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Cheryl Cole Last One Standing歌词

12/23 13:50
[ti:Last One Standing] [ar:Cheryl Cole] [al:A Million Lights] [by:当下] [00:00.01]Cheryl Cole - Last One Standing [00:02.07]. [00:03.49] [00:04.86]. [00:17.01]I'm lucid I'm blind [00:20.50]I can see with brand new eyes [00:24.13]And I fin

Cheryl Cole Better To Lie(feat. August Rigo)歌词

03/26 09:46
"Better To Lie" (feat. August Rigo) Yeah yeah yeah yeah woah woah woah oh Said its better better, I never should've let her know It was better to lie. I'm screaming, He's talking over, I've asked him twice, Says he don't know her, I raise a fist

Cheryl Cole Rain On Me歌词

07/23 17:18
It's a sunny day So I got nowhere to hide Not a cloud in the sky So I'm pretending I've got something in my eyes Just so you won't see me cry So I wait for the storm, (oooh) To hide all my tears But it's taking too long But I won't run for the door,

Cheryl Cole Parachute歌词

02/21 03:35
I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned won't tell anybody, won't tell anybody. They want to push me down, they want to see you fall down. Won't tell anybody how you turn my world aro

Cheryl Cole Promise This歌词

01/07 14:43
Alouette uette uette Alouette uette uette Alouette uette uette Déployer l'aile In my beginning there was nothing so empty in the space between And you came in turned the lights on and created what it's came to be Before I pluck your wings cover me pl

Cheryl Cole Call My Name歌词

05/03 03:42
How do you think I feel when you call my name You got me confused by the way I changed How do you think I feel when you call my name My name, say my name baby Yes I love you, say it, for the way I know we've been apart It's an endless circle of poiso

Cheryl Cole 3 Words歌词

07/05 15:24
I met a guy at the club I let him know I'm in love I met a girl at the bar I let her now who you are I told her you are the love of my life And one day you're gonna be my wife, and We are gonna have some babies together uh ah uh uh ah I told him you

Cheryl Cole Parachute (Album Version)歌词

03/20 15:26
I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand I don't tell anyone about the things we have had Won't tell anybody, Won't tell anybody If they wanna push me down, they wanna see you fall - down Won't tell anybody, how you turn my world around I W

Cheryl Cole Fight For This Love歌词

01/10 23:09
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love Too much of anything can make you sick Even the good can be a curse Makes it hard to know which road to go down Know when too much can get you hurt Is it better Is it worse Are we sitting in reverse It's just like we

Cheryl Cole Happy Hour歌词

04/06 12:12
Cheryl Cole - Happy Hour How can I know what you need If you never ask How can I drive you crazy When I've got no gas How could we be together When we're so far apart You tell me that you love me then you go and break my heart I'll admit that I've go

Cheryl Cole Heaven歌词

02/05 14:02
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Cheryl Cole The Flood歌词

06/04 07:22
Turn the lights out, in the light house, I saw you coming, Felt the ship wreck Saw the wreckage, i heard you yelling, Just a mess when i saw your reflection in the sand, Wondering where you were washed up, Or i ran to the water, Mmmmm, i can put my h

Cheryl Cole Under The Sun歌词

07/24 16:01
Cheryl Cole - Under The Sun [VERSE] We all got lonely days Get stuck in a phase I can see the sun is shining bright Right on through the haze I complain and say Is this really my life Now that I'm over you and I'm sober too I can finally feel alive [

Various Artists Fight For This Love (Originally By Cheryl Cole)歌词

08/24 20:46
[ti:Fight for This Love] [ar:Various Artists] [al:BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge, Vol. 6] [offset:0] [00:00.12]Fight for This Love - Various Artists [00:00.29]Hmm.. [00:01.40] [00:18.08]Too much of anything can make you sick [00:20.88] [00:21.89]Even the

Cheryl Cole Crazy Stupid Love歌词

11/20 14:06
Swore I would never be that girl holding your hand Look at you gazing Acting like your biggest fan I used to make fun Of all the things that they said Saying I will never be like that But then you showed up Like you have been there before Was like yo

Cheryl Cole All In One Night歌词

03/09 17:19
I'm not afraid of my desire Because I know what ignite When I'm ready, say I'm ready To get down in one night But two better What do you say You better walk my way And, come baby we can go play What do you say I'll be, I'll be your desire You'll my,

Cheryl Cole Ghetto Baby歌词

03/14 22:08
VERSE You got a face like the Madonna Crying tears of gold Been pumping gas At the Texaco road to road You're on the run Oh baby yeah you're on the run Oh baby I'm not a trick boy, I'm a trick for you You give me butterflies Heart skipping one two I

Cheryl Cole Call My Name (Radio Edit)歌词

07/18 17:44
"Call My Name" (feat. Calvin Harris) How'd you think I feel when you call my name You got me confused by the way I've changed How'd you think I feel when you call my name My name, say my name baby It's the love you save for the way I know we抳e b

Cheryl Cole Mechanics of the Heart歌词

04/25 10:19
(Verse) Symtoms of being spaced Feeling cold Feeling lonely On your own I can feel this fear Getting stronger It's taking over I'm losing control (Chorus) And if you are not religious Then how will you ever believe And if I don't know procedures Then

Cheryl Cole I Don't Care歌词

06/30 09:10
Waking up diagonal like an animal In a cold and empty bed, yeah Shaking off that dream of you, I got shit to do And I'm ready to forget, oh yeah I heard you brought that girl around In half a gown and asked if I've been there, oh yeah Ask me how I'm