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Various Artists Super Duper Love歌词

08/04 13:48
[ti:Super Duper Love (In The Style Of Joss Stone)] [ar:Various Artists] [al:Super Party Hits 2005] [offset:0] [00:04.04]Super Duper Love (In The Style Of Joss Stone) - Various Artists [00:22.23]Yeh are you diggin on me [00:27.06]Yeh yeh yeh [00:30.00

根岸貴幸 super duper love love days歌词

02/18 00:47
木曜日の4时间目窓际は mokuyoubi no yojikanme madogiwa 私だけ特等席 watashi dake tokutouseki 授业じゃ习わない科目 jugyou ja narawanai kamoku どんなに多くの人の中からでも donna ni ooku no hito no naka kara demo 一瞬だけであなたの姿 isshun dake de anata no sugata ちゃんと见つける chanto mitsukeru いつかsuper dupe

张震岳 Super Duper Fly歌词

04/27 00:03
ESO: It's how we roll babe 大渊: We super duper Turn it up 张震岳: True color remix ESO: 我保持高手的风范 把雪山攻占 整个情势一面倒 别怪我只是冲快 这古今中外 英雄故事不会变老 吐一口气在胸前的热手心 起飞前重心压低 慢动作表现夸张 看我在飞翔 称霸整个赛场的战斗机 MC HotDog: 我顶住压力 仿佛连呼吸都在押韵 天空别为我哭泣 我管你狂风下雪还是暴雨 超越那巅峰 完美弧线划在天空 我像个倒挂的金钩 时间静止

日本ACG super duper love love days歌词

08/03 12:42
木曜日の4时间目窓际は 私だけ特等席 授业じゃ习わない科目 どんなに多くの人の中からでも 一瞬だけであなたの姿 ちゃんと见つける いつかsuper duper love love days はじまる 残さず食べて育てていこう この気持ち あなたに伝える勇気 ほんとはまだないくせに ここで目が合っちゃえばいいな なんて少し愿った いつも见守ってくれるこの空の 青さにやっと気付いたような気がする はきりすぎてピントがぼけちゃった写真みたい 近すぎて见えないものがいっぱい いつかsuper duper

Joss Stone Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin on Me?), Pt. 1歌词

12/24 12:05
(Are You Diggin' On Me?) Yeh are you diggin on me Yeh yeh yeh Im diggin on u now baby Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love Yeh wait a minute wait a minute All the time i knew that you loved me Because you were always there Could i be that mistaken Be

Soundtrack Super Duper Love(Are You Diggin' On Me?)歌词

04/11 19:50
Super Duper Love(Are You Diggin' On Me?) - Joss Stone Yeh are you diggin' on me Yeh yeh yeh I'm diggin' on u now baby Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love Yeh wait a minute wait a minute All the time I knew that you loved me Because you were always t

Baby Bash Supa Chic歌词

08/22 04:27
[ti:Supa Chic] [ar:Baby Bash] [al:] [00:-7.52]Baby Bash Ft. Paula Deanda - Supa Chic [00:-5.52](Lyrics by 白猪贵族@MaxRNB) [00:-3.52] [00:-0.52]Maximal r&b - The Freshest & Hottest R&B/ Hip-Hop Music! [00:00.00] [00:00.88]I'll be your supa chic [0

Rachel Crow Rock With You歌词

11/03 15:43
[ti:Rock With You] [ar:Rachel Crow] [al:Rachel Crow] [00:01.57]Man,ey [00:04.51]Rachel Crow [00:05.61]Don't turn your back on the sound [00:09.73]Cause I really wanna rock with you boy, [00:13.51] [00:16.28]Walking on through the crowd, [00:18.76]Fam

Just Jack Glory Days歌词

05/09 08:04
★ william王子 Album:Overtones Just Jack-Glory Days I'm feelin groovy Kicking down the cobble stones And there is music in every sight and every sound No need for headphones I'll tip my cap to the world Even though I don't wear one Grinning at the women

