MARiA ブリキノダンス

Maria Arredondo Burning歌词

01/27 09:11
Passion is sweet Love makes weak You said you cherished freedom so You refuse to let it go Follow your fate Love and hate Never fail to seize the day But dont give yourself away . Oh when the night falls And your all alone In your deepest sleep what

Maria Arredondo Cross Every River歌词

11/06 08:28
Cross Every River 歌手:Maria Arredondo as I sit here all quiet I wonder why were apart and the noise from the city cuts a hole thru the dark as the night time as fallen and the day flies away can you hear me I'm calling can you hear me I say and I woul

Santana Maria Maria (Wyclef Remix)歌词

01/18 03:32
[ti:Maria Maria] [ar:Santana] [al:Supernatural] [04:12][00:00]Maria Maria [04:16][00:04]Santana [00:08]Supernatural [00:12] [00:15] [03:14][01:32][00:17]Ho Maria Maria [03:19][01:36][00:22]She reminds me of a west side story [03:23][01:41][00:27]Grow

Maria Arredondo Little Bit Better歌词

07/16 15:16
little bit better As I'm lying here And the night is near Well I start to wonder why We've all grown apart? Have we lost our hearts? Oh it makes me wanna cry Gotta make it together Gotta make it all right There is not enough love to go 'round No one

Maria Arredondo Catch Me If I Fall歌词

04/29 19:36
Ooh I need someone to hold me I need someone to take my hand Who always understands You will never be that someone Who's always by my side To shelter me with pride I will keep searching till I've found Someone who never lets me down Someone to catch

Maria Montell And So the Story Goes (Di Da Di)歌词

03/22 02:20
And So The Story Goes -Maria Montell She's on the dusty road alone她独自走在满是灰尘的公路上 Traveling, traveling, traveling alone旅行,旅行,独自一人旅行 She loves to laugh, she loves to live, and she loves to love她喜欢欢笑,她喜欢生活,她喜欢恋爱 She left her home and family她离开了家和家人 To fi

Maria Lawson You're Beautiful歌词

03/31 01:36
My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. She was with another man. But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've got a plan. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's t

张学友 Maria歌词

08/10 07:17
MARIA-张学友 HEY! 怎么抱谨的笑声 故意礼貌的放轻 仿佛说明不知道怎反应 常害怕忘形 HEY! 怎么忧郁的眼睛 看似半睡或半醒 仿佛你仍不敢看 不敢给我和应 时常在哭泣的窗 看你没反应 徒然用指尖写这姓名 MARIA MARIA------- 但你的名字却不可以望清 HEY! 怎么身边的布景 永远似未看得清 即使照明焦点里 都只见全是你造型 HEY! 怎么清晰的背影 每个角落也倒映 仿佛化成一幅镜 心境跟你合并 专辑:JACKY 歌手:张学友 歌曲:Maria

Maria Haukaas Storeng Extra mile歌词

03/06 23:45
We've had some turns We've had some burns at times in our past Passion so strong can make it all go wrong easily Season changes and so do we But don't you know I will go the extra mile for you? Don't stop, move and the love will have a different view

Various Artists Maria Maria歌词

05/04 05:44
Ladies and gents Turn up this sound system To the sound of Carlos Santana And the GMB's Ghetto blues from the Refugee camp Oh, Maria Maria She reminds me of a West Side Story Growing up in Spanish Harlem She's living the life just like a movie star O

Kristina Maria Understatement歌词

09/21 15:44
You left me so cold Bein' away from me Another truth unfolds I just don't wanna believe Goin' out of my mind Not ready to say our last goodbye And it's killing me so That I can't let you go To say that I miss you Doesn't cut it How much I love you I

Shirley Collins Murder of Maria Marten歌词

10/18 08:08
If you'll meet me at the Red Barn As sure as I have life I will take you to Ipswich Town And there make you my wife." He straight went home and fetched his gun, His pickaxe and his spade. He went unto the Red Barn And there he dug her grave. Come all

Cesária Évora Maria Elena歌词

11/23 08:48
Tuyo es mi corazon, on so de mi querer mujer de mi ilusion, mi amor te consagre Mi vida la embellece una esperanza azul mi veda tiene un cielo que le diste tu Tuyo es mi corazon, on so de mi querer tuyo es todo mi ser, tuyo es mi amor Ya todo el cora

Maria Arredondo That Day歌词

10/26 18:10
something'about out your eyes that i can not forget something about out your smile makes it hard for me to sleep at night something about me does't work like normally something about you that can't hold on to am i waiting in vain? do i deserve this p

Maria Arredondo Inconsolable歌词

08/03 15:10
Maria Arredondo - Inconsolable Album:For A Moment (Christmas Editio) Memory's frozen in a picture frame Days go on things will never be the same any more Thoughts of you when a love never late How can I pull through when you left too soon I believe a

Maria Arredondo Mercy歌词

01/23 12:12
Aaah aah aah aah aah aaaah Just wanna love, don't wanna care 只是想追求爱请,不想去计较 But we in goin' anywhere 可是我们无法再用任何方法接近 As long as I, can't put these thoughts to rest 我想了好久却不能放下这些,让自己去休息 Of you and her a time before 那些你和她的过去 Did you love her even more 你爱她

Ricky Martin Maria歌词

10/04 10:21
Ella es, una mujer especial Como caida de otro planeta Ella es, un laberinto carnal que te atrapa y no te enteras Asi es Maria, Blanca como el dia Pero es veneno, Si te quieres enamorar Asi es Maria, Tan caliente y fria Que si te la bebes, De seguro

Maria Mena Sorry歌词

04/10 18:20
Maria Mena - Sorry Vague sound of rain pierces through my song again but I get distracted by the way his toes move when he plays so I let it burn I just poured my heart out there's bits of it on the floor And I take what's left of it and rinse it und

Jadyn Maria Good Girls Like Bad Boys歌词

06/23 09:25
[ti:Good Girls Like Bad Boys] [ar:Jadyn Maria] [al:] [00:-7.52]Jadyn Maria Ft. Flo-Rida - Good Girls Like Bad Boys [00:00.03] [00:04.53]Ummm... Yeahh... [00:07.61] [00:08.11]You're not exactly the guy I can bring home to my mama [00:11.62]But what sh

Maria Arredondo Beauty & the Beast歌词

10/04 11:09
原唱:Peabo Bryson & Celion Dion Tale as old as time True as it can be Barely even friends Then somebody bends Unexpectedly Just a little change Small to say the least Both a little scared Neither one prepared The Beauty and the Beast Ever just the same