Alizée-Eden, Eden

Alizée Éden, Éden歌词

11/18 07:10
Alizee Jacotey-Eden Eden Nous sommes toutes les filles de l'Eden Nous dévalons ses rues cendrées Au coeur d'un éternel été Nous sommes les demoiselles d'Eden Les chatelaines au coeur scellé Qui cède au quatorzième été Les soleils mourants De ces ciel

Mikky Ekko Time歌词

09/11 03:16
Time - Mikky Ekko Well, the streets are empty where we used to run And the cars are all on fire Yeah, we fall like leaves in the garden of Eden Eden Now remember how it felt being in the sun When I heard the ancient choir And the dead of night like a

Out of Eden Secret歌词

11/25 00:48
Chorus: Why is that smile upon your face When it's such a rainy day Why are you so happy? What do you know that I don't know? I wish I did but aint been told So tell me, what's your secret? I met a girl the other day at the supermarket Ringing up all

Eden's Bridge Father, Hear The Prayer We Offer歌词

09/07 15:11
Father, Hear The Prayer We Offer 天父,请听我们的祷告 Eden's bridge (伊甸的桥梁) Father, hear the prayer we offer 天父,请听我们的祷告 Not for ease that prayer shall be 我们并不为安逸而求祈 But for strength, that we may ever 只愿得赐有坚强信念 Live our lives courageously 让我们生活得充满勇气 Not forever

Karise Eden Back to Black (The Voice Performance)歌词

10/09 02:56
原唱:Amy Winehouse He left no time to regret Kept his dick wet With his same old safe bet Me and my head high And my tears dry Get on without my guy You went back to what you knew So far removed from all that we went through And I tread a troubled trac

Karise Eden You Won't Let Me歌词

12/28 20:54
You Won't Let Me If you would only let me, I could show you how to love. Take our time, let it all go. If you'd would only let me, I could show you how to cry. In your darkest hour, I would lead you through the fire. But you won't let me. You won't l

Anggun Eden in Her Eyes歌词

08/24 01:59
It's been a long wait until These changes I feel Could all this be A dream that turns real My reflection will tell There's a life within me Breathing silently REFRAIN Eden in her eyes I knew it's worth the while I've put my faith in time To cradle he

Lemongrass Lost The Eden (Lemongrass Épice Remix)歌词

09/08 00:25
我們曾一起飛 掙脫那冷漠灰色世界 燦爛的笑容 和溫柔的擁抱 愛情慘白著臉 說服我迷信她的諾言 甜美的瞬間 卻孤獨的可憐 默契舞步 也跳不出時間遊戲 凋謝了枯萎了曾經的諾言 深情眼眸 將淹沒在黑色夜裡 虛偽了真實了愛情的意義 原來驕傲的你我未曾相信末日傳說 貪婪著嚮往 樂園獨自品嚐 如今相互燃燒的你我 正在慢慢死去 最後的花火 輕輕滑過手心 愈來愈遠- 专辑:The Remix Sessions 歌手:Lemongrass 歌曲:Lost The Eden (Lemongrass Épice Re

Out of Eden Love, Peace & Happiness歌词

07/24 23:54
Don't want to think about just where I would be Had you not had the heart to come rescue me Gave me a new start, on this life, had mercy With you I fell in love, no I can see that I'm free Your love is deep as the ocean Wide as the sea Your love has

Out of Eden Draw You Near歌词

02/24 07:03
I woke up on this morning And misery surrounded me And I am forced to face a day I didn't even want to begin God knows I'm going through it And it's hard to imagine I can make it this time As my sadness mounts I pray that this day will end Cry myself

Hooverphonic Eden歌词

02/26 20:37
Did you ever think of me你有没有想过我 As your best friend作为你最好的朋友 Did I ever think of you我会想起你 Im not complaining我并不是抱怨 I never tried to feel我不去感觉 I never tried to feel this vibration我从来试着去感觉这种共鸣 I never tried to reach我从未试着触及 I never tried to reach your ed

Roman Candle Eden Was a Garden歌词

04/05 17:31
There's a pine warbler sitting on a hollow limb he seems to have the whole morning out right in front of him and everything he sings from the branch that he's sitting on seems to hush the leaves and the colors all around First he sings and then he go

Eden Atwood The Girl from Ipanema歌词

08/04 21:16
[ti:Girl From Ipanema] [ar:Eden Atwood] [al:精选车载音乐(二)] [offset:0] [00:00.34]Girl From Ipanema - Eden Atwood [00:33.41]Tall and tan and young and lovely [00:36.33]The boy from Ipanema goes walking [00:40.17]And when she passes, [00:42.35]each one she

Out of Eden Shoulda' Listened歌词

08/17 03:20
Ohhh... yeah I should have stopped, looked and listened before I proceeded But caution I threw to the wind Many've been placed in my life to help lead me and guide me But I didn't want to talk to them So I ignored their advice and I tried to disguise

Eden's Bridge Eternal Father歌词

10/29 20:55
Eternal Father, strong to save Whose arm has bound the restless wave Who bids the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep O hear us when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea O Christ whose voice the waters heard And hushed their ragin

Winter In Eden Stolen Fairytale歌词

09/26 23:34
Once upon a fairytale, good and evil collide Valiant knight would fight to save you, keeping dreams alive Playful children starry-eyed, everlasting smiles Believing in miracles, perfect families, magic still survives Darkness stalks on purity, the in


01/09 16:00
EDEN 作詞:Dai 作曲:Dai 編曲:TO DESTINATION 歌:TO DESTINATION 濡(ぬ)れた瞳(ひとみ)の奥(おく) 蒼(あお)い月(つき)は静(しず)かに こぼれ落(お)ちて行(ゆ)く 鮮(あざ)やかな世界(せかい)は 音(おと)も無(な)く静(しず)かに 闇(やみ)に消(き)えて行(ゆ)く 秒(びょう)読(よ)みの中(なか) 駆(か)け巡(めぐ)る闇(やみ)の中(なか)を そして新(あら)たなる 時(とき)を迎(むか)え 今(いま) 傷(きず)ついた黒(くろ)い翼

Eden's Bridge There Is a Redeemer歌词

04/24 19:10
Beyond The Invisible ENIGMA lecly 制作 I look into the mirror See myself, I'm over me I need space for my desires Have to dive into my fantasies I know as soon as I'll arrive Everything is possible Cause no one has to hide Beyond the invisible Sajaja b


09/21 05:03
[ti:EDEN] [ar:TЁЯRA] [al:ЁVOLUTIФN] [00:00.00]�しい香りがする 澄んだ空が�く [00:18.55] [00:19.65]でも君だけは �い未知の国を望む [00:28.93]�しい旅路でもいい 迷わず�れ去って [00:37.11] [00:38.25]君だけを�し�けてゆく事 �んだから [00:48.55]羽が擦り切れて折れる日まで 翔ばたきたい [00:57.46]そう 心塞いで 羽を�ざして ただ祈って待つより [01:07.33]命の限り

Eden Atwood Moon River歌词

06/14 09:47
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:A Night in the Life 歌手:Eden Atwood 歌曲:Moon River