Radio KillerYou & Me歌词

Shontelle T-Shirt (Radio Killa Remix)歌词

10/27 04:11
Shontelle - T-Shirt Trying to decide, trying to decide if I Really wanna go out tonight I never used to go out without you Not sure I remember how to I'm gonna be late, gonna be late but, All my girls gonna have to wait cause I don't know if I like m

Various Artists Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)歌词

03/06 12:09
B. B. Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles Singers Lonnie Mack and twangin' Eddy, here's my ring we're goin' steady Take it easy, take me higher, liar liar, house on fire Locomotion, Poco, Passion, Deeper Purple, Satisfaction Baby ba

R.E.M. Radio Free Europe歌词

09/05 06:32
Artist: R.E.M. Title: Radio Free Europe Beside yourself if radio's gonna stay. Reason: it could polish up the grey. Put that, put that, put that up your wall That this isn't country at all Raving station, beside yourself Keep me out of country in the

Soundtrack Here I Am [Kaskade Radio Edit] [Edit]歌词

03/27 21:56
Here I am - This is me There's no where else on earth I'd rather be Here I am - it's just me and you And tonight we make our dreams come true It's a new world - it's a new start It's alive witht he beating of - young hearts It's a new day - it's a ne

The Radio Dept. 1995歌词

10/11 06:01
1995 is missing buses It's walking 15 miles to see your love It's knowing you're alive through all the fuzz It's never coming down from going up 1995 is cutting classes It's sitting over coffees talking indie treats It's the mere sensation of being t

Soundtrack Spirit of the Radio (Bonus Track)歌词

11/10 20:38
I need a melody to move my feet, Call the DJ and bring it back to me. J. Randall - Spirit of the Radio Turn me up, Let's go, It's what I need, for my soul. I need, I need, I need the new Gaga, If it ain't hot then don't even bother. Feels like I'm bl

Jedward Lipstick(Radio Edit)歌词

11/16 13:24
You say you're on it but you just don't know You're spending money like you're on death row You must be mis-educated By all the guys that you dated You think I'll take the bait but I don't think so Ohhhh Am I headed for a car crash? Ohhhh Im just abo

U-Kiss Hero (Radio Edit ver.)歌词

06/10 23:30
hero (radio edit ver.) - 유키스(u-kiss) hey! yo hurray hurray hurray hurray! go! hey! yo hurray hurray hurray hurray! go! hey! yo hurray hurray hurray hurray! go! hey! yo hurray hurray hurray hurray! go! 저 높은 함성소리 내 귓가에 들린다 심장이 터질듯이 제 멋대로 춤춘다 걱정은 던져놓고 이

Queen Radio Ga Ga歌词

01/02 01:43
artist: queen album: greatest hits ii title: radio ga ga i'd sit alone and watch your light my only friend through teenage nights and everything i had to know i heard it on my radio. you gave them all those old time stars through wars of worlds - inv

Transistor Radio The Getaway歌词

06/25 19:22
"This is good medicine" they say. You gotta getaway, you gotta getaway. Collect your thoughts now clear your head. You gotta getaway, you gotta getaway. These days they don't come easy. Tearing down the walls to my own arrogance, it's the same o

Transistor Radio Countless Indiscretions歌词

11/02 13:17
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:A Legacy Between 歌手:Transistor Radio 歌曲:Countless Indiscretions

TV on the Radio Will Do歌词

07/31 14:20
It might be impractical to seek out a new romance we won't know the actual if we never take the chance I'd like to collapse with you and ease you against this song I think we're compatible, I see that you think I'm wrong any time will do, my love any

TV on the Radio Family Tree歌词

04/29 23:23
TV on the Radio - Family Tree Kevin Boul @aaashow Anda my love Wake up to your window The day calls in billows It's echoing moonlight onto the blue nightmare of your heart In cosy red rainbow It's shaking off halos And the memory of our sacred so and

Limp Bizkit Creamer (Radio Is Dead)歌词

05/24 18:42
Hey kid, who you lookin' at? Why you standin' all up in my face like that? You ain't never seen a baseball bat? A maniac knockin' on your babeball cap You better step about ten paces back Or you'll be layin' where your shoe laces at Go do what your m

许冠杰 Radio好知己歌词

10/22 01:18
由天光开始天天都跟它共渡 随它的音波一起穿梭千段路 行雷或者阴天凌晨三点 仍可跟它去跳入那些音乐路 和它相当要好 R-a-d-i-o Radio 心中假使抑郁东西不愿做 旁边的它即刻知应该怎样做 连忙大声高歌豪情的歌 来驱使心里再度爆出劲度 常关心想我好 R-a-d-i-o Radio 当天你总喜欢跟我同行同携Radio 沿途浮云红日绿草也说你是最好 Oh---- 光阴匆匆今天只得孤独路 还好身边的它始终一起共渡 平凡日子中央寒流中央 仍高歌使我有力再跨千段路 常关心想我好 R-a-d-i-o

赵颂茹 情急自禁(Radio Edit Mix)歌词

01/29 02:46
作曲:戴干亨 填词:黄敬佩 对你有一点好感 对你有一点好感 看两眼始终不衬 我未敢估计我 与你会否有下文 怕变爱的牺牲品 更怕我一不小心 爱到消失理智 我快乐靠即兴 我快乐靠即兴 两秒后会感性 我这类型 谁都不可适应 我冷静你起劲 你我又要怎纠正 oh...太好胜 对你有一点好感 看两眼始终不衬 我未敢估计我 与你会否有下文 怕变爱的牺牲品 更怕我一不小心 爱到消失理智 我快乐靠即兴 我快乐靠即兴 两秒后会感性 我这类型 谁都不可适应 我冷静你起劲 你我又要怎纠正 oh...太好胜 oh...太

Parov Stelar The Mojo Radio Gang (Clubversion)歌词

06/27 19:00
The Mojo Radio Gang (Clubversion) - Parov Stelar I got a? get a date, fall the gather, forward... I got a get a date, fall to the date. I got a? get a date, fall the gather, forward... I got a get a date, fall to the date...... 专辑:Coco 歌手:Parov Stela

TV on the Radio Happy Idiot歌词

01/01 22:35
Stuck in the shade Where there's no sunshine I don't wanna play With them other kids in the sun. Since you left me, babe, It's been a long way down Yeah, you left me, babe It's been a long way down. What you don't know won't hurt you, yeah Ignorance

채연 흔들려(DJ Koo Club Radio Re-Mix Ver)歌词

04/07 12:06
내가 흔들려 자꾸 흔들려 내가 흔들려 자꾸 흔들려 언제나 너는 날 편하게만 대하려 하고 요즘엔 그 흔한 꽃 한송이 선물도 안해 여자의 마음이 갈대라는걸 넌 왜 몰라 오래된 연인은 다 그렇게 관심이 없니 내가 흔들려 자꾸 흔들려 또 다른 사랑이 내게 다가와 나를 흔들어 자꾸 흔들어 색다른 이벤트로 날 유혹해 그래 난난난 지금 흔들려 너와 결혼한 사이도 아니잖아 그래 난난난 자꾸 흔들려 너의 따분한 사랑에 지치나봐 제발 날날날날날날날 나를 봐봐 흔

Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger (Cutmore Radio Edit - Clean)歌词

03/19 08:11
[ti:moves like jagger] [ar:maroon 5] [al:201293] [offset:0] [00:03.84] Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 [00:13.84]You shoot for the stars [00:16.58]If it feels right [00:17.70]And in for my heart [00:19.78]If you feel like [00:21.36]Can take me away, and