king of the world young rising

Young Rising Sons King of the World歌词

09/05 06:59
"King Of The World" Cold as winter in the dead of July That bitter chill don't just live in my mind And I can see us taking over the world I know loss I've looked pain in the eye I've seen the demons that live in the night But if I was king If I

Young Rising Sons High歌词

09/12 21:26
Inside my heart there's an empty nest A heavy hate on a hollow chest Soft spoken like a disease Is the way to incomplete me Can you shake this hollow night Shoot my breaths to the highest height Tell you truth or trust a lie Is this hello, or is it g

Ace Hood Get Money歌词

03/22 02:21
Ace Hood, Rosay We the fucking best, Maybach It's so incredible I do it for the thugs and the motherfucking gangstas I do it for the strippers and the bitches put their ass up I do it for the haters that them never put their hands up I do it for the

Cryonic Temple Swords and Diamonds歌词

03/19 12:14
Here I stand yeah I 'm alone But I know that I 'm free I used to go where no one went I am strong can't you see And I believe that all things I do Is the way of my quest To find glory, treasures and see What it's all meant to be Hear me calling from

Erick Sermon Imma Gitz Mine歌词

08/27 03:20
Erick Sermon Imma Gitz Mine [erick sermon] Aooowwwwwwwwwwwww! Part one, the mastermind begins upon a quest Gettin stupid -- shootin rhymes like arrows shot by cupid Ahh, you so crazy, is what somebody told me You can't hold me, so why you actin bold

The Farewell Monument Give Me A Fast Ship歌词

03/19 12:44
采样节选自于卡尔·萨根(Carl Sagan,1934 - 1996 )于1994年出版的系列书<暗淡蓝点--展望人类的太空家园>(Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space),"暗淡蓝点",指的是从太空中遥望的地球,书是萨根60岁那年出版的,其主题关系到人类生存与文明进步的长远前景.灵感来源于一张由美国航天局发送的"航行者一号"(voyager I)于1990年2月14日拍摄的一张同名照片P

Josh Garrels Don&#039;t Wait For Me歌词

09/22 02:11
Please don't wait for me I lost my way again I lost my job, I walked away From the life that I was leading with my friends When I was young I dreamed Of a life that had freedom that had joy Oh life it crushed my soul With its cruel demands and fool's

B-Legit Ghetto Smile歌词

11/23 22:07
A young hog in the hood playin' chase Smile on his face Havin' fun 'cause it ain't nothin' like this place And you don't want to race Fool I got the new ones on And we can run from the corner to the Newman's home And after that we goin' go raid the p

Nat King Cole Too Young歌词

05/31 18:33
Nat King Cole - Too young They try to tell us were too young Too young to really be in love They say that love's a word A word weve only heard But cant begin to know the meaning of And yet were not too young to know This love will last though years m

Dok2 Young King Young Boss歌词

08/01 00:17
나는 무에서 유 마을버스에서 벤츠로 이 게임은 내가 뛸게 넌 앉으러 가 벤치로 나 만치로 하는 놈 누가 있노 from the git go 난 늘 가시밭길을 걸어왔어 신발도 안 신고 이젠 박혀버린 가시와 눌러 붙은 피 Rockin' new christian louboutin but it ain't new to me 누굴 이겨야만 승자가 되는 게 법이라면 I'm a desparado 다들 알아 내가 누군지 Yeah I've been thru it

Nat King Cole Too Young to Go Steady歌词

03/28 23:29
Too young to go steady Too young, I hear her say She says we're not ready But then why am I feeling this way? Too young, so she tells me She says we'll have to wait Why wait till it may be too late? Can she realize she drives me wild? Is she made of

Fit For A King Young &amp; Undeserving歌词

07/26 12:42
You took him away without a trace or tear, erased from the story Hate fills these bloodshot eyes He was gone with no warning I cry for peace, but none is lent to me I pray for relief, just pull me closer, please let me sleep Only in dreams, so blindl

Young Chris King James歌词

07/08 14:43
[Verse 1 - Young Chris] Young niggas work hard, broad day in the park We murder shit, rain hail sleet snow Y'all niggas in the crib, we serving shit I got a clock for a block full of North Philly rebels Every time a young nigga hit the club Nigga was

Neil Young Old King歌词

11/09 19:57
King went a-runnin after deer Wasnt scared of jumpin off the truck in high gear King went a-sniffin and he would go Was the best old hound dog I ever did know. I had a dog and his name was king I told the dog about everything There in my truck the do

Rainbow The Temple of the King歌词

09/14 11:07
One day, in the Year of the Fox Came a time remembered well, When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell. One day in the Year of the Fox, When the bell began to ring, It meant the time had come for one to go

King of Asgard Harvest (The End)歌词

05/04 15:08
The land in silence stands Our good and fertile land Shrouded in a dress of green But time will come to harvest Now singing through the trees All joyous melodies Now young men sow their seed And time will come to harvest (The End) All young men makin

Axel Rudi Pell The Temple of the King歌词

06/30 23:58
One day in the Year of the Fox Came a time remembered well When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of the great black bell One day in the Year of the Fox When the bell began to ring It meant the time had come for one to go to th

Angel Dust Temple of the King歌词

12/02 18:21
One day in the year of the fox Came a time remembered well When the strong young man of the rising sun Heard the tolling of a great black bell One day in the year of the fox When the bell began to ring Meant the time had come For one to go to the tem

Tata Young For You I Will歌词

02/18 02:32
for you i will 演唱:tata young tata young-for you i will when you're feeling lost in the night when you feel your world just ain't right call on me,i will be waiting count on me,i will be there anytime the times get too tough anytime your best ain't en

The Coasters Young Blood歌词

03/17 16:42
I saw her standin' on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair I couldn't stop myself from shoutin Look a-there Look a-there Look a-there Look a-there Young blood, young blood, young blood I can't get you out of my mind I took one look and I was fractu