They Dont Know jon B歌词

Lil Jon Hey歌词

08/01 21:07
Ladies and gentelmen (hey hey hey) I don't know bout you (what) But I came to party tonight (yeah) If you with me (what) Put your hands up right now Put em up put em up put em up (hey) Drinks up high every time I hit the party Shots shots shots shots

DJ Quik Do Today (DJ Quik ; BlaKKazz K.K. ; Jon B)歌词

09/23 11:35
four, three, two let's count it off ONE yo, we gon' show you all to have fun get dressed and it the club around TWO i'ma order me a henny and a brew get and i'ma grab two girls or maybe THREE now get on the dance floor with me we wanna know what you

King Pleasure Don't Get Scared (with Jon Hendricks)歌词

09/04 13:26
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Moody's Mood for Love 歌手:King Pleasure 歌曲:Don't Get Scared (with Jon Hendricks)

Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz Get Low歌词

05/29 16:22
Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum 3,6,9 standing real fine move it to you suck it to me one mo time Get low, Get low, Get Low, G

Jon Brion Theme歌词

01/13 09:43
无歌词 专辑:Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Original Soundtrack) 歌手:Jon Brion 歌曲:Theme

Jon Young & J. Cash Dance Floor歌词

09/15 14:01
[Chorus] If you can do it like you do it on the dance floor I ain't eva eva eua let you go No more waitin Shawty (put it on me) If you can do it like you do it on the dance floor I ain't eva eva eva let you go No mo waitin Shawty Come on and put it o

Jon Foreman Your Love Is Strong歌词

06/27 15:40
Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong ★ 卜超 Heavenly Father You always amaze me Let your kingdom come In my world and in my life You give me the food I need To live through the day And forgive me as I forgive The people that wronged me Lead me far from te

Jon Brion Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes歌词

08/30 04:27
Change your heart Look around you Change your heart It will astound you I need your lovin' Like the sunshine Everybody's gotta learn sometime Everybody's gotta learn sometime Everybody's gotta learn sometime Change your heart Look around you Change y

Jon B. One More Dance歌词

01/01 06:26
Verse 1: Let me be the first to say that you turn me on miss lady You're dancing like it's your favorite song now Must say you got a sexy way Those turns and spins make my head go round Make me wanna sit my champagne down And celebrate the fact that

Jon Allen Here Tonight歌词

09/30 09:07
If you were here tonight I wouldn't feel so lonely I wouldn't need the morning light I'll be alright if you were here tonight If you were by my side I wouldn`t feel the cold wind The distance wouldn`t be too wide I`ll be alright if you were by my sid

Jon B. Someone to Love歌词

05/22 19:48
Don't even like to think about it I don't know what I would do without it I only know I live and I breathe for your love Baby, you came to in my time of need When I needed you, you were there for me Baby, the love from you is what got me through It's

Lil Jon Outta Your Mind歌词

12/30 08:29
YEAH! Everybody in da club right now If you standin' around, you need to get the fuck up outta here! Cause when we come in da club we like to get fuckin' crazy! You know what!? Lets fuckin' lose it! Get outta your mind! (x3) Fuck that shit! Get outta

Jon Secada Angel (Spanish) [Alternate Spanish Version]歌词

06/05 18:47
Yo, no veo el futuro Pero quiero tenerte aquí Conmigo, lo necesito así No pienses, no pienses en mañana Vamos a amarnos hoy Ahora, este momento vivir Mi vida yo tratare de olvidarte Pero la luz de tus ojos Brilla, eres un ángel Que alumbra mi corazón

Jon McLaughlin Beating My Heart歌词

07/22 20:42
jon mclaughlin - beating my heart there are times every now and then i forget why i'm breathing out and why i'm breathing in and i get so sick with the little things i can't relax when it's happening to know what it means it means and then i open my

Jon McLaughlin Summer Is Over歌词

10/06 05:12
Autumn never seemed this cold before Here I am sleeping on the floor We changed just like the leaves Outside my house And my phone lay silent by the couch I remember June Back when I met you And your eyes were green And we were, too But summer is ove

Jon McLaughlin Maybe It's Over歌词

07/08 00:29
Jon McLaughlin - Maybe It's Over All of the signs point And all of the voices inside your head Are speaking phrases coined By those who say things I've never said All of the cars drive On the other side And we're the only ones Burning in their headli

Jon Schmidt Rolling In the Deep (Vocal/cello/piano Cover)歌词

10/08 09:29
Rolling In the Deep 滑向深处 There's a fire starting in my heart, 我心中燃起了火焰 Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark 那温度驱走了黑暗 Finally, I can see you crystal clear. 我终于看得清你 Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare. 放弃自己的全部赤裸的留在你

Jon McLaughlin Indiana歌词

04/16 12:07
I'm glad i never lived next to the water So I could never get used to the beach And I'm glad I never grew up on a mountain To figure out how high the world could reach I love the miles between me and the city Where I quietly imagine every street And

Pitbull Krazy feat. Lil Jon歌词

07/14 01:44
"Krazy" (feat. Lil Jon) [INTRO:] Boom Boom I'mma make em go KRAZY... Hey Hey Let's do it again Baby...Let's Do it... Boom Boom I'mma make em go KRAZY... We gotta do it again...Ha ha.. Boom Boom I'mma make em go KRAZY... Let's make em go Krazy th

Jon Allen Time To Cry歌词

01/31 03:00
Time To Cry - Jon Allen I didn't know what love was until I let it slip away I didn't know the night until I lost the day I didn't know the question until I was asking myself why Now I know it's my time to cry I had all the heavens and the stars at m