Highway patrolman 歌词

Bruce Springsteen Highway Patrolman歌词

10/06 21:40
My name is Joe Roberts I work for the state I'm a sergeant out of Perrineville barracks number 8 I always done an honest job as honest as I could I got a brother named Franky and Franky ain't no good Now ever since we was young kids it's been the sam

Blackfoot Highway Song歌词

05/28 01:50
Well, another day, another dollar After I've sang and hollered Oh, it's my way of living, and I can't change a thing Another town is drawing near Oh, baby, I wish you were here But the only way I can see you, darlin', is in my dreams It's a highway s

Deep Purple Highway Star歌词

04/19 14:36
Nobody gonna take my car 沒人有資格開我的車 I'm gonna race it to the ground 我想要開車狂飆 Nobody gonna beat my car 沒人可以打敗我的車 It's gonna break the speed of sound 我要打破速度的極限 Oooh it's a killing machine 這就像部致命機器 It's got everything 就好像 Like a driving power big fat tyre

Junior Brown Highway Patrol歌词

08/22 18:37
Highway patrolI got a star on my car and one on my chest我的车上和胸口都有标有星型警徽A gun on my hip and the right to arrest腰间配枪,手执拘捕令I'm a guy who's the boss on this highway这条公路我最大So watch out what you're doin'when you're drivin' my way在我面前驶过时,千万留神If you break th

Bon Jovi Lost Highway (Live)歌词

02/10 23:44
[00:15.230]In my rearview mirror [00:19.080]My life is getting clearer [00:22.790]The sunset sighs and slowly disappears [00:30.880]These trinkets once were treasure [00:34.330]Life changes like the weather [00:38.140]You grow up, grow old, [00:40.05

Eric Clapton Key to the Highway (Live)歌词

11/07 17:30
[ti:Key To The Highway] [ar:Eric Clapton] [al:Crossroads 2 (Live In The Seve] [offset:0] [01:18.00]I got the key to the highway, [01:26.34]Billed out and bound to go. [01:30.16]I'm gonna leave here running; [01:31.59] [01:33.91]Walking is most too sl

Dickey Betts Highway Call歌词

03/05 17:23
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Rodney Crowell Highway 17歌词

09/17 00:48
I put away fifteen grand doing one-night stands mostly liquor stores and fillin' stations Me and this peepin' Tom by the name of J.D. Swan and any number of his odd blood relations This was armed robbery 1957 and mostly our getaways were clean Then I

Our Ceasing Voice highway lights歌词

08/29 05:31
A night to remember Echoing the fear Along your silent ride Across distant highway lights It hurts that you're falling away from me May stars guard your breathe 'til storm's rolling in again 专辑:Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky 歌手:Our Ceasing Voice

Social Distortion Highway 101歌词

09/14 09:05
[ti:Highway 101] [ar:Social Distortion] [al:Sex, Love, and Rock 'N' Roll] [00:03.00]Highway 101 [00:06.00]Social Distortion [00:09.00]By: Stardust618 [00:16.00] [00:22.76]Take a drive baby up the coast, [00:26.03]yeah highway 101 [00:30.15]I'll pass

Townes Van Zandt Highway Kind歌词

05/20 00:02
My days, they are the highway kind But the leavin' I don't mind Pour the sun upon the ground Stand to throw a shadow Watch it grow into a night And fill the spinnin' sky. Time among the pine trees It felt like breath of air Usually I just walk these

신화 Highway star歌词

04/04 03:58
I got you back my boy You know I need you so 난 너의 Lover 나의 손잡고 ride with me No matter what I do Always I think of you 넌 나의 Lover I wanna take you ride with me [E] 아스팔트가 아니라도 구불구불한 저기 산길이라도 That's the way, I wanna ride it That's the way, I wanna drive

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Highway Chile歌词

10/30 14:11
HIGHWAY CHILE By Jimi Hendrix Yeah, his guitar slung across his back. His dusty boots is his Cadillac. Flamin' hair just a blowin in the wind Ain't seen a bed in so long it's a sin. He left home when he was seventeen The rest of the world he had long

Big Joe Williams Highway 49歌词

09/08 15:39
Highway 49 - Big Joe Williams Well, I'm going to get up in the morning. Get to highway 49 Well, I'm going to get up in the morning. Get to highway 49 Well, about my sweet woman Ooh well, well, she don't pay poor Joey no mind. Well, if you ever had th

Old Crow Medicine Show Highway Halo歌词

03/20 02:44
Driving rain, narrow shoulder Break down lane, marching forward Gone where I do not know One eye on the open road Stepping out in the great unknown with a highway halo Shaky faith, Lily Kimball Patron saint, traveling minstrel Let her dusty wings unf

Bootstraps Highway Miles歌词

02/23 05:57
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October Gold Highway 101歌词

09/15 07:14
I can tell you that it's true A road that has places that come along with you As you travel long and far Everywhere you are You hear stories Of many who've come before Cast their spell Traveled well And left their tale to tell At the hotel at the end

オサレP Ding-Dong (urban highway deep-tech)歌词

09/03 05:02
Ding-Dong 作詞:miksolodyne-ts 作曲:miksolodyne-ts 編曲:miksolodyne-ts 歌:巡音ルカ 翻譯:26 lrc:虎猫 调校by虎猫 昨日のフィルムみたいに/ 像是昨天看的那齣電影 消えてしまう夢見たんだ/ 夢見了消逝的死寂 壊れたこの耳にも/ 但即使是這損壞的耳朵 少しの音聞こえるんだ/也聽見了些許樂音 サイボーグな 夜の闇に/ 在人工的 夜晚黑暗中 溶けてゆく キミの声/ 融化而去 你的聲音 100年先を 思うのかな/ 經過了百年 仍思索著嗎

MR.MR Highway歌词

06/23 13:17
MR.MR:Highway 歌词/ 韩语미스터미스터|Highway 아무도 없는 지금 Highway 어둠을 가르고 들리는 네 숨소리 어디로 가는지도 모른 채 널 태워 끝까지 이 밤을 달리려고 했어 Cause break heart 심장이 뛰어 Dangerous guy 떨리는 네 어깨 나를 움직여 내가 모두 다 갚아줄게 더 이상 멈출 수 없어 Look into mine 위험한 Rule 감출 수 없는 True 제발 나를 말려줘 Look into mine

Christina Milian Highway歌词

10/27 07:08
VERSE 1: I love a fast car and you got a fast ride so won't u take me for a spin out on ya' highway Cuz it's raining outside and I know that a drive might sound a little crazy but I feel that it's time So speed it up, slow it down Put it back, in rev