east of aden歌词谐音

Far East Movement Rocketeer歌词

07/16 06:12
Here we go, come with me, There's a world out there that we should see, Take my hand, close your eyes With you right here, I'm a rocketeer Let's fly, fly, fly, flyyy. Up, up, here we go, go. [2x] Let's fly, fly, fly, flyyy. Up, up, here we go, go. Wh

Far East Movement Hollahey歌词

01/02 01:15
[CHORUS] Holla holla holla hey holla ho Aint no crime man let yourself go Holla holla holla hey holla ho [lets go lets go lets go lets go] [verse 1] Yeah you broke your lucky finger-nail Get on up I throw your panties in a wishing well Get on up Some

Far East Movement Jello 歌词

09/25 16:44
Jello! Jello! Jello! Ello, ello We downtown L.A guetto She got an ass on her pillow Girl shake that A, Jello! Girl shake that A, Jello! Girl shake that A, Jello! Girl shake that A, Jello! Jello! Jello! Jello! Hola, Yo ma, I'm on the east side cooler

Lamya East of Anywhere歌词

11/09 11:24
Feelin lost - in familiar places Havin fallen from a few good graces So many sandy years Dusted and wasted How from there did i get here I wanna be east of anywhere (take me) out of the everywhere Into the here Sublime to ride Reside Up high In wide-

Rancid East Bay Night歌词

04/05 15:51
Another East Bay night When you cast a line to go dance one time and an old friend invites you in Hear a punk rock song and we sing along, everything gonna be alright Well Gramma stands on the very same land on the old house up on the hill You can se

Far East Movement Candy歌词

04/10 13:47
Shake that thing... , let me take that candy girl, Shake that thing... , let me get that candy girl, Shake that thing... , let me get that candy girl, Shake that thing... , let me get that candy girl. You were candy girl I get it from the... girl, Th

Far East Movement Boomshake歌词

06/05 07:17
Yo get up to this* Heyy Boom, shake I make ya feel it Boom, heyyy shake Deejay right there Light it on fire Hotter than heaven in the place to be California ain't the west without the real far east My name is kevin representin' everything that's free

Wade Hayes Up North (Down Douth, Back East, Out West)歌词

04/30 13:12
In spite of the name, Independence, Kansas Didn't grow many wild roses But she was young and restless And I loved her though holding her down was hopeless I wanted her to say she couldn't live without The life I had to offer but all she could talk ab

B.o.B Dr. Aden 歌词

11/20 01:17
Verse 1 Well this is the mysterious case of Dr.Aden looking after her patients was her only obligation but that was back before back before the situation before she got a visit from an agent He introduced himself as an employee of the nation he asked

Peter Sterling East Meets West歌词

07/15 11:16
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Shadow, Mist & Light 歌手:Peter Sterling 歌曲:East Meets West

Far East Movement 2gether歌词

02/08 20:01
We can get together Now I don't usually do this But I ain't myself tonight I wanna drink a lil mo, mo Forget it all, all And dance till I'm dead, dead, dead on the floor (floor) E-very one must shine together tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonig

Hit-Boy East vs. West歌词

06/24 18:35
(Hook) This that shit y'all been missing This that shit y'all don't hear no more This that shit that Nas was kicking The shit that BIG would've spit the night before (Verse) He was murdered, probably sitting with Puff in Fatburger Thinking of some il

Zella Day East of Eden歌词

09/25 04:40
Pink toes pressed against the carpet Show your face and finish what you started The record spins down the alley late night Be my friend, surround me like a satellite Tiger on the prowl EAST OF EDEN Coming for you now Keep me from the cages under the

Cayucas East Coast Girl歌词

07/22 11:30
east coast girl - cayucas aahhh... hey! hey! o o-oh o-oh hey! hey! o o-oh o-oh-oh hey! hey! o o-oh o-oh hey! hey! o o-oh o-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh... walked from the subway down to the train brought your umbrellas so jus

Green Day East Jesus Nowhere歌词

06/24 07:53
Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere Raise your hands now to testify Your confession will be crucified You're a sacrificial suicide Like a dog that's been sodomized Stand up! - All the white boys Sit down! - All the black girls You're the soldiers of the n

Scooter East Sands Anthem歌词

10/01 13:29
[ti:East Sands Anthem] [ar:Scooter] [al:The Ultimate Aural Orgasm] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.81]East Sands Anthem - Scooter [00:42.98]Hop da spot, rock round da clock [00:45.92]U can't reach my calibre, my lyrical stamina [00:49.60]Magical like exclibe

Drawn From Bees The East Wood Fox歌词

10/18 02:19
The East Wood Fox - Drawn From Bees I was unkind to you But you want me to Yeah, you want me to I was so blind to you But you ask me to Yeah, you ask me to Cold, well your eyes can be so cold It gets old, when your eyes can be cold They go...ooh... I

Enigma From East to West歌词

07/12 02:51
From East To West - Enigma Here I am Lord and I'm drowning, in Your sea of forgetfulness The chains of yesterday surround me, I yearn for peace and rest I don't want to end up where You found me And it echoes in my mind Keeps me awake tonight I know

Jonathan Boulet North To South East To You歌词

12/02 00:26
You'll cover ground that I have laid Look for other sounds that I hear you make Give your secret place away, away You won't believe what I just saw For animals and thousands more Heading South, I drowned on a back to leave I know I'm okay March to th

Anderson East Say Anything歌词

12/22 14:22
I wait for you to say the words I want to be true But you don't say anything do you Let it all come out. Restless heart, lazy mouth But you don't say anything do you And I would wait all my days to hear the words I need you to say To keep me hanging