katelyn tarver wonderful crazy

Katelyn Tarver Wonderful Crazy歌词

08/09 15:07
Katelyn Tarver - Wonderful Crazy Wonderful Crazy Wee to a new day Don't know whats on the way But whatever it is I\'ll be ready On your mark get set go Here's the show and the road But with you it's a load I can carry And with each breath I would tak

Katelyn Tarver I'll Make It Real歌词

06/30 03:24
I'll Make It Real 歌手:Katelyn Tarver 专辑:Wonderful Crazy on this path there are so many roads, many roads to choose from a few seem pleasant but i know where they lead, their happiness is an illusion as i wander around, and it reaches twilight i will b

Katelyn Tarver Life Was歌词

04/20 09:13
life was so ordinary until you set my heart free I'm everywhere you whispered to me just look around and you will see you're broken unless you can bend it's easy once you understand that if you give then you will receive a little faith is all you nee

Katelyn Tarver Favorite Girl歌词

04/18 04:33
Hey you with the blue eyes, baby Have you seen me here before You got something they don't have And I'm liking it more and more And I try to let it go But you keep me coming back And I try not to let it show Oh, oh, oh I wanna be the one that you thi

Katelyn Tarver Love Alone歌词

06/25 04:03
I told you my heart's leaning towards you, a little more than I knew something was scaring you. Is it too much or too fast or too forward? Should I step back and pretend I don't feel this way? I don't wanna tell a lie, I don't wanna have to hide. It'

Ameriie Crazy Wonderful歌词

10/10 11:13
You're so sexy Heaven help me please I need to get my mind right And it's so hard because You're so incredible Those lips of yours so luscious I just wanna bite And I could do that all night (Sexy gloss, Matte or Frost) You're so sexy, I can't help m

Kel Better Rhyme歌词

03/15 14:04
[ti:Better] [ar:Katelyn Tarver] [al:A Little More Free (EP)] [offset:0] [00:01.39]Better Katelyn Tarver [00:09.75]You don't call me enough [00:12.81]And I call you too much [00:17.10]You're fine just wasting time [00:19.91]And I'm always in a rush [0

Mos Def Undeniable歌词

06/14 13:51
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.09]Undeniable [00:04.80]歌手:Katelyn Tarver [00:06.42] [00:07.41]I don′t know where you came from [00:10.91]I don′t know how [00:14.04]You got underneath my skin [00:18.36]I can′t get you out [00:20.91]Why can′t I hang on [00:2

Corrinne May Safe in a Crazy World歌词

09/26 09:45
safe in a crazy world I try to smile my tears away I try to keep my cool Oh but one more door gets in my way I feel like such a fool Trampled and bitter My heart just wants to bleed and stop Believing in me It feels like nothing is for certain and th

Annie Lennox Wonderful歌词

05/26 06:31
Wonderful - Annie Lennox LRC: yangchencen I wanna have you 'Cause you're all I've got Don't wanna lose you 'Cause it means a lot All the joy this world can bring Doesn't give me anything When you're not here Idiot me Stupid fool How could you be So u

Michael Bublé Some Kind Of Wonderful歌词

12/25 21:46
All you have to do is touch my hand To show me you understand And something happens to me That's some kind of wonderful At any time my little world seems blue I just have to look at you And everything seems to be Some kind of wonderful I know I can't

Andy Grammer Crazy Beautiful歌词

10/25 21:01
[Verse 1] She's got big brown eyes and tangled hair Voguing in her underwear And nothing is better Than doing nothing together Now she got a toothbrush as a microphone Belting out the Rolling Stones And I'm the last one to stop her Can't believe that

Allstar Weekend Mr. Wonderful歌词

11/27 05:36
You and me and the palm trees We could lay outside on the beach all night We can swim with the dolphins, Go golfing, Baby girl, you could be my wife Now don't go fallin' in love with Mr. Wonderful And I won't go running around with any other girls I'

Don McLean Wonderful Baby歌词

10/30 16:35
Wonderful baby livin' on love The sandman says maybe he'll take you above, Up where the girls fly on ribbons and bows, Where babies float by just Counting their toes. Wonderful baby nothin' but new The world has gone crazy, I'm glad I'm not you. At t

SOUND HOLIC Lazy Hazy Crazy歌词

10/14 02:46
Lazy Hazy Crazy 原曲:東方花映塚「彼岸帰航-Riverside View」 vocal:709sec. It's the world works so hard It's the world works too much You're just living in such a crazy world On the way to the end You're close to the end Oh, foolish guy, you are !! These days, caus

Chris Wonderful Habits歌词

04/20 17:30
I am a creature of habit And I move in circles around you I will admit there's a pattern One I created myself None of my lovers dared leave me I grew impatient and stale Didn't look back once I'd left them Cause I always expected to fail But this tim

AJOO Crazy Love歌词

12/11 09:04
[ti:Crazy Love (Feat.Hyeonmu of Tr] [ar:AJOO] [al:Paparazzi] [offset:0] [00:02.21] you look so wonderful [00:07.80] darlin' oh baby [00:12.28] because I love you girl [00:18.43]All right real love oh baby [00:22.74] [00:23.49] my love [00:28.61] [00:

Eternity ∞ Wonderful World歌词

10/21 01:52
It's a wonderful world A wonderful day Live your life take a chance And friends will be friends Life isn't always fair but that doesn't make it easier When you haven't won And I know life has a brighter side But darkness makes me feel better Than sta

Paul Gilbert Girl Crazy歌词

10/07 22:44
Girl Crazy-Paul Gilbert Stuck in a world Where weaknesses are sweet and many Stuck witha girl Who's in love with things that I haven't any Another song Where I leave and try to feel no sorrow What good's the love When I don't know where I'll be tomor

许志安 Crazy Taxi歌词

10/29 18:25
天下网 伸手一挥一高一低 我要快快向你煞制 耗尽力滑如在 你附近范围 车胎一响犹如银鸡 你我理性完全违例 天共地 天共地 亦去用力着迷 急转一弯海滨沙滩 我地免费带你逛逛 耗尽汗滴服待着你亦没问题 惊险花式有去无归 最尾你却投投钱币 当糊涂当迷途 话我入错大道 想高飞 随便飞 我必送机 若感不适 可关起 我的唱机 而你怨我 我怨你 就极没有趣味 乘客可 再行多一公里 我别应该放下你 麻烦贵客请准备 掉头加油甩尾 再狂恋多八万里 再爱再别离 也绝不气馁 专辑:Roma 歌手:许志安 歌曲:Craz