Down By The Salley Gardens - 姚斯婷

姚斯婷 Down By The Salley Gardens歌词

12/01 03:26
Down by the Salley Gardens by William Butler Yeats Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet; She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet. She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish

姚斯婷 雨人歌词

03/02 05:12
好像就从那一个夜晚开始 下起雨一直没有放过晴 我勾着那把伞 漂浮在人群里 慢慢的以为身边还有你 小气的用着那些你的记忆 一点点就够我看到彩虹 全世界的颜色 全留在你那里 我只有不断一直淋着雨 我相信我爱你 蒙上眼手交给你 慢慢的安心在黑暗中 共有一双眼睛 我要不断的爱你 不断拼凑了自已 生命中所有好不好的过去 仿佛都在等我遇见你 专辑:对话Ⅷ-姚斯婷与吉他的故事 歌手:姚斯婷 歌曲:雨人

姚斯婷 老地方歌词

12/24 15:15
歌名:老地方 歌手:姚斯婷 专辑:绝对发烧VII ***∮∮∮*** 下了一夜雨 下了一夜的情节 那段年少的故事 是一出难忘的戏 想了一夜你 想了一夜的往昔 我的轻狂你的美 我的离别你的泪 给过你的吻 还在老地方 就算老去容颜依然不会变 许过的誓言 还在老地方 经过多少风吹雨打 还记得 有过的爱情 还在老地方 就算物换星移依然不能忘 有过的回忆 还在老地方 走到岁月尽头也会陪着我 想了一夜你 想了一夜的往昔 我心中永远的你 永远停在老地方 ***∮∮∮*** 下了一夜雨 下了一夜的情节 那段年少

姚斯婷 Hey Jude歌词

07/24 07:03
Hey Jude, don't make it bad 嘿朱迪!别沮丧 Take a sad song and make it better 找一首哀伤的歌把它唱得更快乐 Remember, to let her into your heart 记得将它唱入你的心田 Then you can start to make it better 世界就能开始好转 Hey Jude, don't be afraid 嘿朱迪!别害怕 You were made to go out and get her

姚斯婷 I cry (原创)歌词

05/25 20:31
提起心里离开告别昨天的爱 对你不再依赖 不再等待 oh baby 这场深海劈头将我掩盖 你所说的对白 全抛去天际外 so I cry 眼泪学会依赖 I cry 你那编织的重来 I cry 玫瑰不再盛开 I cry 终于成全你 I cry 三个人存在怎能没有意外 现在终于释怀 我退出她能喝彩 I don't know 几场人生人海哪里是你 坠落的这片深海也终于淹埋 so I cry 眼泪学会依赖 I cry 你那编织的重来 I cry 玫瑰不再盛开 I cry 终于成全你 I cry 谁让我的眼泪

姚斯婷 Donna Donna 歌词

08/18 02:20
姚斯婷 - Donna Donna On a wagon bound for market there's a calf with a mournful eye, High above him there's a swallow Winging swiftly through the sky. How the winds are laughing. They laugh with all their might, Laugh and laugh The whole day through And

姚斯婷 It s not goodbye歌词

06/18 20:54
and what if i never kiss your lips again or feel the touch of your sweet embrace how would i ever go on without you there's no place to belong well, someday love is gonna lead you back to me but 'till it does i'll have an empty heart so i'll just hav

姚斯婷 Speak Softly Love歌词

10/23 08:46
Speak softly, love and hold me warm against your heart I feel your words, the tender trembling moments start We're in a world, our very own Sharing a love that only few have ever known Wine-colored days warmed by the sun Deep velvet nights when we ar

姚斯婷 绝口不提爱你歌词

09/03 08:16
闭上眼睛忍住呼吸 暂时要和世界脱离 就快要学会不再想你 却听见不断跳动的心 我允许了你 让爱的自由还给你 我允许了自己 承受这悲伤到天明 我不愿放弃却要故意默默允许 我答应自己爱你的心绝口不提 总是以为终究化作云淡风轻 爱你到底痛了自己 我不愿放弃却要故意默默允许 我答应自己爱你的心绝口不提 所有结局住这夜里都已成形 爱到了底 痛的是我的真心 专辑:对话Ⅷ-姚斯婷与吉他的故事 歌手:姚斯婷 歌曲:绝口不提爱你

