Feeling fragmented

To/Die/For Fragmented 歌词

12/02 06:30
Dead like a stone A withered rose A weak soul ...and broken bones Fragments in the middle of the crowd Do you know the feeling I'm telling about When a peace of mind can never be found? I ran too close to the sun I flied too high The threshold of lif

Front Line Assembly Fragmented歌词

04/03 13:41
Fragmented - Front Line Assembly Pushed to the edge We drive, we drive a wedge Of hate and fear, don't shed a tear No one to trust This life, this life's a bust This hand of greed, we need to feed Can't stop the bleeding These wounds aren't healing W

Borknagar Oceans Rise歌词

07/07 13:24
Deify the depths of intimate caprice The noble morsel of the grand eternity Face the furious and black domain From where all the wisdom once came As a weak and stunning flare In the eyes of the elementary existence May the fallen of eternity explode

Collide Slither Thing歌词

03/06 06:10
slithering slither thing you're sweet slithering slither thing melt within multi-colour fragmented slithering slither thing you're sweet you slithery thing i know the way that you are i know that's all that you'll be sweet overloading slithering slit

Death Grips Guillotine歌词

11/23 19:30
It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes Guillotine - yah Sit in the dark and ponder how I'm fit to make the bottom fall through the floor And they all fall down - yah It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes... Guillotine - ya

Graham Coxon Too Uptight歌词

10/01 01:10
Once there was a nothing The voices rang so true The knowledge that was lacking Cut innocence in two Everything seemed too good to be right When I was 16 I was too uptight Now disappointment's shadow Reveals a colder time A harder kind of living In d

DARKSIDE Golden Arrow歌词

12/12 16:15
Psychic kicks off with this 11-minute standout track Golden Arrow, moving like a suite through an intro of dark, fuzzy ambience and wobbling stereo effects into a sleazy, submerged house beat and fragmented synth and string samples. Caught between th

Megadeth Head Crusher歌词

09/14 14:15
Time to take your last walk in this world Before your journey begins underground But not before we torment you from your Cell straight to hell with a short detour in-between Begging for mercy, all alone Unable to handle the pressure Before his mortif

Threshold Fragmentation (Acoustic Version)歌词

07/18 16:28
We are fragmented Clinging on to a concept known as how Drifting through dimensions In a place which we call now Simply unaware Of what goes on above beyond and before Behind us fly the ragged fragments Of what should have been much more Been much mo

Slayer Eyes of the Insane歌词

07/30 02:27
A soldier's heart Reflecting back at me I keep seeing mutilated faces Even in my dreams Distorted images Flashing rapidly Psychotically abusing me Devouring my brain The eyes of the insane On a demented campaign Tortured spirits Will not let me rest

Peter Case Two Angels歌词

12/21 22:03
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:02.10]The Jayhawks"Two Angels"歌词 [00:06.72] [00:22.05]I'd hope to find you this morning [00:30.01]Talking to the trees [00:34.05]I could miss you, after what went down [00:53.86]If false love could lie by you [01:01.96]Whil