Whose Eye This Anyway意味

Cocteau Twins Tranquil Eye歌词

10/19 06:27
"You listen hard Fear of flying Fear of flying With our love Now I am sure You and I will(the lips, the heart) And you and I yeah Illuminated The lips, the heart Illuminated Fear of flying(the lips, the heart) Fear of flying Fear of flying(the heart,

Sirenia My Mind's Eye歌词

02/01 02:17
My Mind's Eye 我摄人魂魄的眼 [歌词] If you were here 如果你在这里 I'd whisper sweet nothings in your ear 我会在你耳边甜蜜呓语 And appeal to all your fears 让你全部恐惧消失殆尽 If you were mine, if you were only mine 如果你属于我,如果你只属于我 I'd bring you so much further down 我会带你走得更深更远 And twis

Beady Eye The Roller歌词

05/14 05:10
Artist:Beady Eye Song:The Roller You didn't know what to say It all came at you today Can't get out your own way Well hold on, hold on, hold on. I'm hiding out in the sun I'm getting everyone done Just me hating no one Here I come, here I come, here

Amy Grant Eye to Eye歌词

01/06 10:21
Eye To Eye Amy Grant by:ku.chn(ggzz) Well, I'd like to figure out where we stand Before darkness falls And I'd like to figure out Before too late Before hope is lost Cause the sun that's shining on my face Is shining down on you And the fruit that gi

Dolores O'Riordan Apple of My Eye歌词

11/21 02:03
Apple Of My Eye Dolores O\'riordan Are You Listening? 歌词编辑:恛燱Sǚnの蟲 As the days go by The apple of my eye I\'ll always wait for you And as a new day dawns The darkness moves away And I will wait for you Remember remember The face of you Surrender Surr

Me in Motion Eye Of The Hurricane歌词

08/12 14:47
Feels like the hurricane has come, Feels like this ship is sinking, These skies have seem they are empty of your mercy tonight, Sometimes the mystery of grace runs deeper then I am thinking, In the dark I find your light, (Chorus) When I am over my h

Alcoholic Faith Mission Nut In Your Eye歌词

05/01 14:07
Larry and Jonas made me fall into your hands It made me see all I could have Feeling my arms around your back You're big in my hands We're floating in sheets stained with your pride Complacent by the choices everyone is making for me Evidently I am s

Florence and the Machine Girl With One Eye (Live)歌词

10/17 00:15
She told me not to step on the cracks I told her not to fuss and relax Pretty little face stopped me in my tracks But now she sleeps with one eye open That's the price she'll pay I took a knife and cut out her eye I took it home and watched it wither

Paul Anka Eye of the Tiger歌词

10/08 00:46
Eye Of The Tiger Risin' up back on the street did my time took my chances went the distance now i'm back on my feet just a man and his will to survive so many times it happens too fast you trade your passion for glory don't lose your grip on the drea

Various Artists Smoke Gets In Your Eye 歌词

06/06 20:15
Baby, They asked me how I knew My true love was true I of course replied "Something here inside Cannot be denied" They said someday you'll find All who love are blind When your heart's on fire You must realise Smoke gets in your eyes So I chaffe

Beady Eye The Beat Goes On歌词

09/02 06:14
Thought that I died today 纵使今日生命走到尽头 Walked off the stage 转身告别舞台 Faded away into the clouds 幻化为云彩 To the gig in the sky 去天堂追寻梦想 And when I arrived 抵达之时 The angels were singing a song 天使在唱一首歌 Yeah you know the one 是的 是我们都熟悉的一支歌 Are you singing along'

Various Artists Cotton Eye Joe歌词

02/27 01:11
cotton eye joe If it had't been for Cotton Eye Joe如果不是因为Cotton Eye Joe 2x + 2x I'd been married long time ago我早就结婚了 Where did you come from where did you go你从哪来就回哪去吧 Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe你来自哪里啊?Cotton Eye Joe He came to town like a m

Gemma Hayes Easy on the Eye歌词

03/31 02:24
I watch you from the road I laugh when you cut the corners I know when things aint good at home You slam the doors and pull down the blinds You're so easy on the eye And you ease my troubled mind You're so easy on the eye I watch you from the road La

Alkaline Trio Private Eye歌词

09/17 21:34
[ti:Private Eyes] [ar:許冠杰] [al:許冠杰英文專輯] [00:06.92]We see you and you see us [00:10.41]We chase you and then chase us [00:14.34]Something i think we both just had enough [00:17.46](had enough) [00:18.17]Of being very private eyes [00:22.68]We can see

A-Teens Around the Corner of Your Eye歌词

04/18 07:21
Around the Corner of Your Eye ---A Teens--- Lrc:sunpzh If you knew how many nights I've been sitting by your bed Running fingers through your hair While you're asleep. Every time I call your name Or softly whisper in your ear You turn around to look

Future Islands Vireo's Eye歌词

08/26 08:12
A loose, and hazy time When you were not my clementine And I was not you're diamond's eye. Bereft, as daisies lie For our love was lost in style You were strong, I was a child. We, we're not kings here. We're not kings here. We're just strangers. ---

Survivor Eye of the Tiger歌词

05/07 16:19
Eye Of The Tiger 虎视眈眈 电影<Rocky洛奇>插曲 [歌词] Risin' up back on the street did my time took my chances went the distance now i'm back on my feet just a man and his will to survive so many times it happens too fast you trade your passion for glory don't l

Third Eye Blind Semi-Charmed Life歌词

03/18 06:04
third eye blind semi-charmed life im packed and im holding, im smiling, shes living, shes golden, she lives for me she says she lives for me ovation, her own motivation she comes round and she goes down on me and i make her smile like a drug for you

Third Eye Blind How&#039;s It Going to Be歌词

12/19 17:31
i'm only pretty sure that i can't take anymore before you take a swing i wonder what are we fighting for when i say out loud i want to get out of this i wonder is there anything i'm going to miss i wonder how it's gonna be when you don't know me how'

The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky歌词

04/19 10:24
Don't think sorry's easily said, don't try turning tables instead. You've taken lots of chances before, but I ain't gonna give anymore. Don't ask me that's how it goes, Cause part of me knows what you're thinkin'. Don't say words you're gonna regret,