Rakim Hip Hop歌词

11/29 02:57
That's what it is, uh huh Nick Wiz, turn my headphones up, man Uh, uh (Hook) Ayo, if you miss Hip-Hop, then stand up Reminisce when this drop, get amped up Any hit that's this hot is an anthem Do ya' dance, love, she need a hand, breh Lyricist that s

Ke$ha TiK ToK (Chuck Buckett's Veruca Salt Remix)歌词

07/16 18:45
[00:00.480]Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy [00:03.740]Put my glasses on, I'm out the door [00:05.890]I'm gonna hit this city (Let's go) [00:07.830]Before I leave, [00:09.000]Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack [00:11.750]Cause when I lea

Celine Dion I'm Alive [live]歌词

01/30 13:07
[00:10.390]I get wings to fly [00:13.450]Oh-oh I'm alive [00:20.750]yeah [00:29.590]When you call for me [00:34.320]When I hear you breath [00:39.000]I get wings to fly [00:41.610]I feel that I'm alive [00:48.500]When you look at me [00:53.090]I can

[ingenting] Julia歌词

07/23 20:18
[00:11.240]A I O I A I O I A A I O 우~ [00:21.150]A I O I A I O I O I O I 우~ [00:32.060]니가 남기고 간 시간에 철없던 사랑은 장난이 되고 [00:41.090]멍하니 마시는 그 쓴 커피가 이젠 일상이 됐나봐 Oh Baby [00:51.420]내가 바라던 건 그저 너와의 작은 호흡 나 너에게 바라던 건 그저 작은 얘기 Oh [01:01.320]내가 바라던 건 그저 너와의 같은 시선

Gustavo Santaolalla Tazarine歌词

11/05 21:11
[00:01.460]Al Otro Lado Del Rio [00:03.400]Gustavo Santaolalla [00:05.360]Motorcycle Diaries [00:11.790]Clavo mi remo en el agua [00:15.620]llevo tu remo en el mío. [00:19.470]Creo que he vista una luz [00:23.700]al otro lado del río. [00:32.910]El d

Tony Bennett Anything Goes歌词

04/14 05:31
[00:06.410]In olden days, a glimpse of stocking [00:09.060]Was looked on as something shocking [00:11.490]Now heaven knows [00:14.800]Anything goes [00:18.560]Good authors too who once knew better words [00:21.160]Now only use four letter words [00:2

MaxBoys サヨナラの裏側で歌词

03/16 22:30
[ti:サヨナラの裏側で] [ar:MaxBoys] [al:大切なうた] [00:25.287]遠い日のあの約束 [00:30.087]果たせるわけもなく [00:34.486]なんとなくせわしなく [00:38.821]季節は巡っていく [00:42.521]夕焼けに染まる道に [00:46.602]伸びた二つの影 [00:50.987]君の方がやけに [00:55.110]大きく見えた [00:58.451]誰かのせいじゃない [01:02.159]自分自身の不甲斐なさも [01:06.1

Ed Sheeran The A Team (Acoustic)歌词

06/25 23:07
[00:12.280]White lips, pale face [00:14.880]Breathing in snowflakes [00:17.780]Burnt lungs, sour taste [00:23.530]Light's gone, day's end [00:26.240]Struggling to pay rent [00:29.070]Long nights, strange men [00:33.740]And they say [00:35.250]She's i

Yelawolf Good To Go歌词

02/05 01:40
[ti:Good to Go] [ar:YelaWolf] [al:Trunk Muzik 0-60] [00:00.02]YelaWolf Feat. Bun B - Good to Go [00:03.02] [00:11.85]Good to go, good to go [00:15.53]Good to go, good to go [00:18.53]Fresh kicks all day [00:20.12]New fits, alright [00:21.73]Drop hits

Michael Jackson They Don't Care About Us (Charles' Full Joint Mix)歌词

08/01 21:09
[00:20.760]Skinhead, Deadhead, Everybody, Gone bad [00:23.430]Situation, Aggravation, Everybody, Allegation [00:26.060]In the suite, On the news Everybody Bang bang [00:29.610]Shock dead, Everybody's Gone mad [00:31.580]All I wanna say is that they d

