the world is gonna roll me, all star

The Byrds So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star歌词

08/08 16:41
So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star? Then listen now to what i say Just get an electric guitar Then take some time And learn how to play And with your hair swung right And your pants too tight It's gonna be a

Patti Smith So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star歌词

09/27 18:43
So you want to be a rock & roll star Well listen now to what i say Get yourself an electric guitar And take some time and learn how to play And when hair's combed right And your pants are tight It's gonna be all right With time you go downtown To the

Oasis Rock 'n' Roll Star歌词

05/30 17:40
Oasis - Blue Collar Lullaby ★ 小桀 I live my life in the city There's no easy way out The day's moving just too fast for me I need some time in the sunshine I've gotta slow it right down The day's moving just too fast for me I live my life for the star

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star歌词

02/03 16:31
So you want to be a rock and roll star Well listen now to what I say Just get an electric guitar And take some time and learn how to play And when if your hairs are right And your pants are tight It's gonna be all right (It's gonna be all right) Well

A'Star.1 Funky N Roll Tonight歌词

09/05 11:58
설레는 가슴 내겐 가벼운 웃음 가득 하루해는 가고 신나는 음악 너를 향한 발걸음 위로 화려한 불빛 가득하네 funky rythme 그 사이로 웃는 네 모습이 좋아서 funky N Roll 좋은 예감 이 밤 널 위한 Party Tonight Funky N Roll Tonight 춤추는 이 밤 넌 날 비추는 오늘 밤의 태양 Funky N Roll Tonight 뜨거운 이 밤 너를 느끼는 지금 난 행복해 Funky N Roll Tonight Funk

Rachael Sage Big Star歌词

06/01 16:11
Big Star from "Delancey Street"CD/LP (May 18 2010) do you wanna be a big star well it's ok to say yes - yes - yes - yes - yes do you wanna be a rock 'n roll beauty queen? get ready for the test - test - test cause you gotta stay skinny you gotta

Soundtrack All Star歌词

02/17 05:46
歌名:All Star[全明星] 演唱:Smash Mouth Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me[某某曾几何时告诉我世界会颠覆我] I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed[我并不是棚里最锐利的工具] She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb[她看上去手脚有点笨拙] In the shape of an "L" o

顽童MJ116 How We Roll歌词

08/29 03:42
歌曲:How We Roll 歌手:顽童MJ116 作词:顽童MJ116 / 作曲:顽童MJ116 ☆LRC:明奇胖胖 ☆ 当我开场不用开场白你只要听到前奏你就动起来 Baby跟我一起Let me show you how we fly 不用上E-bay 我就是名牌 When I come through everything gonna stop 你看我的眼神像是一个Super star No I'm a hoooooooooooooood star 不要装傻 No hand sup! Thr

Big Star Thirteen歌词

12/12 00:25
Won't you let me walk you home from school Won't you let me meet you at the pool Maybe Friday I can Get tickets for the dance And I'll take you ooh Won't you tell your dad "Get off my back" Tell him what we said 'bout 'Paint It Black' Rock 'n' r

顽童MJ116 Young Star歌词

12/15 01:58
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:02.55]杨佳-Young's [00:05.81]作者:李熊(K-YEE) [00:08.56]秦风唐雪(287898092) [00:21.48]YOUNG IM YOUNG 我们要过/自己的生活 [00:26.35]YOUNG IM YOUNG 我们要索/自己的快乐 [00:31.07]一二三四五六七 听到口令请起立(young) [00:36.03]用力挥动你的手臂 跟着我的音乐一起happy [00:40.94]一二三四五六七 听到口令请起

Bad Company Shooting Star歌词

08/11 16:56
Johnny was a schoolboy When he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was And from then it didn't take him long Got himself a guitar Used to play every night Now he's in a rock n' roll outfit And everything's alright, don't you know? Joh

The Neptunes Rock N' Roll歌词

11/10 08:11
The Neptunes Rock N' Roll - Fam-Lay 作词:Chad Hugo, Nathaniel Johnson, Pharrell Williams Hmm, yes sir Rock and roll, man roll and rock I got tens, got twentys, got fifty blocks I got smoke to buy, coke for sale Sold much coke, got coke in jail In the w

The Limousines Internet Killed The Video Star歌词

12/01 21:08
The kids are disco dancing They're tired of rock and roll I try to tell them "hey that drum machine ain't got no soul" But they don't want to listen no They think they've herd it all They trade those guitars in for drum machines and disco balls

AC/DC It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)歌词

03/03 10:57
riding down the highway going to a show stop in all the byways playing rock 'n' roll getting robbed getting stoned getting beat up broken boned getting had getting took i tell you people it's harder than it looks it's a long way to the top if you wan

Parov Stelar Let's Roll歌词

07/16 03:22
Ya'll know where the party at I pick 'em up layin money back If she can hear it in the back of my cab Go anywhere I go when I hit the ave Nah baby, don't ride the bus It's all goin' down when they win with us Don't trip, never make a fuss If you do,

Icona Pop On A Roll歌词

10/23 00:40
I'm waking up, up on the floor, still looking perfect I'm walking out, out through the door, into the circus I jump the train, I never pay ‘cus I'm a rock star You go with me, there will be drink in a tea ah Ain't gotta rock, I got the lock, that's h

The Jesus and Mary Chain I Love Rock'n'Roll歌词

03/17 18:49
I love Rock 'N' Roll I had trouble but I found my star I found myself an electric guitar Well I was some kind of messed up kid Now look what you did Look what you did You made me, yeah You make me, yeah Well I'm not preaching or making a case I'm not

Super Star K Poker Face (Lady GaGa)歌词

01/07 11:01
lady gaga - poker face i wanna hold em' like they do in texas plays fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (i love it) luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start and after he's been hooked i'll play the one that's on his heart

浪川大輔 ROCK STAR歌词

08/12 13:28
「ROCK STAR」 作詞∶yura 作曲∶藤末樹 歌∶浪川大輔 冷めたASPHALT 寂(さ)びたCONCRETE MONOCHROMEの街で 現実とTUNING 真実とHOWLING 唇噛みしめた 終わらないMELODY 願い描(か)き鳴らせ ENCOREはない LIFEとゆうLIVE SHOW MUST GO ON 今を ROCK STAR 夢を今声に変えて HEARTのHEATなBEATでFIGHT 熱く響くもっと#(シャープ)に輝け ROCK STAR 埃混じる誇りだって 石より固い

Showaddywaddy Big Big Star歌词

07/15 01:48
One day I'm gonna be a big big star Rolling in money, strolling to partys in a Roller car One day I'm gonna be a big big star But oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh. Dead in the morning, get up at four What is the sunrise, what is it for? Look to the evening, br