indoctrinated in false grace Bio-machinery Mind and m

Death Painkiller歌词

05/26 19:58
Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He's half man and half machine Rides the Metal Monster Breathing smoke and fire Closing in with vengeance soaring high He is the Painkiller This is the Painkiller Planets devastated Man

Public Enemy Anti-Nigger Machine歌词

06/22 20:36
When I'm talkin' rhyme time To blow your mind time some say It's nothing worse than a verse To hear some nigger curse They call me rude some dudes fiery attitude Claimin' I boast and smoke And sometimes sing the blues I twang metal and settle Try to

Norther Death Unlimited歌词

03/05 23:32
saatana vittu perkele welcome to my world of death and pain oh it drives you so insane i am no blast from the past because i'm death and i'm everlast i'm the future breed, evil and mean a fucking killing machine no-one will stay alive and see they al

Cerebral Fix World Machine歌词

09/25 11:22
Spindles turn in the rooms Engines roar to the tune Stoke the fire, overkill Turning cycle, it's overdue Time's running out Running so fast The pressure is on We're on overdrive Wheels seize to a halt Labour silent to no groove Suckon pulls in, overr

Avenger Of Blood Death Brigade歌词

11/02 07:14
We stand against the world Denying shame and scorn We march on fearlessly Into the rising storm (Pre-chorus:) The final curtain Is all you see In devastating Reality No tortured conscience Will hold us back With blinding speed Comes the attack (Choru

Red Feed The Machine歌词

05/06 05:23
Turn around, they might be watching And you never disappoint them Hide your innocence before they see right through You mustn't disappoint them You need the danger just to feel your heart beat You need to die just to find your identity You need the k

Symphony X Bastards Of The Machine歌词

10/08 07:28
You can be all you desire An honest man - a vicious liar Seek out the Light or seek the Dark You can honor or desecrate Sympathize or manipulate Carved in your flesh - embrace the Mark Enslaved and hypnotized - Chained to artificial lives You are the

F.K.Ü. Horror Metal Moshing Machine歌词

03/22 05:35
Again we've arrived with a mission to fulfill To kill the stage and rape your ears A merciless death, a strike of the beast The most awesome shit you've heard in years The metal is raw, the volume is loud We shred and then we kill the crowd Because w

The Cult Love Removal Machine歌词

08/18 21:22
Songwriters: ASTBURY, IAN ROBERT / DUFFY, WILLIAM HENRY Check this one Fell to the red room because she was there, uh-huh-huh-huh A scarlet woman, she got me in fear, yeah, yeah, yeah She said, do all those things that you do to me You know what I me

Girls Aloud Love Machine歌词

06/24 07:00
[ti:Love Machine] [ar:Girls Aloud] [al:] [00:11.52]Love Machine [00:12.23](Nadine) [00:13.06]Ladies, you're damn right [00:14.48]You can't read a man's mind [00:16.55]We're living in two tribes [00:18.73]And heading for war [00:21.03]Well, nobody's p

Ride Time Machine歌词

01/10 21:36
Waste no more energy No more time Step into the time machine Aboard this flight Time to go It's sad that you're not here To open up your eyes and.... watch me dissapear Carried away Imaginations are running wild Losing control I'm landing back this y

Savage Garden Two Beds and a Coffee Machine歌词

08/15 23:26
Two Beds And A Coffee Machine D.Hayes/D.Jones And she takes another step. Slowly she opens the door. Check that he is sleeping. Pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor. Been up half the night screaming now. It's time to get away. Pack

Sonic Youth Washing Machine歌词

05/03 10:51
Yeah, i take my baby down to the street and i buy him a soda-pop He's so sweet Alright now, alright now, alright now You said that If you want i'll be the one Take you out and have some fun I never never ever ever tell no one Till the end, till the m

Annie Lennox Ghosts in My Machine歌词

03/30 17:25
Oh come and take this pain away Oh come and take this pain away Oh come and set my spirit free I've seen too much I know too much I hurt too much I feel too much I dread too much I dream too much I'm caught up by the ghosts in my machine I'm bruised