土屋アンナ LUCY歌词

08/07 16:32
 Yeah...Yeah...Yeah... Keep goning now Baby I\'m standing alone 忘れぬ Rainy day あなたの影を追って And it\'s over 砂のように I sigh every night I scream like a child %26 cried 静かに漂うSorrow Please Please god 罪を許して I don\'t need to hide no more 碧く光るほうへ 流れてく going on Y

土屋アンナ better day歌词

06/25 19:50
I see a perfect sky I met a perfect guy Gosh, I fell in love For the first time baby No pleasure without pain And this love will heal me Don't waste a single moment This day is a gift Close your eyes Open your mind Nothing can be done while just wait

advantage Lucy Nico歌词

12/28 05:01
Nico - Lucy van Pelt 目を覚ましたら 聞こえてくる 雨音に耳をすます 明けない夜に 昇るはずの 陽の位置を思い浮かべる ふつりあいな程 大きな黒い傘 薄明るい空に 手を伸ばしさしたら 小さな闇になった 近すぎた影 遠い嘘 静かすぎる部屋は嫌い 確かめる間も ないままに なぜ急いで沈むのだろう 何も見えない夜は 見失わないように 苛立ちと願いを ろうそくに 灯せば 寂し気な天体になった もしも言葉が星よりも 数え切れない程あるなら 伝えられるかもしれないけど そんな大切なもので

advantage Lucy 朱い夏歌词

10/15 16:19
光と陰 過ぎてゆく日々は まだ 眩しく 降り続く雨 僕はただ.ただ 朱い夏を待っている 光と陰 過ぎてゆく日々は まだ 優しく ほどけた午後 僕はきっと.きっと 朱い夏を駆け抜ける 专辑:Echo Park 歌手:advantage Lucy 歌曲:朱い夏

土屋アンナ 黒い涙歌词

05/24 07:47
明日(あす)なんて来ないようにと願った夜 数え切れない 夢も愛も失くし 雨に打たれたまま 泣いてる- 飾りつけないでこのままの私で生きてゆくため 何が必要 自分さえ信じれず 何を信じたらいいの 答えは近すぎて見えない 黒い涙 流す 私には何もなくて 悲しすぎて 言葉にさえならなくて 体中が痛み出して 耐えられない ひとりでは 夜中に泣きつかれて 描いた 自分じゃない自分の顔 弱さを隠したまま 笑顔を作るのは止めよう- 飾りつけないで生きてゆくことはこの世で一番 ムズカシイコト? あなたからもらう

Elton John Lucy in the sky with diamonds (album version)歌词

07/17 13:15
[ti:Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds] [ar:Elton John] [al:Very Best Of] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.88]Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [00:04.81]�曲:John Lennon.Paul Macartney [00:08.93] [00:25.99]Picture yourself in a boat on a river [00:30.38] [00:31.81]With

Lucy Kaplansky Today's the Day歌词

09/13 22:20
You taught me how to win the card games we used to play I could always beat the other kids but the bets are off today Tonight's the night I'll say goodbye the last time that I can I'll kiss your sleeping head and hold your dying hand Out beyond this

Lucy Kaplansky Written on the Back of His Hand歌词

07/30 12:23
Written On The Back Of His Hand Lucy Kaplansky by:�� fanmy You don't have any secrets when you come into the world You're open like a book and the pages get filled The leaves keep turning and on every single page They write their story with the marks

Lucy Pearl Don't Mess With My Man歌词

09/13 21:41
Don mess with my man Don mess with my boy Don mess with my man Don mess with my man Don mess with my boy Keep your hands off my man He told your ass not once but twice You should have took his advice And left the man alone You still drive by her

Lucy Schwartz Life In Letters歌词

02/22 23:16
Lucy Schwartz - Life in Letters I know you, with your heart of blue You take your troubles and release the sound Into the open, up from the ground These words unspoken, you sing aloud Words can be strong, like the beating drum Like ten thousand voice

