we got it bang

郑秀文 Bang Bang Bang (Radio Edit)歌词

11/17 11:21
[ti:Bang Bang Bang] [ar:郑秀文] [al:Bang Bang Bang (Radio Edit)] [offset:0] [00:01.15]Bang Bang Bang - 郑秀文 [00:02.65]词:黄伟文 [00:03.78]曲:Kenix Cheang,Private Zoo [00:05.11] [00:14.47]Bang Bang Bang 这种爱 [00:17.44]会正中你要害 [00:20.00] [00:22.13](请静候款待) [00:24.

Bang Gang Forever Now 歌词

07/26 17:02
You can see her in the distance, where she walks alone. Then you follow her direction, to your second home The evening grabs us in the sounds we are bound we sit and watch the sun moving down it feels so good to have you around wish we could stay for

Free Energy Bang Pop歌词

04/18 06:53
Now I was super messed up Like it would never end Floatin over the black top Without a single friend Down came a light beam Right through my breaking heart Message from the galaxy That's how it's gotta start Bang pop pop When does this searchin stop?

Ch!pz Bang Bang歌词

05/09 03:42
bang bang bang bang bang bang i've been looking at you, you've been looking at me na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na friends are watching us too, it's so easy to see na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na man this place is getting hot tonight and i've got the feeling so

Bang Gang Forward and Reverse歌词

07/16 01:12
You were like a glimpse on to the stars As we were dancing forward and reverse One whole day Under heavy rain Don't ever say That we weren't happy then You were like a glimpse on to the stars As we were dancing forward and reverse One whole day Under

The Moffatts Bang Bang Boom歌词

11/23 19:11
[ti:bang bang boom] [ar:the moffatts] [al:] [offset:500] [00:01.02]Early morning [00:02.72]I got Mona Lisa by my side [00:05.27]What's the story [00:07.27]Behind that devious smile? [00:09.94]doo doo doo doo [00:11.94]doo doo doo doo doo doo [00:14.2

Madonna Gang Bang歌词

04/02 02:08
Like a bitch out of order Like a bat out of hell Like a fish out of water I'm scared, can't you tell Bang Bang Bang Bang I thought you were good But you painted me bad Compared to the others you're the best thing I had Bang Bang, shot you dead Bang B

Bang Gang Inside歌词

03/24 20:29
bang gang - Inside How can someone feel like we did out there别人又怎麼会明白我们 Have you lost the dream that was in our hands你遗失了在我们手裏的梦想了吗 Is it ok now (x2)现在还好吗 Find me 寻找我吧 Inside every heartbeat在每一个心跳裏 Inside every worry在裏面的每一个烦恼 Keep me in your heart ag

Christina Perri Bang Bang Bang (Live At Ocean Way Studios)歌词

03/23 20:33
Bang Bang Bang All my life you know I haven't been very love strong Cause there's so many fights That I fought and had never won So I decided that I should just give up Trying to right your wrong And word on the street is she did to you What you did

MBLAQ Bang Bang Bang歌词

03/05 13:52
Oh Oh Oh *7 Jumpinˇ to the war ijebuteo namanui sigan simjange adeurenallineul chaeugo Sireneul ullyeora walkinˇ to the world like bomb. bomb. bomb. neon mageul su eobseul geoya my power of black! one two three four five and six yeoseot bareul namgim

Isobel Campbell Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down歌词

10/13 06:26
I was five and he was six we rode on horses made of sticks he wore black and I wore white he would always win the fight bang bang he shot me down bang bang I hit the ground bang bang that awful sound bang bang my baby shot me down seasons came and ch

Bang Gang Sleep歌词

11/02 00:58
( Walking in my sleep at night And you can′t have me Can′t have me Ever ) Walking in my sleep So you can′t have me Disappeared, gone You have gone out of my dreams Walking in my sleep With my flesh in bed Still you are there Think you′ll never let me

Bang Gang The World Is Gray 歌词

04/17 12:57
You wake up in the night 半夜里你醒来了 and you feel like everything around you is so real 你从来没有如此感觉到,周围的一切是那么真实 You cannot find the day and let go 你找不到哪一天可以放开 Of all the things that touched you from within 那些从心底里触动你的东西 Of all the things that make you feel

Da Bang Cry For Young歌词

04/15 00:28
we gotta take off we gotta take it off we gotta turn it down and put it down and take it off i realize now i gotta say goodbye to this piece of shit i wonder why it looks so well now so mama when you're gonna take me home mama when you're gonna take

Bang Gang Ghosts From The Past 歌词

12/08 22:39
you fall like an angel to me then you fell and broke you wings it was never meant to last you were just a ghost from the past 你如天使般 降临在我身边 然后坠落 折断了双翼 这片刻的停留 注定不能长久 你就像只精灵 从远古而来 I thought you really could be real That my heart was ready to bleed when

Bang Gang One More Trip 歌词

05/18 09:13
We had fun, But there's nowhere to go. No directions, We're here on our own. Came from heaven, We're down on the ground. No more dreams, We have swallowed them all. We had fun, But we're pushed to the floor. Nothing left - We will always want more. F

Stéphanie Lapointe Bang Bang歌词

07/19 00:22
Nous avions dix ans à peine Tous nos jeux étaient les mêmes Aux gendarmes et aux voleurs Tu me visais droit au cœur Bang bang, tu me tuais Bang bang, et je tombais Bang bang, et ce bruit-là Bang bang, je ne l'oublierai pas Nous avons grandi ensemble

Mark Ronson Bang Bang Bang歌词

04/14 09:44
Un, deux, trios (turn it up a little bit more) Bang, bang, bang Feathers, I'm plucking feathers One by one, by one No more skylarking, around my head Your information But there's no hiding, behind moulting feathers On the plane, on my brain, 'bout to

Snoop Dogg Pop Pop Bang歌词

10/23 10:44
pop pop bang - snoop dogg (hook x2) pop pop bang do my diddy play my game rep my city (verse) (if i'm 2, 3 is me) baby papa, i'm hot as lava, i gotta be 8 bottles, a lot of models up bada bing top dollar, the blue impala, know what i mean? (yes sir)

T-Pain Bang Bang Pow Pow歌词

12/20 07:28
[T-Pain - Hook] My money right, my money money very good (good, good) Shawty f-ckin', wassup girl? that head good! Bang bang pow pow I do my thang thang Look at me now now My money right, my money money cash up Up up and away, face down, a up I rep m