The Workday Release-Free Fall

The Workday Release Free Fall歌词

01/29 19:15
Where do I start? The wide eyed kid that I was is gone for good Shot through the heart and left to bleed A victim of love and the mark it has to leave I'm trying to land on my feet but I'm spinning I'm falling fast head first into the madness All the

The Workday Release Love In A Box歌词

05/24 05:29
It's easy to see how everything is loosely Put into a box to describe how Well it is working but can you tell me How did she knock me off of my feet When she said hello My name is beautiful I said excuse me miss but it's time for me to hit the floor

The Workday Release A Starlit SkyHot歌词

11/16 06:32
Lyrics to A Starlit Sky : I'm weak enough to recognize that this is the first time love has caught me by surprise and it's been years, my dear since I have missed someone like I miss you so promise you'll stay right here beneath the starlit sky cuz I

The Workday Release Waiting For You feat. Anais Nicole歌词

05/15 15:46
Girl, you're changing my mind Simply by the way you look in my eyes. It's clear that spring romance is upon us, And I couldn't want anyone but you. Boy, I love how you sing To draw me in towards you. You've got me dancing under the moon, And I don't

The Workday Release Simple Distance歌词

03/23 23:38
simple distance - the workday release you seem unsure of yourself standing off to the side your eyes shining brightly towards me tell me who broke your heart and left you all on your own with a view of love still fading we've got to figure this out w

The Workday Release Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful歌词

10/20 21:47
[ti:Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful] [ar:The Workday Release] [al:Simple Distance] [offset:0] [00:00.57]Mr. & Mrs. Beautiful - The Workday Release [00:12.63]We could sit and be stubborn [00:14.67] [00:15.91]Your face is so stern [00:18.23] [00:19.74]We're ju

The Banner The Wolf歌词

04/02 01:52
The Banner The Wolf I walk the path to tragedy a worthless heart without empathy as the sun now sets upon these chains colossus rots where once were flames rots and rusts in blackened fields agonys screamed (at) the gates to hell i crawl on towards d

Fall Out Boy The Phoenix歌词

11/17 11:41
The Phoenix 凤凰涅槃 [歌词] Put on your war paint 绽放生命焰火 You are a brick tied to me that's draggingme down Strike a match and I'll burn you to the ground We are the jack-o-lanterns in July Setting fire to the sky Here here comes this rising tide So come on

Alyson Avenue When Dreams Fall Apart歌词

02/10 20:25
I want to believe, that I am right for you, But I'm scared to my bones, I am loosing everything. I may be foolish, but you are running overtime Since the day I met you, I haven't seen you look so cold. When dreams fall apart (fall apart). And nights

Blind Guardian Road Of No Release歌词

03/13 09:36
[Dead girl:] Please, sister, wake up you've traveled far Release my mind Sing this song of mine Save me from drowning Quick, cast your spell on me I sense you're finally getting near Can you hear me crying? I've got to break the silence [The lover:]

The Fall of Every Season The Triumphant Beast歌词

12/13 15:53
Agony, a melody. On pain i feed. To see you in this state, victorious feast. I love you, still you are part of me. I fi only avoid those pitiful eyes, my voice in your cries. Mind was ruined by the rape of conscience. Could no longer be the carrier o

Khanate Release歌词

04/01 05:33
've got a bone to pick Maybe it's yours Someone said If you worked hard enough Ran fast enough Learned enough You would amount to something Fail Trying is not enough I'll hold you way too long It's cold when I touch you A release And everything you a

Anastacia All Fall Down歌词

07/20 19:29
no one's born in this world without a soul some will follow every single road trying to find a home but when you're sheltered by the ones you love you can stand protected from harm in your life don't ever let me fall cos sometimes i think i'm falling

莫文蔚 Let's Fall In Love歌词

11/06 19:26
LET'S FALL IN LOVE 想他的时候 风忽然就停了 好像老天想聆听我心里动作 Let's fall in love 他却不晓得 我每一分钟都等着他这样承诺 Let's fall in love 在匆忙人世中 我从来没怀疑过 这样一个选择 他微笑诉说 心中想些什么 我多么希望他能够 其中提到我 Let's fall in love 他还不晓得 在他眼中我的脸 是多么失落 Let's fall in love 再拥挤的寂寞中 哪一天他会开口说 Let's fall in love Let

Celine Dion When I Fall in Love歌词

04/23 07:40
When I fall I love it will be forever or I I never fall in love, 当我坠入爱河,那份爱将直到永远,或者我永远不爱上谁, In a restless world like this is 象这个忙碌的无止境的世界里, Love is ended before it begun 爱还没开始就已被湮没 And too many moonlight kisses 那么多如月光般浪漫的亲吻, Seem to cool in the warmt

Jessica Simpson To Fall in Love Again歌词

03/15 14:14
*-*-*-*-*- To Fall In Love Again So faithfully Holding tight to every dream i thought our love would ever be As the scent of hope slips through my fingers plain for me to see I can feel now in your eyes the changing way you look at me Where's the lov

4 In Love Fall In Love歌词

07/22 11:07
Fall In Love 我听说爱情像太阳 有时温暖有时烫 (Windie)嗯 我愿化成 一缕微风 吹起你的沙(Rainie) 为什么 我的他 总是伤的我 倾盆大雨下(Cloudie) 就算 天有难测风云 爱有酸甜苦辣 都得自己尝 Close your eyes, you'll find, your feelings will guide. Can't you see, who make you crazy. Open your heart and open your mind. I can't

原声带 I'll Never Fall in Love Again歌词

12/18 18:25
I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Emma What do you get when you fall in love? A guy with a pin to burst your bubble That's what you get for all your trouble. I'll never fall in love again. I'll never fall in love again. What do you get when you kiss a

梁静茹 Let's Fall In Love (Live)歌词

05/05 11:16
想他的时候 风忽然就停了 好像老天想聆听 我心里动作 Let's fall in love 他还不晓得 我每一分钟 都等着他这样承诺 Let's fall in love 在拥挤的寂寞中 我从来没怀疑过 这样一个选择 他微笑诉说 心中想些什么 我多么希望 他能够其中提到我 Let's fall in love 他还不晓得 在他眼中我的脸 是多么的失落 Let's fall in love 在拥挤的寂寞中 那一天他会开口说 Let's fall in love 专辑:今天情人节 歌手:梁静茹 歌曲

Michael Paynter Love the Fall歌词

07/07 23:19
Michael Paynter - Love The Fall I remember the time When I was searching my mind Just to find out if I'd ever define who I am Could I ever afford To consider being bought? I was sure that I saw All the world but I keep wishing for more So I keep chec