MX 街娃儿歌词

01/19 12:12
作词:MX 作曲:MX 混缩:老江 编曲:A remix on hot track "Banger" instrumental which originally performed by Wiz Khalifa ft. Ty Dolla $ign. No profits involved promotional use only. Hook 中学测验 很少上百 太咬字眼 会有障碍 媒体肚子 吃到胀坏 解放碑街上飞get high 天塌下来那是铺盖 老子街娃儿 天塌下来那是铺盖 老子街娃

马思唯 MLP_ft.TY歌词

02/02 12:44
[ti:MLP] [ar:马思唯] [al:P.E.I Vol.2] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.04]MLP - 马思唯,TY [00:01.14]词:马思唯 [00:02.18]曲:马思唯 [00:03.42] [00:16.36]妈的批 你说个锤子 妈的批 [00:19.77]看你批样子只钭怂 你懂你妈的批 [00:23.34] [00:24.19]妈的批 你说个锤子 妈的批 [00:27.66]爬 爬 爬回去打手冲 [00:30.02]你懂你妈的批 [00:31.58

安九 安九-君知无 ft. Zhucool歌词

04/07 05:24
君知无 作词/作曲/文案:安九 编曲/监制:bear 演唱:安九.Zhucool 和声编排:HITA,安九 和声:HITA 吟唱:Aki阿杰 琵琶:乍雨初晴 二胡:EZ_ven 人声监制:冰封骑士 混音/母带:Allen 插画:夏子煦x 海报:花知否 特别鸣谢:欣雨 特别预告-- 编舞:璇玑 ============================ -文案- 塞外寒风凛冽,山木嗟峨. 狂风一作,枯木吱呀,黄沙漫天飞扬. 她只身一人赤足走在荒烟漠壁中.马蹄扬尘间. 深一脚,浅一脚. 她咂咂嘴,喉头

Trey Songz Say Aah (Ft. Fabolous)歌词

06/02 22:51
Aye, when I give you these keys homeboy don't move my car man I ride in the front ya dig Don't move my shit man oh! oh baby what's your name [Chorus:] Go girl, Its your birthday Open wide, I know you're thirsty Say Aah (Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah) Say Aah (A

Bei Maejor Gamez (Ft. Keri Hilson)歌词

06/18 13:00
Video Game Lover, We should ......., With each other, I said, Video game lover we should ......., with each other, Don't act like we don't feel the same, baby baby baby, quit playing them games Don't act like we don't feel the same, baby baby baby, q

F.T Island 러브레터 (FT.triple)歌词

09/02 03:15
잘지내고 있나요 아프지는 않나요 내가 없는 그대가 난 걱정이 되죠 바쁘더라도 잘챙겨 먹고 추울땐 잘 챙겨 입고 울지말고 씩씩하게 살길 바래요 2009년 어느 날 문득 네 생각에 펜을 들어 밤길이 무서울 땐 누구한테 전활 거는지 보낼 수 없는 편지를 써 혼자서 밥은 잘 먹는지 오늘도 나는 걱정이 되 보낼 수 없는 편지를 써 I can about you I think about you 이러면 안 되는걸 알면서도 오늘도 너만 생각하고 있어 하루종일

夏天播放 褪变无路歌词

01/07 09:47
褪变无路 作词:红梅 作曲:陈时勇(夏天播放) 演唱:夏天播放 I can not finding the way back to you 黑夜渐渐降临的时候 四周一片漆黑 钟声慢慢敲响的时候 回味有所欠缺 我就像只蝴蝶没有去路 干脆放下了衣服 洒脱地做回原来的自我 感觉在飞舞 我就像只蜻蜓在水中漫步 找不到回去的路 好像冰水慢慢侵溅皮肤 好冷 好想哭 黑夜渐渐降临的时候 四周一片漆黑 钟声慢慢敲响的时候 回味有所欠缺 我就像只蝴蝶没有去路 干脆放下了衣服 洒脱地做回原来的自我 感觉在飞舞 我就

