not going down without a fight 歌词

Switchfoot Love Alone Is Worth the Fight歌词

12/31 17:43
Switchfoot – Love Alone Is Worth The Fight Lyrics/歌词 I'm trying to find where my place is I'm looking for my own oasis So close I can taste this The fear that love alone erases So I'm back to the basics I figure it's time I face this Time to take my


09/20 12:14
My last fight 作曲:LOVE PSYCHEDELICO 作词:LOVE PSYCHEDELICO その瞳(め)でしかと�とどけて my last fight �む目に裸になってほら おまえの胸に刻み�んだ �の名のもとで今一度 my last fight 切なさもあきらめになってほら おまえと一�に流れ去った days �があたしにくれた time �うことなく抱いた stage 今 �れてく what did I see in you? nothing's gonna chang

Velvet Revolver The Last Fight歌词

10/28 20:59
歌词从xiami.com下载 velvet revolver - the last fight time feels like i've been back in jail like when i was doin' time or even killed spend all night on a bended knee just to beg for something to believe left home with a pack of clothes without a family t

Amusement Parks on Fire Young Fight歌词

03/27 05:30
After the light show Everybody goes homEver and after will they lie Underneath the grey sky They tell them and they ask why Ever and after our reply All of the teen smoke Goes where everybody else knows Ever and after In Our Eyes We know they're in s

Pillar Not Without a Fight歌词

09/16 00:14
Not Without a Fight There's a hole in my heart that's bleeding But its given me strength I needed To carry on I'm moving on I'm not giving up that easily I can see the black cloud breaking But it doesn't stop the scars from aching I'm standing strong

Triumph Fight The Good Fight歌词

04/09 21:56
The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long Feels like we're running out of time Every day it seems much harder tellin' right from wrong You got to read between the lines Don't get discouraged, don't be afraid We can make it through another

郑伊健 自动胜利Let's Fight歌词

08/07 19:09
郑伊健 自动胜利 let's fight(卡通片<数码暴龙主题曲>) 越搏斗战意便高企 自信碰跌了又再起 坚决相信 为战友 我定必胜利 越探索世界越优美 让我奋斗到廿六世纪 坚决相信 为了爱 我定必胜利 来全情go-go-go-go-go 只要出手气势劲到飞起 来全情go-go-go-go-go 大力�卫理想 自动会 部署准备 遇怪魔 我即刻变大个 遇见高手痛快得多 一激起我就有火 尽快尽快辨胜负 亦不必想再拖 最好的必须再练过 逐个反击 对方一个二个 我但求全击破 oh let's figh

Bullet for My Valentine The Last Fight歌词

09/21 19:17
I don't wanna stand beside you 我不想熟视无睹看着你受煎熬 I don't wanna try and feel the pain you're going through 我不想试着去体会你的痛苦 'Til the death you'll see this through. 直到你将死亡看透 Cold sweats, hallucination 恐惧时的冷汗,虚弱时的幻觉 I wanna scream to show the hell I'm going thr

Ben Kweller Fight歌词

02/14 09:59
Fight by No Vacancy In our ring of blood this much is true I never thought that i'd be fighting you But you stole my heart You cheated in line You weren't in my corner You weren't on my side The gloves are off You've hit below the belt Now it's time

J Rice Fight歌词

09/12 10:42
[ti:Fight] [ar:J Rice] [00:05.86]J Rice - Fight [00:07.79]Lyrics by S.Z. War [00:09.48]This song is for my love Z.! [00:23.15]i've been kicked around [00:24.77]and let down [00:26.32]been told a lie [00:27.58]and lied about [00:29.13]it wasn't until

谭维维 Fight歌词

11/28 05:46
闭嘴你个高晓松 你又准备来教训我 我唱歌要唱我自己 你少出歪主意 我生来属于我自己 你生来属于一个大集体 我知道知道 你都是为我好 我吃饱了不会饿 我有我的生活 Fight!我年轻要喝醉 Fight!哪怕伤痕累累 Fight!我要挥霍这种滋味 Fight!反正怎样都后悔 醒来你个大情种 我已准备好离开你 我恋爱关你什么事 我只爱我自己 我生来属于我自己 你生来属于一群大美女 我知道知道 全都是我不好 我一个人很快乐 我有我的生活 Fight!我旅行时流浪 Fight!我在床上歌唱 Fight!我

Soundtrack The Fight歌词

08/02 00:06
I am a one way motorway I'm the one that drives away Then follows you back home I am a street light shining I'm a wild light blinding bright Burning off alone It's times like these you learn to live again It's times like these you give and give again

Generationals When They Fight, They Fight歌词

04/16 04:09
When they fight, they fight, And when they come home at night they say, "i love you, baby." Was it too much too soon, Or too little too late? He got the message she left on his car, in the rain. And then the words they come to you, driving away.

Tina Turner I Don&#039;t Wanna Fight歌词

03/18 12:24
Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ There's a pale moon in the sky The kind you make your wishes on, oh Like the light in your eyes The one I built my dreams upon It's not there any longer Something happened somew

Various Artists Temptation Is Hard to Fight歌词

04/06 04:21
[ti:temptation] [ar:何莉秀Harisu] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Harisu [00:04.00]created by 石清竹 [00:33.00]You want a talk to me naege mar gorobwa [00:37.00]You want a next to me ne gyothe dagaso bwa [00:41.00]You want a close to me gakai do gakai na yogshi nor

下野紘 男気全開Go! Fight!!歌词

05/29 11:00
「男気全开Go!Fight!!」 歌:来栖翔(CV.下野紘) 男(おとこ)なら爱(あい)を燃(も)やせ otoko nara ai wo moyase 男なら爱を守(まも)れ otoko nara ai wo mamore 爱だけが ai dake ga 俺に力(ちから)を与(あた)えくれる ore ni chikara wo atae kure ru 砂尘(さじん)けむる世界(せかい) 荒野(こうや)の最(さい)果(は)て sajin ke muru sekai kou ya no sai h

果味VC Together We Fight歌词

10/03 15:34
当我从沉睡中苏醒的时候 你瘫软的双腿掩饰着颤抖 我知道你的愤怒还有你的梦 可你凭什么拥有 恐惧和不安在逼迫我们 只为去获胜所以才存在 Together We Fight 冲破这块冰冷之墙 别试图告诉我 我们应该怎么做 Together We Fight 懦弱的伤永不配痊愈 把你放倒之前不会告诉你为什么 Together We Fight 你的辉煌将被取代 别试图告诉我 我们应该怎么做 Together We Fight 这是我主宰的游戏 It's time to face it. we are

Westlife I Don&#039;t Wanna Fight 歌词

12/22 00:10
I can't sleep, everything I ever knew Is a lie without you I can't breathe, when my heart is broke in two There's no beat without you You're not gone but you're not here At least that's the way it seems tonight If we could try to end these wars I kno

DJ Fresh Fight歌词

09/18 04:51
Hey, hey Hold me tight (Hold me tight) Hey, hey Uh, fill tonight You got to hold me tight Yeah fill tonight Bass Hey, hey [x2] Bass Hey, hey Fill tonight You got to hold me tight Yeah fill tonight Bass Hey, hey [x2] Bass [x2] Hey Hey, hey Uh, fill to

Fun Factory Don&#039;t Fight歌词

03/18 09:46
I don't wanna fight tonightwhat can we do to make it right? Can it be a dream or is it reality? all the time when you startscreaming my heard starts turningm heard starts bleeding I hope I wish I pray I'm only dreaming I don't wanna fight let's just