Patricia Barber-Verse-Produced

Patricia Barber Dansons la Gigue歌词

03/12 05:10
Dansons la gigue! J'aimais surtout ses jolies yeux, Plus clairs que l'éitole des cieux, J'aimais ses yeux malicieux. Dansons la gigue! Elle avait des façons vraiment De désoler un pauvre amant, Que c'en était vraiment charmant! Dansons la gigue! Mais

Patricia Barber Mourning Grace歌词

07/16 03:17
If today I follow death, go down its trackless wastes, salt my tongue on hardened tears for my precious dear time's waste race along that promised cave in a headlong deadlong haste, Will you have the grace to mourn for me? Will you have the grace to

Patricia Barber My Girl歌词

09/16 09:38
[ar:Temptations] [al:我的野蛮女友原声碟] [offset:500] [00:01.35]THE TEMPTATIONS: My Girl [00:05.33] [00:08.97]I've got sunshine on a cloudy day [00:18.26]And when it's cold outside I've got the month of May [00:28.11]I guess you'll say [00:32.63]What can make

Patricia Barber You Don't Know Me歌词

05/01 15:09
Patricia Barber - You Don't Know Me You give your hand to me Then you say hello I can hardly speak My heart is beating so And anyone can tell You think you know me well But you don't know me No, you don't know the one Who dreams of you at night And l

Patricia Barber A Taste of Honey歌词

05/22 04:50
Winds may blow o'er the icy sea I'll take with me the warmth of thee A taste of honey A taste much sweeter than wine He never came back to his love so fair And so she died dreaming of his kiss His kiss of honey A kiss more bitter than wine I will ret

Patricia Barber I Fall in Love Too Easily歌词

01/13 15:11
I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast I fall in love too terribly hard, for love to ever last My heart should be well schooled, 'cause I've been fooled in the past And still I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast I fall in lo

Patricia Barber Autumn Leaves歌词

06/17 00:35
The autumn leaves drift by the window The autumn leaves of red and gold I see your lips, the summer kisses The sun-burned hands I used to hold Since you went away the days grow long And soon I'll hear old winters song But I miss you most of all my da

Patricia Barber Invitation歌词

06/30 19:05
Patricia Barber - Invitation You and your smile Hold a strange invitation Somehow it seems We've shared our dreams But where Time after time In a room full of strangers Out of the blue Suddenly you... are there Wherever I go You're the glow of tempta

Patricia Barber Touch of Trash歌词

07/05 21:59
The perfect shade of lipstick Of red pepper lies Assertions carefully weaved into her style Eyeliner drawn with another sinner's hand Replication makes perfection; She's just a button short of trash. Matching toes and fingers The peek-a-boo shoe Mani

Patricia Barber Too Rich for My Blood歌词

09/19 13:39
I've got a brain that's black and blue a waking state that feels like slumber can't find guitars that scream like you a raw desire that pulls me under This is too rich for my blood Inside the cold of small success the chilling glare of younger failur

Patricia Barber Pygmalion歌词

12/13 09:11
Patricia Barber - Pygmalion cold as stone, possessor of bone-chilling beauty I, alone wanting but not wanting to be scratching and clawing at this waiting for something to give so give me a sign a shiver, a sigh a look in your eye a reason to live fa

Patricia Barber Bye Bye Blackbird歌词

08/22 02:15
Pack up all my cares and woes Feeling low here I go Bye bye blackbird Where somebody waits for me Sugar sweet so is she Bye bye blackbird No one seems to love or understand me And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me Where somebody shines t

Patricia Barber Summer Samba (Samba de Verão)歌词

04/02 07:40
Someone to hold me tight That would be very nice Someone to love me right That would be very nice Someone to understand Each little dream in me Someone to take my hand And be a team with me So nice, life would be so nice If one day I'd find Someone w

Patricia Barber All or Nothing at All歌词

01/13 11:50
All or nothing at all Half a love, never appealed to me If your heart, never could yield to me Then I'd rather (rather) have nothing at all All or nothing at all If it's love, there is no in between Why begin then cry, for something that might have b

Various Artists Easy to Love歌词

02/02 22:10
Patricia Barber Easy To Love 作词:Cole Porter You'd be so easy to love So easy to idolize, all others above So worth the yearning for So worth keeping the home fires burning for We'd be so grand at the game So carefree together that it's It does seem a

D-Evil D-Evil(produced by 光光)歌词

02/15 15:05
[ti:D-evil] [ar:D-evil] [al:252395] [offset:0] [00:01.21] [00:11.02]Verse 1(光光) [00:17.71]ai~我唱着的HIP-HOP玩着的HIP-HOP这是真HIP-HOP [00:20.35]当我拿起了麦克风为何你们全部都害怕 [00:23.60]在这个地盘D-Evil永远是老大 [00:26.01]如果你没有枪就不要说自己玩的是GANGSTA [00:28.22](It's L.Z.)要不要加入我们的PAR [00:

讲者 電器買哩家 feat. Xylen, 徐真真, 香菇 (Produced by Vyan)歌词

05/17 08:09
電器買哩家 Produced by Vyan Lyrics by Fat B, Xylen,香菇, 徐真真 Composed by 徐真真,香菇 Beatbox by Ono Mixed by Vyan Mastered by 林光展 Fat B: 我有個新嘅身份叫Rasta B 要我變身必須靠Master Weed 去到邊度都好似VIP 忘記自己嘅身份 ID唔係Fat B 除咗外套我終於可以落班 新鮮嘅草葉 點可以落單 瘦田冇人耕 耕開有人爭 放慢時間衝破界限日頭變夜晚 手工製品全天然製造 喺

讲者 活得自在 (Produced by Vyan)歌词

12/27 15:37
活得自在 Produced by Vyan Lyrics by Y-Man Composed by Vyan Mixed by Vyan Mastered by 林光展 Y-Man Verse 1: 一直行住一個人嘅路 成長係由失敗去教導 豐富嘅構圖用色彩做構造 容積喺腦部 容忍靠氣度 用耳機嚟引導所有音樂 輸入腦部環繞每一個角落 高度會降落學會苦中作樂 感性 變成你審美嘅美學 有時會將興趣當做消遣 理想嘅目標先係我嘅焦點 障礙只係路上每一個標點 見招拆招浪費時間等於燒錢 感謝上天幫我上咗一課

D-Evil Never End Nightmare(produced by ScRaTcH_P)歌词

01/03 04:18
America hahaha We love you How many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful country of ours? The stripes and the stars for the rights of men who have died for the protect? The women and men who have broke their necks for the freedem of spee

讲者 達摩流浪者 (Produced by Vyan)歌词

04/25 02:44
達摩流浪者 Produced by Vyan Lyrics by Vyan Composed by Vyan Mixed by Vyan Mastered by 林光展 Verse 1: 茫茫萬千宇宙 有咁多個星球 為何偏偏我哋 降落地叫地球 這裡太過美麗 所以有好多爭鬥 這裡也很醜陋 連飛碟也不敢在此處逗留 離開 遠走 在心中窺見無窮宇宙 尋覓某個理由 仇恨埋在無垠沙丘 穿過鬧市走進寺廟 找到刹那安寧 拋棄幻覺拋棄自我 追趕實相心靈 怎會動氣怎會動氣 一切自有公平 生命... Chorus(准