The Script – No Good In Goodbye 歌词

The Script No Good In Goodbye歌词

01/18 11:18
All the things that we've lost Breaking up comes at a cost I know I miss this mistake Every word I try to choose Either way I'm gonna lose Can't take the ache from heartbreak Oh, but as you walk away you don't hear me say Where's the good in goodbye?

Katharine McPhee Say Goodbye歌词

05/27 11:59
Katharine McPhee - Say Goodbye Lyric by Hana If I seem distant, baby I am Words are like scissors, in your hands And there's no script to follow, so I just close my eyes That way it won't hurt so much, when we say goodbye I feel just like an actress,

Hans Zimmer Kiss Goodbye歌词

06/15 16:28
[00:00.00]纯音乐,无歌词 专辑:The Holiday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 歌手:Hans Zimmer 歌曲:Kiss Goodbye

Archive Goodbye歌词

11/01 01:22
Via:@O2DNA I'm thinking of you 想你,想念你 In my sleep 在梦里 They're not good thoughts 梦见的都是些不开心的念头 The worst kind of sad 尤其是那种最令人悲伤的事 I've noticed things 我知道,有些事 Cannot be repaired 注定没办法弥补 When I wake up 而当我醒来 I'll be in despair 我会陷于绝望无法自拔 Cause I know I'v

Once We Were And Then He Said Goodbye歌词

12/09 07:25
[00:00.00]无歌词 专辑:Winter Kept Us Warm 歌手:Once We Were 歌曲:And Then He Said Goodbye

__(アンダーバー) rain stops, good-bye歌词

09/20 05:15
歌词面倒だと思いながら 君は仆にキスをした 鸣き止まない 雨は穏やか 伞を闭じて 二人濡れた その声にもう少し 抱かれていたいな 爱してる? 今すこし 口が止まったけど 叫んだ想いは きっと雨と一绪に 排水沟へ流れゆく どれだけ素敌な 歌に乗せたって 届かない 雨が止み.君はまた 仆に背を向け歩き出す 何にも君は言わずに 仆も特に何も言わず 照りつける太阳に 伤みを覚えて 濡れた髪が乾くまで ここで立ち竦んだ 确かなことから 逃げて.踬いて 転んだ时には空が见えた 冷たい雨にも 嫌がらず打たれた

T-Rush Time To Say Goodbye歌词

09/01 05:56
Time To Say Goodbye - T-Rush Girls No.1 圣诞节他没有陪着你 连情人节他都恶意缺席 这一切似乎不太合逻辑 这分明就是故意搞飞机 男生粗心大意 耍这种把戏实在太低级 还说是你自作多情 我看他倒是自作聪明 It's time to say goodbye 好姐妹站出来 他不乖他不爱他不帅 就跟他 say goodbye Bye 当烦恼被抛开 High 快乐就跟着来 男女平等的时代 谁都能摊牌 Time to say goodbye 不要滥用女生同情心 请不要低估

黑豹 I Don't Want To Say Goodbye歌词

05/18 03:55
I don't want to say goodbye 黑豹乐队 专籍:黑豹Ⅴ 歌词制作:南楠 就这样慢慢走来 心里有很多的话 不知道又会怎样 我真的好想回家 天~那么蓝 大地也是那么温暖 多少熟悉的景象 感觉不到是近是远 她~在这里 静静等候明天来临 只能寂寞的一笑 回味你我心跳的声音 你是否能记起我 有最灿烂的笑容 曾约好一起奔向 梦中最美的地方 是谁从远处飘来 把我紧抱在怀里 再感觉不到悲伤 到了最美的地方 天~那么蓝 大地还是那么温暖 多少熟悉的景象 出现在我的眼前 过去的一切是那么美

The Script If You See Kay歌词

04/12 21:12
The Script - If You See Kay If you see my friend, doesn't matter where or when, tell me if you see kay She said I wont the battle but I lost the war, And now my head is sore, And if I try and sail back in she's gonna push me from the shore, Now I won

Hayley Westenra Never Say Goodbye歌词

12/18 15:13
If I could take this moment forever 如果我能将此刻永久沉淀 Turn the pages of my mind 翻开我记忆的书页 To another place and time 到达另一个时空与地点 We would never say goodbye 我们永远不要说再见 If I could find the words I would speak them 如果我知道该说什么 我一定会再说一遍 Then I wouldn't be tongue-tie