Lucy Schwartz You Are You Are歌词

07/27 12:32
You are you are Something to see You are my only fall You are you are Just out of reach 'Cause I don't know you at all And I, I'd be good to you I, if you only knew You are you are Something that haunts You are the holy ghost You are you are My only

The Soft Boys I Love Lucy歌词

01/26 14:33
Carry me back to now Carry me back to now Carry me back to now I love Lucy, but she's gone 专辑:Nextdoorland 歌手:The Soft Boys 歌曲:I Love Lucy

Soundtrack Forgetful Lucy歌词

05/31 09:26
The Hukilau was the place Where I first saw your face We liked each other right away But you didn't remember me the very next day Forgetful Lucy Has got a nice caboosey I used to trick you into pulling your car over so we could chat But my favorite t

advantage Lucy 兎 歌词

11/30 03:02
夜になって やっと思えた 空を見上げ やっと思えた 見上げた空には 兎がいたんだ 淋しさが嫌いだから 月にあつめ お餅にする 朝も昼も夜も雨の日もずっと hey, 誰もが淋しなくなったら hey,舞い降りて家へと帰るだろう 眠れる夜は来るの? 眠れる夜は来るの? 今夜もまた たくさんの 淋しさが月へ行く hey, 誰もが淋しくなくなったら hey, 舞い下りて 家へと帰るだろう 眠れる夜は来るの? 眠れる夜は来るの? 专辑:Station 歌手:advantage Lucy 歌曲:兎

advantage Lucy カタクリの花歌词

08/04 09:37
数えた 羊たちが それぞれの 家に帰る時間[数着一只两只的羊先生们 是时候到了回家的时间] 見送って起きようか[快快起床目送它们归去吧] 差し込む午後の光[午后的阳光撒进屋内] 穏やかで淡い まるで花[温和而淡雅 像花一样] 早く出かけようよ[快快走出门去吧] 日が沈み 夜は来る[太阳渐沉 夜幕降临] それまで遊ぶ [在那之前尽情地游玩吧] いつも見てた 薄紫 [处处浮现的优雅淡紫] 気付いたら鮮やかな緑に変わってた[淘气地变换出鲜明的嫩绿] 小さなカタクリな花[那小小的片栗之花] [譯by風]

advantage Lucy 杏の季節 歌词

02/16 02:54
杏の季節 -- Advantage Lucy 你好 好久沒phone过你了 我现在给你email了 今天的天气很好啊 东京的天空也是蓝的吗 我有时候想起当时 觉得有点孤独 现在他已经适应了东京那边的生活吗 他是一个害羞的男孩 我有一点不放心 今天的天气很好啊 东京的天空也是蓝的吗 杏花的季节快要来临 请代我转达给他 我还好 代我转达给他 我还好 专辑:杏の季節 歌手:advantage Lucy 歌曲:杏の季節

advantage Lucy sunday pasta歌词

11/01 12:18
sunday pasta I'm gonna make what kind of sauce do you like? meat sauce & carbonara? tell me truth, I'll make it for you basil & vongole? may be white sauce would make your day if it's the first time for me, it will so good even if the flavor is go

advantage Lucy Today歌词

09/17 14:37
Today the road goes on forever, The road we walked together. Say when did we first meet? Today is not so very special. But the colours of the city, enchant us as we watch. Darling close your eyes, I want to tell you how I feel. On days just like this

Lucy Schwartz I Want The Sky歌词

07/26 14:28
I Want The Sky Lucy Schwartz by:rainwithu I'm ready, ready to run free I'd like to know what lies beyond the blue sea You live once, so drink the honey I learn my lessons from the birds and the bees I want the sky to open wide Illuminate this fire in

Dropping Daylight Lucy歌词

05/20 15:28
I've had more than my share of Girlfriends, and don't ever care to Keep them for more than a year, but Tonight while safely asleep I've Fallen into this dream Where Lucy and I are together forever A love far too good to be true And when I wake up I w