saving juno歌词

Choying Drolma Saving Juno歌词

06/30 07:28
Batuwaa Batuwa hui batuwa, batai mero dhaan Maanai chaanga cha bhanay maatai madhuvaan Paila ho jaanalai gaayirahecha Gaayaraita jindagi yo bhayi rahecha Amrit nai piuuchu maa hiduanjhel ko chhaan Paaialai picchey phooluh maa mantrai mero dhhan Hunch

林育群 Saving Grace歌词

09/30 01:42
很喜欢这首歌,但是找了很久都没有找到对应的歌词,没办法只好自己听写了一份. 错误肯定是有的了,希望大家能帮我进行修改,还原这首歌歌词的真面目. Sometimes the memory is so waving in your head That don't matter what you do you can never forget I keep the lie of me Every word that you say That is how I learn to live at the

Chris McClarney Still Saving Me歌词

08/04 20:15
Still Saving Me - Chris McClarney You won't back down Your name is faithful You never fail You are able to complete All You began in me I cannot hide You know me better than I know myself You cannot lie, You know my shame Still, you call me beautiful

Pete Murray Saving Grace歌词

05/19 22:20
I got you You know i heard you say You blossomed Into a beautiful day Your sunlight keeps shining on my face And i would see it Even in deep outer space And all in time You know i'll see you again and again And every night I'm gonna hold you and hold

Rumer Saving Grace歌词

07/13 17:01
I was running out of cafe conversation I was weary of fashion parade And it seems like there's a whole lot of people From out of town 'round here these days And in the streets, the preachers say "If you wanna go to Heaven, why don't you walk this way

Blossom Dearie Moonlight Saving Time歌词

09/04 16:07
Moonlight Saving Time - Blossom Dearie There ought to be a moonlight saving time so I could love that man of mine until the birdies wake and chime Good morning! There ought to be a law in clover time to keep that moon out overtime to keep each lover'

The Afters Saving Grace歌词

04/08 06:25
Like a man on a wire I balance between A heart filled with desire A head that knows everything Somewhere out in the middle You found me I've got one foot in the clouds One foot on the ground You keep me steady somehow Keep me from looking down Somewh

Starfield The Saving One歌词

07/01 15:24
What mercy was revealed What selflessness and peace My fate was surely sealed Until He rescued me His pardon for my sin His bounty for my need From slavery and shame I am redeemed And Heaven can't contain The glory of the Son Jesus is the Christ The

Armor for Sleep My Saving Grace歌词

02/01 22:43
[ar:Armor For Sleep] [ti:My Saving Grace] [00:14.89]Am I a toy to you? [00:17.73]With strings around my fingers, [00:21.03]for you to pull and watch as I collapsed when you want. [00:27.58]The coldest night to me, is a switch that you control. [00:34

The Maine Saving Grace歌词

08/21 16:37
by I walk the tight rope, On my way home, You're my backbone. I know you're somewhere close behind me. I walk the fault line, In a dirty field in the springtime. I feel the wind start to remind me Of you (you) And the sweet talk

Whitney Houston Saving All My Love for You歌词

06/09 14:47
Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you 把全部的愛都給你 A few stolen moments is all that we share 偷來的片刻,是我倆共享的時光 You've got your family and they need you there 你已有了妻室,他們需要你 Though I try to resist being last on your list 儘管我努力避免成為你名單上的最後一個 But no other

Saving Abel Addicted歌词

09/14 08:09
i'm so addicted to all the things you do when you're rolling around with me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with every breath you take it's unlike anything when you're loving me oh girl lets take it slow so as for you well you know wher

Soundtrack Saving Forever for You歌词

03/17 08:46
Hoo-ooh- I've never been so sure About anything before But this loving feeling Gonna be a feeling I feel forever more Looking in your eyes Tomorrow's all I see Long as there's forever, baby I will always be Saving forever for you, baby You are the on

Juno No Gravity歌词

10/06 17:17
There's something I just gotta say But I'm afraid things are gonna change You know we've been friends forever It's been going up inside of me Now it's time for you to see That we belong together Liftin' on my own two feet, Set it on the ground, baby

KT Tunstall Saving My Face歌词

03/24 04:01
Saving My Face See the look on my face From staying too long in one place But every time I try to leave I find I keep on stalling Feel like a big old stone Standing by a strength of my own But every time the morning breaks I know I'm closer to fallin

Susan Wong Saving All My Love For You歌词

06/26 21:41
黄翠珊 - Saving All My Love For You A few stolen moments is all that we share. youve got your family, and they need you there. though i try to resist,being last on your list, but no other mans gonna do, so im saving all my love for you. its not very eas

LISA Saving All My Love For You歌词

05/28 08:28
saving all my love for you 把我的爱全都留给你 written:gerry goffin michael masserwhitney huston a few stolen moments is all that we share 我们只是一起度过了一些愉快的时光 youve got your family, and they need you there 你有了家人,他们需要你 though ive tried to resist, being last on you

Saving Abel Sailed Away歌词

03/16 09:48
Does it hurt to hear me say That I never really meant to stay I left you right where I want you Now there's nothin' left And not a reason There's nothin' left to believe in When just one remains I've sailed away Such a foolish game That we have been

Saving Aimee We're The Good Guys歌词

08/16 02:24
Were absent, but still we're in motion Like everything we do it's just an aspect of our attitude This Thursday feels just like a weekend It's nothing to do with the things we pursue This life-support I'm watching Spikes as I'm excited Talking of this

Saving Aimee Honesty Is The Policy歌词

10/04 16:58
Still gotta compete despite what we once had, what we once had And I'll aim for excellence, if it's what you want, if it's what you want And I'll cut away for when you hit a place So hope and I'll pray that when I show my face I'll get through annoyi