姚斯婷 At your best歌词

10/16 14:09
[ti:At your best 尽你所能] [ar:姚斯婷] [al:Love7] [offset:0] [00:00.98]At your best 尽你所能 - 姚斯婷 [00:01.81]Let Me Know Let Me Know [00:07.83] [00:10.47]Ah Ha [00:13.36] [00:14.74]Let Me Know Let Me Know [00:19.63]Let Me Know [00:21.30] [00:28.48]When I Feel W

姚斯婷 It Doesn't Matter歌词

11/23 01:03
[00:49.08]It doesn't matter what I want [00:52.47]It doesn't matter what I need [01:01.85]It doesn't matter if I cry [01:05.47]Don't matter if I bleed [01:14.64]You've been on a road [01:20.98]Don't know where it goes or where it leads [01:40.30]It d

姚斯婷 Hotel California歌词

07/29 04:07
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night There she stood in the doorway; I

姚斯婷 月光歌词

10/06 23:15
弯弯月光下 蒲公英在游荡 像烟花闪着微亮的光芒 趁着夜晚 找寻幸福方向 难免会受伤 弯弯小路上 蒲公英在歌唱 星星照亮在起风的地方 乘着微风 飘向未知远方 幸福路也许漫长 难过的时候 谁在身边 陪我掉眼泪 失败无所谓 你在左右 月光多美 弯弯月光下 我轻轻在歌唱 从今以后 不会再悲伤 闭上双眼 感觉你在身旁 你是温暖月光 你是幸福月光 弯弯月光下 蒲公英在游荡 像烟花闪着微亮的光芒 趁着夜晚 找寻幸福方向 难免会受伤 弯弯小路上 蒲公英在歌唱 星星照亮在起风的地方 乘着微风 飘向未知远方 幸福路

姚斯婷 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes歌词

03/11 00:58
They asked me how I knew my true love was true. Oh, I of course replied "something here inside cannot be denied." They said "someday you'll find all who love are blind." Oh,When your heart's on fire, you must realize smoke gets in your

姚斯婷 Nobody歌词

08/04 22:19
i want nobody nobody but you i want nobody nobody but you how can i be with another i don't want any other i want nobody nobody nobody nobody why you tryin' to, to make me leave you i know what you're thinking baby why aren't you listening how can i

姚斯婷 Last Christmas歌词

07/25 22:14
last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away this year, to save me from tears i'll give it to someone special once bitten and twice shy i keep my distance, but you still catch my eye tell me baby, do you recognize me? w

姚斯婷 Danny Boy歌词

09/20 15:03
<(0,140)Danny Boy>--群星 Oh Danny boy The pipes the pipes are calling From glenn to glenn And down the mountain side The summer's gone And all the flowers are falling Tis you'tis you must go And I must bye But come ye back When summer's in the meadow

姚斯婷 Beauty and beast歌词

09/01 02:02
[ti:Beauty and beast(美女与野兽)] [ar:姚斯婷] [al:Love7] [offset:0] [00:01.16]Beauty and beast(美女与野兽) - 姚斯婷 [00:33.56]Tale as old as time [00:37.40] [00:40.17]True as it can be [00:43.79] [00:47.21]Barely even friends [00:50.05] [00:50.70]Than somebody bends

姚斯婷 Because Of You歌词

05/11 10:45
[00:26.62]I never wanna be the one who makes you cry [00:33.04]I never wanna be the one who says goodbye [00:39.68]All that I want is to be with you tonight [00:46.09]I never wanna say the words that hurt so much [00:52.56]I just wanna to be the one

姚斯婷 Just one last dance歌词

10/13 01:47
we meet in the night in the spanish cafee i look in your eyes just don't know what to say it feels like i'm drowning in salty water a few hours left 'til the sun's gonna rise tomorrow will come an it's time to realize our love has finished forever ho