Various Artists Whataya Want From Me (Album Version)歌词

06/03 05:13
[00:10.700]Hey, slow it down [00:15.090]What do you want from me [00:17.610]What do you want from me [00:20.810]Yeah, I'm afraid [00:25.340]What do you want from me [00:28.030]What do you from me [00:30.500]There might have been a time [00:33.010]I w

Yelawolf Daddy's Lambo歌词

03/04 21:17
[Yelawolf] Hillbilly in Beverly hills And so Drama beats. [Yelawolf - Verse 1] Hold up Damn rich, peanut butter guts in a Lamorghini, woah You must have white bread, lets make a sandwich I aint never seen money you got Nobody got that kind of money i

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Sacrilege (Tommie Sunshine & Live CIty Remix)歌词

12/07 18:43
[00:00.950]Fallen for a guy, [00:05.200]Fell down from the sky [00:10.070]Halo round his head [00:13.620]Feathers in our bed [00:17.060]In our bed, in our bed [00:26.220]Fallen for a guy, [00:30.030]Fell down from the sky [00:34.710]Halo round his he

Lady Gaga Poker Face (Glam As You Club Mix by Guéna LG)歌词

07/26 10:17
[00:00.00] 作曲 : Lady Gaga, RedOne [00:01.00] 作词 : Lady Gaga, RedOne [00:24.960]I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas please [00:27.880]Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it) [00:32.660]LoveGame intuition play the cards with S

Coldplay Yellow (live at Lowlands 2000)歌词

02/08 20:19
[01:28.160]Look at the stars [01:31.660]Look how they shine for you [01:37.360]And everything you do [01:44.160]Yeah they were all Yellow [01:45.910]I came along [01:48.610]I wrote a song for you [01:53.760]And all the things you do [01:59.520]And it

日本ACG Caramelldansen (Original Version)歌词

11/07 07:57
[ti:Caramelldansen] [ar:日本ACG] [al:ぷんちきぱやっぱーヾ(゜∀゜)ノ♪] [ly:] [mu:] [ma:] [pu:] [by:ttpod] [total:208457] [offset:0] [00:00.566]Caramelldansen - 日本ACG [00:03.221] [00:33.183]Vi undrar är ni redo att vara med [00:36.499]Armarna upp nu ska ni få se [00:

けったろ pianissimo歌词

07/31 20:38
[ti:pianissimo] [ar:けったろ] [al:illune] [ly:] [mu:] [ma:] [pu:] [by:ttpod] [total:374073] [offset:0] [00:00.892]pianissimo - けったろ [00:01.995]詞:clear / まらしぃ [00:03.295]曲:まらしぃ [00:04.216]編:まらしぃ [00:05.367] [00:41.872]穏やか広がる [00:46.637]初夏の日差し [00:52.031]

王程 梵唱楞严咒歌词

03/27 12:27
[楞严咒] 第一会(零零壹..壹叁柒) (001) nā mó sà dá tuō. sū qié duō yē. ā là hē dì. sān miǎo sān pú tuó xiě. 南 无 萨 怛 他. 苏 伽 多 耶. 阿 啰 诃 帝. 三 藐 三 菩 陀 写. (002) nā mó sà dá tuō. fó tuó jù zhī sè ní shān. 南 无 萨 怛 他. 佛 陀 俱 胝 瑟 尼 钐. (003) nā mó sà pó. bó tuó bó dì. sà du

加藤ミリヤ Love Forever (DAISHI DANCE REMIX)歌词

01/10 19:51
[00:14.940]君に出会えてよかった [00:19.110]切ないけれどよかった [00:23.140]ひとりの夜もそばにいてくれた [00:31.130]世界にたったひとりの [00:35.240]君に出会えてよかった [00:39.140]思い出は 夜の空 [00:43.100]星になり 輝くよ [00:48.700]ずっと孤独だった 壊れた心のドア [00:52.590]夜に怯えた 部屋でうずくまってた [00:56.490]シーツに顔をあて叫んだ [01:00.040]言葉にならな

Ed Sheeran Sing (Trippy Turtle Remix)歌词

11/26 15:39
[00:07.790]It's late in the evening [00:09.110]Glass on the side [00:11.030]I've, been sat with you [00:13.130]For most of the night [00:14.780]Ignoring everybody here [00:17.140]we wished they would disappear [00:19.520]So, maybe we could get down n