fragile giulia歌词中文

Paolo Meneguzzi Fragile giulia歌词

06/10 14:04
Giulia non è facile sopravvivere alle favole 18 anni no non verranno più dopo venerdì Giulia i tuoi brividi già diventano graffi e lividi chiusa in bagno tu butteresti via anche l'anima sta piovendo così forte sulle tue fragilità dove mai starai cerc

Jewel Fragile Heart歌词

01/30 18:24
If u want my heart U have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart 'Cause my heart Has been hurt a lot And it always seems Love is not sweet, like in dreams Something falls through But I don't want that 2 happen 2 me and u So be Careful, warning Fragile heart S

Nitin Sawhney Fragile Wind歌词

09/07 13:59
Haath pakad kar chalte rahe, saath samundar chod gaye, andhiyaari se roshni tak, Aa hi gaye hum aa hi gaye (hindi) Inside the dark, deepest part of my mind. Through sunshine and rain, idle dreams keep my sane. We're only feathers in the wind falling

SONSOFDAY Fragile People 歌词

12/23 09:11
Title: Fragile People I know its all the same Same old story same old game We dream we love we hate sometimes We're painting pictures in our minds Time moves on people change No one stay the same We're fragile people we hurt sometimes We don't know w

跳房子 Fragile Inside歌词

05/31 02:50
跳房子 - fragile inside dont open the door. dont let the sun ray in. it will burn my heart. it will burn my heart. lie on the floor. i did it a lot. my head stuck to the wall. i cant get it off. turn on the radio the talk shows are going on and on... we

岩崎琢 Fragile Mind歌词

05/21 15:34
The full moon slightly chipped That's so me So please Save me and hold me tight Just make me all right Under the dark clouds Wingless swans in my soul From the fortress, a pessimist My howl in the night, To the isolated star Don't drive me crazy Ever

Westlife Fragile Heart歌词

02/04 02:56
歌曲:Fragile Heart 歌手:westlife A fragile heart, was broken before I don't think it could endure Another pain But there's a voice from deep inside Of you That's calling out to make you realise That this new bond gives inspiration To all who feel no love

The Black Atlantic Fragile Meadow歌词

01/05 15:33
Lyrics to Fragile Meadow : Woman, Tranquilly laboring at all love's cultivation I do believe I am fortunate to have met you Woman, How ephemeral our grace is in these wind stricken plains But I do believe It is our fate to reside here Away from the m

Tech N9ne Fragile (Explicit)歌词

12/28 23:19
[Verse 1: Wrekonize & Bernz] You said you'd never ever break... down But here I am sweeping... pieces off of the ground You said you'd never, ever play... to crowds But I've seen you hoping to play songs to them now I've spent all night long scared o

Anathema Fragile Dreams歌词

05/24 22:36
Anathema - Fragile Dreams LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ "Tonight your soul"sleeps, but one day you will feel real pain, maybe then you will see mee as I am, A fragile wreck on a storm of emotion" Countless times I trusted you, I le

Dark Lunacy Fragile Caress歌词

09/22 19:25
The sky is leaving grey tears And endless cries are falling So let themeselves in dying And so this useless feather Blank mother of useless poetry Leaded by this old and tired heart Dividing my pain, from the Hopes of soul And now unscreamed voice Be

2CELLOS Fragile (Sting)歌词

08/20 08:40
[Instrumental] 专辑:2Cellos 歌手:2CELLOS 歌曲:Fragile (Sting)

yuiko fragile garden歌词

08/22 17:17
自分なりのスピードで歩いてきたはずだったのに どうしてだろう? 目に映るモノが違って 向かい風も色の変化も 僕だけだ 'ねぇ まだ まだ大丈夫だから' どんなに言い聞かせても 想像よりも遠すぎて動けない弱虫だ 存在証明を全て 失くしてしまった 届くはずのない声で いつまでも叫ぶんだろう 共鳴するモノなんて もう何もないのに わずかに残ったその灯火を消すなんて 決断すらも 自分で出来ない 叫び疲れたこの声で 誰か呼ぶ 名前なんてもう忘れたのに ただ ただ知りたいだけなんだ 僕がここに居る意味 衝動

Saint Deamon Fear in a Fragile Mind歌词

12/23 11:19
Fear In A Fragile Mind - Saint Deamon I found myself stranded without any reason I woke up around here with my memory gone In my head I see glimpse and pieces It's not enough just to know who I am I can't recall my sins its just emotions within keep

Naildown Fragile Side歌词

10/16 08:16
Words don't mean nothing to me Just a diablerie to lie to get inside my head Pain is all I get from these motherfuckers Who won't stop trying to show Things I have heard before Things that shouldn't matter to anyone Your kind, so blind Reflecting you

StylipS Fragile Crazy歌词

03/06 17:46
Fragile Crazy ye-i-yeah Do Dance! 聞こえないフリして Fragile Crazy ye-i-yeah Do Dance! Go away! so sorry♪ 冗談なんて聞きたくない言いたくもないのよ Don't you know? 愛想笑いしてる鏡に Say, I hate! Oh, really? ウソツキな顔して だって素直なstudent イケナイbad friend イイコのdaughter 理想のsister か弱いlover(Crazy ye-i-

Adam Agin Fragile Love歌词

05/04 06:30
Who's gonna love you? Who's gonna watch your back? Who's gonna take you? Who's gonna take you like that? The more that you run, the more that you lose control The more that I watch you, the more that I let you go Cause you're blue as blood And I'm th

凋叶棕 Fragile Idol-Worship ...歌词

01/14 08:02
果てなき.自問自答 幾度なく幾度となく 答えの出ぬ問いを 誰にでもなく投げつける 告げるは.叶わぬと. 心に渦巻かせたまま. 今はただ.笑っていよう -全てはあの方のため. その耳は聞こえるか? この心の雄叫びを. その力は探せるか? この心を埋める手立てを. 「正義とは.何なのだ?」 「この私とは.何なのだ?」 「真なるとは.何なのだ?」 「善なるとは.何なのだ?」 崇め奉られ 私は寄辺となった 呼ぶなら「偶像」と. それが最も相応しい. 一心に. 信ずる者達がいるなら. 一身に. その祈りを

Secrets Fragile Figures歌词

05/22 18:46
Fragile Figures - Secrets Lately I've been thinking I'm not the one to play this part Cause every sweet word that I write could never fix their hearts I can't hep but think That someone else is living my dream Because this means so much to me Am I th

韩国原声带 이미 그댄歌词

02/12 13:07
如今, 他 - Izi 韩文歌词 어릴적 천진했던 나의 꿈속으로 너를 따라가는 그게 요즘나의 바라는 일상이죠.. 긴여름 가을 지나서 아직까지 추억만 생각할 때 이미그댄 어른이 되었죠 바라던데로 다툼에 이겼지만 소중한걸 하나 잃었어 그게 나만의 남자다움야 자신하며 보냈어 후-- 후회해도 소용없고 한숨셔도 소용없네 너는너고 나는 나지만 아직날 잊진 않겠지? 사람들 앞에서 결코 울지 않는 강한 나였다해도 너무 겁이났어 설마니가 떠 날까봐 그 모든 것이