cody fry leaving home

Cody Fry Leaving Home歌词

05/13 09:19
Leaving Home - Cody Fry I've lived a thousand place I've looked for life in spaces and empty rooms are all I've found The world laid out before me with everything I don't need Just when I thought I had no place to read Home is like an island and I'm

Cody Fry Open The Gates歌词

07/22 06:29
Open The Gates - Cody Fry Heart like steal, eyes like chains Voice that makes me forget my name From a place I couldn't see Like a bullet cutting clean straight through me My, my, my how she moves Ties me up like I can't undo She's a solider with no

Cody Fry Find My Way Back歌词

07/24 09:26
[ti:Find My Way Back] [ar:Cody Fry] [al:Keswick] [by:] [offset:0] [00:02.22]Find My Way Back - Cody Fry [00:15.35]You speak to me [00:17.12] [00:18.70]and I listen [00:19.80]Like your words are curing me [00:22.87] [00:24.85]I know I wandered far [00

Cody Fry Underground歌词

04/04 22:46
Underground - Cody Fry I woke up underground Not a light, not a sound I threw my voice into the dark But the dark had no remark, Just repeated what I said Claustrophobic at first Struck by hunger and thirst I stood up and looked around There was noth

Cody Simpson Don't Cry Your Heart Out歌词

01/21 21:48
i'm back to put the sunshine in your mind 'cause i don't like the way he's got you raining all the time Put away your troubles by leaving him behind So every time you look up clear blue sky But here he comes again like a cloud in your view Blocking a

Westlife Leaving歌词

11/21 18:50
Watching the clock on the wall Been a while since you called I can't help but wait It's late and I can't get no sleep Something's different this time It just doesn't feel right Have we broken in two? Am I really gonna lose you tonight? You come walki

Cody Simpson iYiYi (Acoustic)歌词

04/06 10:01
Cody Simpson yeah Shorty who dat you think always missing you I cannot get enough of kissing you I dont cry ok I shed a tear or two On the grind yeah but girl ain't no forgetting you cuz Every minute every second every hour of the day Iyiyi Every hou

Katie Armiger Leaving Home歌词

02/17 00:12
I put the locket that you game me in a shoebox With all my favorite high school pictures in a Ziplock So when I think I'm by myself I know that I'm not Thanks for the extra cash Please take good care of dad And I promise you I'll call along the way M

Krystl Leaving Home歌词

08/22 09:09
I never knew much about the world i was living inside this bubble nothing less but nothing more my daddy sad there in his chair didn't say much but mumbled it's time to fly my little girl live to learn and learn while living go out there and find you

Sonic Youth Superstar (selected by Diablo Cody) 歌词

04/07 22:34
Long ago and oh so far away I fell in love with you before the second show Your guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear But you're not really there It's just the radio Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby You said you'd be coming back this w

Eddie Holland Leaving Here歌词

11/14 15:04
[ti:LEAVING HERE] [ar:pearl jam] [00:19.00]Hey, fellas, have you heard the news? Oh yeah... [00:24.00]The women of this town are being misused...oh yeah... [00:29.00]I've seen it all in my dreams last night...oh yeah... [00:34.00]Girls leaving this t

R.E.M. Leaving New York歌词

06/25 17:25
It's quiet now And what it brings Is everything Comes calling back A brilliant night I'm still awake I looked ahead I'm sure I saw you there You don't need me To tell you now That nothing can compare You might have laughed if I told you You might hav

Various Artists Leaving On A Jet Plane歌词

05/11 15:43
Leaving On A Jet Plane All my bags are packed, i'm ready to go I'm standing here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breaking, it's early morn' The taxi's waiting, he's blowing his horn Already I'm so lonesome I cou

The Ditty Bops Fish to Fry歌词

02/25 18:36
Hey there little man Get out of my fryin' pan I got bigger fish to fry than you It's high time you listen to me I choose my battles carefully So get out of here son Let me show you the door You'll be in trouble then If by the time I count to four One

佛跳墙 Leaving Now歌词

05/04 21:04
Leaving Now 我根本不太重要 没有我你会过的好 反正我已不再满足你的需要 吵根本就是无聊 没可能就马上拉倒 反正我又不是非你就嫁不掉 我不是你的安全帽 也不是你的安眠药 请不要随便的对我发出任何警告 我不做你的玩具猫 也不做你的路边草 你知不知道 coz I m leaving now coz I m leaving now 我真的已经受不了 coz I m leaving now coz I m leaving now 我真的快要疯掉 coz I m leaving now coz

The Starting Line Leaving歌词

05/22 07:39
You and I cold February night It's been half an hour Taking sweet time saying our goodbyes One minute more The best day of my life, is all thanks to you Precious rememberance saved for rainy day, or in February Few scenes from my life or moments mean

Cody Simpson All Day歌词

03/15 10:55
Our life is right here... Oh, oh, oh... Whoah... This young girl, she's so cute Everytime I see her, wear a fresh pair of shoes 'Cause this young girl, she's such a killer Can't wait til I have it, I'ma spend half a milla I can see us together on top

Corrinne May Leaving歌词

12/19 07:24
Leaving There's a comfort in this darkness A familiar road although i know that you are no good for me you're a false alibi you hypnotize and you keep tempting me to throw away eternity time to wake-up and shake-up you've kept me right under your spe

Cody Simpson Wish U Were Here歌词

09/23 14:53
Wish U Were Here lately i got this feeling i don't know what's the meaning but i know it's strong and it's over you all i want is to be home with you oh oh oh i'm coming right back oh oh oh livin' without you is (no, no) i'm coming right back oh oh o

Cody Simpson iYiYi歌词

02/10 16:57
Shorty who dat you think always missing you I cannot get enough of kissing you I dont cry ok I shed a tear or two On the grind yeah but girl ain't no forgetting you cuz Every minute every second every hour of the day Iyiyi Every hour of the day Iyiyi