Laura Pausini It's Not Good-Bye歌词

08/07 19:43
Laura Pausini - It's not goodbye 这不是再见 Now what if I never kiss your lips again 如果我无法再親吻你 Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace 或无法感受你甜蜜的拥抱 How would I ever go on 那我要如何活下去 Without you there's no place to belong 沒有你沒有归属之地 Well someday love is going

Air Supply Goodbye歌词

05/26 01:12
I can see the pain living in your eyes 我看得见你眼中的痛楚 And I know how hard you try 我也晓得你曾努力尝试 You deserve to have so much more 你应该得到更多 I can feel your heart and I sympathize 我能感同身受,心有所悯 And I'll never criticize all you've ever meant to my life 你在我生命中的意义,我

动力火车 Never Say Goodbye歌词

03/25 11:51
风还在吹着 天多久亮呢 这一切都有理由 是我们不晓得 爱不会累的 我耐心的等 渴望还能够一起 看看 明年花开的颜色 Never say good-bye Please don't say good-bye 要是错过幸福会有多遗憾 当眼泪流下来 让勇气走出来 我真的愿意相信奇迹的存在 Never say good-bye Please don't say good-bye 故事没有说完不可以离开 我望着天 想要答案 想知道明天太阳还会不会出来 专辑:继续转动 歌手:动力火车 歌曲:Never Sa

许茹芸 Don't Say Goodbye歌词

03/19 12:21
风冷心灰吻别的季节 每棵树都在流泪 满街金黄的落叶 不怪谁不承认离别 当你搬出我心扉 寂寞翻箱倒柜 tell me you don't wanna say goodbye goodbye 最初的承诺最后往往不存在 tell me you don't wanna say goodbye goodbye 也许你已经要够你想要的爱 so you wanna say goodbye 不要让伤心醒来彷佛你在未来 不曾离开 风冷心灰吻别的季节 每棵树都在流泪 满街金黄的落叶 不怪谁不承认离别 当你搬出我心扉

Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye歌词

02/20 01:41
Con te partiro / Time to Say Goodbye 告别时刻 Quando sono solo / When I'm alone 当我独自一人的时候 sogno all'orizzonte / I dream of the horizon 我梦见地平线 e mancan le parole / and words fail me 而话语舍弃了我 si lo so che non c'e luce / There is no light 没有阳光的房间里 in una sta

Ramzi You Never Said Goodbye歌词

05/08 06:09
Ramzi-You Never Said Goodbye hey,how you've been it's been a while since i saw you girl what's new in your life kinda strange that you see i've been on your mind and you think about what we had all the time babe, i don't understand girl i asked you f

Black Lab Say Goodbye歌词

08/07 10:24
How am I supposed to feel? You strike at my achilles heel with everything that's wrong I can't make right. If I wait another hundred years the whispers set against the tears I'm never gonna be that shining knight. I find it hard to be down in this ho

The Pancakes Hallo Goodbye歌词

06/20 04:42
<<Hallo Goodbye>> give me strength to overcome the fears give me dough to buy another beer give me time to overcome the shadow of the love we shared and the nightmares that make me feel so scared i have a room i wanna be there all alone all my

欧得洋 Say Goodbye歌词

11/09 06:01
感情是天空的淚,讓愛匯成海. 滴落的心,被寂寞沾滿了塵埃! 思念是星星的眼,擁抱著孤單. 愛你的真心,如何才能讓你明白! Say goodbye 是我捨不得離開 多少生命的精彩 終於明白(看開) Say goodbye 但願有天能重來 期待秋涼的爽快 昂首擴步 不留一絲遺憾 专辑:留给幸福的10张纸条 歌手:欧得洋 歌曲:Say Goodbye

B.A.D Don&#039;t Say Goodbye歌词

12/26 22:00
b.a.d - don't say goodbye 经过了这段时间 我还是很想你 还是希望有一天 你可以回到我的身边 我看见想念的那颗星 在深蓝天空划破天际 月光缓缓地 孤单长长地 我的影子和我玩游戏 我想着你 爱跨越蔚蓝的那片海 你从此离开我的胸怀 你能明白吗 你会原谅吗 我的双手曾握不住爱 让你离开 say goodbye 我期待 有天能给你满满的爱 心情不再坏 我希望手机能再响起来 你的旋律你的爱 don't say goodbye 这爱情已停摆 星星发呆 我不想再等待 时光重来 我要你回