That Girl (Marques Houston Cover) 中文歌词

Matt Cab That Girl (Marques Houston Cover)歌词

07/16 11:33
Baby Look i'm tired of tryin' To convince you that I ain't caught up lyin' When she walk past me I looked So what Big deal I don't understand how that could make you feel That my love ain't for real Everyday I thank the lord above that your with me(y

Marques Houston Mattress Music歌词

05/11 14:29
Y'all ain't ready Y'all ain't ready But I'ma get you ready First thing you gotta do is (Put the CD on man play all night long, what's up, what's up) (Put the CD on man play all night long, what's up, what's up) Yeah (Mattress music) First I wanna tha

Marques Houston Beautiful Woman歌词

10/21 03:52
Marques Houston - Beautiful Woman (Lyrics from 映云@MaxRNB ) For the moment I met you girl I know you're for me But there were too many distractions And I just couldn't see Many people try to stop me and you baby They said no way nohow Thought it was i

Marques Houston That Girl歌词

04/30 06:20
Yo Can I talk to you for a minute Look All I did was look Why you trippin' Look Check this out Baby Look i'm tired of tryin' To convince you that I ain't caught up lyin' When she walk past me I looked So what Big deal I don't understand how that coul

Marques Houston Favorite Girl歌词

06/16 07:53
[Verse 1] I've been in 9s and 10s Some came around again I've seen a dime or two They don't compare to you So many things I like Too many to even name I wanna be your man I hope you feel the same [Bridge] Baby, All I wanna do is hold you And show you

Marques Houston Good Luck歌词

04/18 00:48
i'm a sucker for you my homies always tell me i'm a fool cuz now i don't do the things that i used too now i see the block is not the place for me life is more than dice games and hennessey that night my partner got shot i was home with you so if it

Marques Houston Always & Forever歌词

10/05 03:33
[Verse 1] I don't wanna be calling your phone I don't care what time you get home And I hate the fact that you live so damn close to me I don't like that I can't stop thinking bout you And I hate that you walk like you do (ohh baby) [Pre-Chorus] But

Marques Houston Express Lane歌词

08/01 13:18
express lane - marques houston looking at me, looking at you if i can talk dirty, then you can talk too body look good, with a natural high i'm missing on my love with them thighs in the sky i know you got a man, i know you got a choice even though y

Marques Houston Kickin And Screamin歌词

05/28 20:46
Maximal R&B - Your First R&B Source! Marques Houston, kickin' and screaming This is for the clubs, said dj turn it up When I say I'm on my way she be happier then a mother fucker Jumping in the shower to be cleaner then a mother fucker When I hit

Marques Houston Do You Mind歌词

02/03 21:20
Yea...uhh Girl u lookin so sexy, u no Come ova here Let me talk to for a min Chek this out [Verse 1] I got ur message on my cell phone U said that u were gonna be home alone (ohh) U no I cant miss a chance to have your body next to mine (next to mine

Marques Houston Circle歌词

07/24 10:46
Circle Marques Houston Yeah You know what's funny? Seems every time I try to forget about you, my feelings pull you back in. You know, cause I got somebody else. and you got somebody else. but you and I both know, what it really is.. but still, you k

Marques Houston Noize歌词

10/04 09:57
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh This is mattress music Hey, yeah Oh, la, la, la, na, na, na Now I'mma give it to you, baby, just the way you like it, aye And I can tell by the way you holdin' on the bed that you like it And you tryin' hard not to scream but your

Marques Houston Waterfall歌词

08/03 01:55
Oooooooo oooooooo Oooooooo oooooooo Open up wide I want to see what you got inside Can you make it say ahhh Turn on your side And Imma let your womb be my guide I'm willing to try (will try) How did it feel So we can do whatever you like (whatever yo

Marques Houston Everything歌词

03/22 02:16
[Verse 1] Gave your love to me When I didn't have a thing to offer you the dreams And you believed, and a thing that I gon' did But I know you aint gon' trip Don't act like you don't know just what this is I can tell when we kiss, when we touch, when

Marques Houston All Because of You歌词

06/08 21:01
(corner boys...) I can't blame you if you wanna leave Cause I'm not the man that I once used to be But there's a change that has come over me So before you go, listen to my last please [Chorus] (all because of you) ooh, you're the love of my life And

Marques Houston Marriage歌词

12/25 15:44
[Intro] I know you said "Your Ready", but I'm not ready See marriage don't change, nothing but your name Unless is real love, trough the sunshine and the rain For better or for worst, girl this is not a game See marriage don't change, nothing bu

Marques Houston Case of You歌词

01/07 08:40
I'm staring at the pillow where you slept last night It's almost like you're still lying there And the shirt that you wore of mine You took it off and threw it across the chair Now it's kinda hard to get you off my mind When I keep seeing you everywh

Marques Houston Lifetime歌词

09/11 17:28
The darkest skies over me, yeah I regret not having loyalty to you My simple thoughts became a reality My stepping ways fought with your sanity I can't escape from the pain I caused you I'm just a man looking what to undo And I don't know how you put

Marques Houston Pop That Booty歌词

10/24 13:42
(Feat. Jermaine 'JD' Dupri) [Intro:] yeah,come on One more time JD, MH So So Def is in the building MH and Pied Pied Pied Pied Piper MH and Pied Pied Pied Pied Piper We get the girls so so hyper We make 'em say dad a dad a da [Verse 1:] Pulled up to

Marques Houston Say My Name歌词

10/12 21:52
Ooh na na na... ohhh Ooh na na na... Oooh woah [Verse 1:] Girl I had a long day at work My label been stressin me out girl I can't wait to get home and ease the pressure Cause I know once I kiss them sexy lips I'm a feel much better I feel just like