Moment E-Book 09 JayJay

Jay-Jay Johanson The Garden歌词

08/25 00:25
[ti:Garden] [la:uk] [00:28]The direction of the eye [00:29]so misleading [00:34]The defection of the soul [00:36]nauseously quick [00:40]I dont question our existance [00:47]I just question our modern needs [01:02][03:36][04:00]I will walk... with my

Jay-Jay Johanson She Doesn't Live Here Anymore歌词

05/13 09:38
I hear your voice I touch your hair I see the traces Everywhere This house of ours We used to share My dream has turned To nightmare I sleep no more I dream no more There's nothing here To wake up for I talk no more I sing no more Don't function like

Jay-Jay Johanson Alone Again歌词

07/27 07:38
How could a love like ours come to an end We had it all but lost it 'round the bend There's something that I'll never understand Why now it seems like hurting's close at hand But I'm alone again, alone again Though the years that pass divide us I am

Jay-Jay Johanson 1984歌词

03/02 19:52
Saturday 星期六 i've come to hate you so 我已经开始厌烦你了 You hesitate to show me how 你支支唔唔地告诉我要怎样做 When I need your embrace 在我需要你的拥抱的时候 It's too late 太晚了 It's already been too long 已经过去了那么久 And now It seems so wrong 而现在似乎已经错得太深 To sit all by myself and wait 我

Jay-Jay Johanson 100.000 Years歌词

04/16 13:01
100.000 years 了无终期 [歌词] Every move I make And every rule I break Never looking back without regret 我的一举一动 每次的令人费解 无悔却不堪回首 I just can't go on Pretending nothing's wrong When too many words been said Then something's gotta change 我已心疲力竭 却仍故作从容 虽然言之已尽 事

Jay-Jay Johanson I Want Some Fun歌词

11/15 09:44
I Want Some Fun - Jay-Jay Johanson can make it on my own will anybody help to get out of this black hole I want some fun I would like to enjoy a moment for once and instead of being annoyed I want some fun and I just can remember my last laugh in tim

Jay-Jay Johanson Suffering歌词

04/27 08:36
Autumn is here inside my heart When there's spring time in the air Loneliness is tearing me apart Being loved makes me scared I keep on asking the gods above to send my love back to me Oh please let these days and weeks Pass by so quickly Nobody suff

Jay-Jay Johanson On the Other Side歌词

12/02 04:43
I should have walked out slowly I ran as fast I could With hungry dogs behind me Sirens in the neighbourhood I don't know how to pronounce it I can't even spell it right But it all became much tougher When I fell asleep that night When we meet on the

Jay-Jay Johanson Suicide Is Painless歌词

07/11 22:17
Through early morning fog I see, visions of the things to be 透过清晨的迷雾我看见,万物生存的幻象 The pains that are withheld for me, I realize and I can see 对我而言痛苦已不再,我认识到并且明白 That suicide is painless, it brings on many changes 自杀并不痛苦,反而能带来许多转变 And I can take or leav

Steve Salazar 10:09歌词

04/14 22:41
get a call at a sunny night with a feel that i can't discribe all a night all a night i don't who wanner but day but day i start hardly don't care hardly care stay a night at home all along she is dancing with my friends tell me just let her go it's

Jay-Jay Johanson Make Her Mine 歌词

08/05 07:06
Silence gets closer Sarcastic routine Problems are growing somber Stories are written entirely itself Lend me near, bring misery my friend Make her mine, make her mine Standing in the line, make her mine Make her mine Make her mine, make her mine Sta

Jay-Jay Johanson Peculiar歌词

11/25 08:07
There she walks Acts like she doesn't see me She goes by the name Peculiar No one Cannot understand her methods For me she's the same Peculiar Peculiar You seem to know my secrets Peculiar You don't even know my name I take your hand And I keep on wa

Paul van Dyk For An Angel (pvd Remix 09)歌词

07/03 19:38
Lover (x11) I found a lover for the first time in my life, You took me out of the wilderness, Just like a diamond, you were shining bright through the night And let me stay in your arms to rest You give me love, give me love (you give me love, give m

Jay-Jay Johanson Only for You歌词

01/15 04:09
It's only for you that I do this Every night, every day And what would you like me to show you What would you like me to say Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts There is a chance for future histories 'bout us Despite these silent

Jay-Jay Johanson Even in the Darkest Hour歌词

09/28 16:53
Even in the darkest hour When the world is fast asleep I sit by candlelight with memories When the wind was oh so cold I used to hold you baby, hold I'd like to hold you in my arms just like before I thought i could live without you That it wouldn't

Jay-Jay Johanson Far Away歌词

08/24 13:22
Far away, once so close But now you're far away You're still here with me But not like yesterday, so far Far away, I hear you breathe But you're so far away Once so colourful But now all turns to grey, so far It's oh so strange When centimetres feels

Jay-Jay Johanson On the Radio歌词

09/06 07:29
Jay Jay Johanson - On the Radio You better watch your step You must be on your guard and take it slow And promise me be careful of what you do I know you're strong I know you'll make it on your own without my help But please make sure you won't be by

Linkin Park Figure.09歌词

07/28 21:33
Nothing ever stops all these thoughts And the pain attached to them Sometimes I wonder why this is happening It's like nothing I can do will distract me when I think of how I shot myself in the back again 'Cause from the infinite words I could say /

J-Kwon Tipsy '09歌词

10/28 10:41
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.30]It's on right here [00:02.63]It's on right here [00:03.60]It's that medicine [00:04.55]It's that medicine man [00:05.78]Ricky Ross [00:06.81]Git Fresh [00:07.66]It's deeper than rap [00:08.51] [00:09.67]She looking at my c

Jay-Jay Johanson Drift Wood歌词

01/30 10:02
I heard you knocking on my door One day the driftwood finds a shore I should have opened right away But couldn't find a word to say What ever keeps you wake at night Will also get you through the day Give me some time to think things through It's suc