Never Shout Never Can't Stand It歌词

05/10 01:31
Baby, I love you I never want to let you go The more I think about, The more I want to let you know- That everything you do, Is super fucking cute And I can't stand it I've been searching for A girl that's just like you Cause I know That your heart i

Lou Bega Gentleman歌词

02/07 03:08
Gentleman! I am the type of guy, That picks you up in a Bens, I am the type of man that'll always represent. I am the type of freak, That calls you seven days a week. You don't believe it but You gotta understand. You wouldn't call me gentleman, If y

Joss Stone L-O-V-E歌词

04/22 22:37
L is for the way you look at me L 是你看着我的方式 O is for the only one I see O 是唯一我能看得到的 V is very, very extraordinary V 是非常非常特别的 E is even more than anyone that you adore can E 是你所爱慕的超越任何人的 Love is all that I can give to you 爱 是我能够给你的一切 Love is more than

T-Pain Show U How歌词

05/13 23:56
[00:03.66]"Show U How" [00:05.13] [00:06.11][T-Pain] [00:31.95]Ohhhh Weeeeee!! [00:32.23]Man I gotta thing for a girl that I don't even know. [00:34.19]Everybody in the hood say she's a whore. [00:35.96]But I don't think so.I'm gonna try you any

Taco Puttin' On The Ritz歌词

02/12 17:13
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where fashion sits, Puttin' on the ritz. Different types who wear a day coat, pants with stripes and cutaway coat, perfect fits, Puttin' on the ritz. Dressed up like a million dollar t

Group Home Supa Star歌词

11/20 02:36
Intro: Lil' Dap: Damn son Melachi: What the fuck is wrong with you man? Shit shouldn't be happening out here man. Niggas don't be realizin' the shit man but yo tell 'em what you be seein' out your window. Lil' Dap: Yo I be seeing out my window gunsho

Daybreak 두 개의 심장歌词

08/07 00:49
오늘도 너는 불타오르네 수많은 세상의 혼돈 속에 이글거리는 태양도 숨이 턱턱 막혀와도 이 길을 피할 수는 없다네 사실 넌 너무 평범하기에 두 개의 심장을 가져야 해 어떤 나약한 모습도 어떤 초라한 모습도 절대로 보여선 안 된다네 어느새 넌 여기까지 왔고 돌아갈 수는 없기에 쓰러질 수 없기에 Please Don't Cry 견뎌내야만 해 Please Don't Stop 더 높은 곳까지 외롭게 뛰고 있어 여기까지 달려온 너는 Super Duper S

Deep Side Freaky Girl歌词

02/02 02:02
Met A Shy Girl And She Intrigue Me Pretty As A Supermodel With Me A Pretty, Pretty Girl, A Very Sexy Girl The Way I Like My Girl To Be Every Man Wants A Classy Lady In The Bedroom She Drives Me Crazy A Woman In The Streets Fit Between The Sheets Know

Tha Alkaholiks Make Room歌词

03/12 01:40
[ti:Make Room] [ar:Tha Alkaholiks] [al:专集] [00:00.48]歌名:Make Room [00:00.68]演唱:Tha Alkaholiks [00:00.88]======================= [00:01.11] [00:01.30]『Hip Hop [00:01.53]By:E.Song [00:01.77] [00:02.18] [00:02.61]======================= [00:02.92]● [00:

Joey Bada$$ Christ Conscious歌词

04/15 03:34
[Intro] Mother, mothersucker, yeah, oh, this is what you want, huh? Microphone checker, yo [Verse 1] Uh, motherfuckin' microphone checker Keep that grip tight, like my Smith & Wesson Ike with the mic, which nigga tryna turn up? Hit you with the hurtf

Joss Stone It's a Man's Man's World" (Live at Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., December 7, 2003)歌词

05/19 01:19
This is a man\'s world This is a man\'s world But it would be nothing Nothing without a woman or a girl You see man made the cars To take us over the road Man made the train To carry the heavy load Man made the electric lights To take us out of the d