Alexandra Burke Goodnight Goodmorning (ft. Ne-Yo)歌词

10/02 00:47
Alexandra: This beat is crazy This club amazing This is where I'm gonna be I'm on the floor don't worry me And this guy is crazy His frame amazing I got my scent all over him As we dance erotically His body interlocks with mine Sends chills all up an

Tinchy Stryder Never Leave You Ft. Amelle (Produced By Fraser T. Smith)歌词

04/23 19:26
[ti:never leave you] [ar:Tinchy Stryder&Amelle] [al:205035] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.55]Woah woah I will never leave ya [00:03.00]Woah woah I will never leave ya [00:06.41]Woah woah I will never leave ya [00:09.52]Woah woah I will never leave ya [00:1

Ty Herndon Blur the Lines歌词

03/12 20:41
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Journey On 歌手:Ty Herndon 歌曲:Blur the Lines

Ty Herndon I Can't歌词

11/25 02:28
(Chuck Jones/Tom Shapiro) I woke up missin you this mornin After runnin into you last night The way you kiss me like a friend is so heartwarming But baby, when we meet again If you really want to be my friend Tell me that you're never ever comin back

Luis Fonsi Todo Vuelve A Empezar Ft Laura Pausini歌词

04/09 10:20
Tras la marea nadie tiene sed Nos lastimamos suficiente Cuesta mirarnos frente a frente Despus de un puo contra la pared De dnde arranco yo un abrazo Mientras t juntas los pedazos Es preferible callar Necesitamos el silencio para respirar Llora conmi

Wiley Cash In My Pocket Ft. Daniel Merriweather歌词

05/05 19:01
Won't waste my money No, i see a new path Making new money now i got a new laugh (ha) Music is playing me well, so i ain't gonna be the one to find a new craft If it ain't for you find a new path If you can't hack it, better find a new class Triple A

Various Artists Last Night (Ft. Snoog Dogg & Bobby Anthony)(Radio Edit)歌词

08/23 15:29
I fell in love again last night You keep doing everything just right You got me wrapped around your fingers And every morning the love still lingers I fell in love again last night When you kissed me, the way you've always done Like the first time yo

Foxy Brown When The Lights Go Out ft. Kira歌词

01/03 02:15
Woah, Ill na na, woah BK, woah One, two, three, four I'm good, buckle up 'cause you know we about to go Take a trip to a place somewhere like outer space Don't be scared, I'm the captain Anything can happen to you boy but I won't hurt you boy My milk

Ameriie Heard 'Em All (Remix) Ft. Lil' Wayne (Bonus Track)歌词

05/13 22:43
A-a merie, ah ah A-a merie,ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah It's Amerie, I took a little time out Took a vacation, but boys I'm back (pardon the interruption be we got a news flash Someone in the building said amerie is back) I done heard th

Mos Def Auditiorium Ft. Slick Rick歌词

12/10 02:24
[Mos Def:] Peace Peace peace peace peace peace peace power Uh Mind liberator Def operator Rock your data Amazin flavor Yo, the way I feel sometimes it's too hard to sit still Things are so passionate times are so real Sometimes I try to chill mellow

Common Ghetto Dreams (Ft. Nas)歌词

10/17 20:57
[Hook] Ghetto dreams Ghetto ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas' dreams Ghetto ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas' dreams Ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas' dreams From the hood [Verse 1: Common] I want a bitch that look good and cook good Cinderella fancy, but she still

Royce da 5'9 My Own Planet Ft. Joe Budden歌词

03/09 07:18
[Intro] Right of the rip, nobody can f*ck with me I'm out of space, mind and body, my soul and so on Mami I'm fly is an understatement, come to greatness [Hook: Mr. Porter] I'm on my own planet, I'll do my own thing Then turn around and pat myself on

E-40 That Candy Paint (Ft. Bun B And Slim Thug)歌词

07/21 12:41
Chorus: That candy paint, that candy paint, 84's That candy paint, that candy paint, 84's, built in ? chrome grille, leather seats, ?, tv screens and wooded wheels (x4) E-40: That candy paint, smoking that dank, beats so loud bystanders faint Neighbo