to be wanted plug in stereo歌词

Plug In Stereo Oh Darling歌词

02/21 05:51
Oh darling You seem quite nice for a girl with good looks And I'm the kinda fellow that'll make you feel better when your life gets shook So give it a chance according to your plans I bet I'm not number one on your list to kiss But please understand

Plug In Stereo Wait For Me歌词

11/29 17:09
I've been waiting, I keep having, conversations, in my head When I meet you I'll be ready Until then I won't hold my breathe It could be tomorrow It could be in 50 years You could be across the world or just a mile from here Yeah I know that you're s

Plug In Stereo Plans歌词

06/15 15:08
Plug In Stereo - Plans 解救韩露max See I know you got your plans About your life and how to live it You want two different things But it's getting hard to pivot A Steady life But such a bore Or take a risk for something more What kind of life Would you l

Plug In Stereo I Blame You歌词

08/12 22:14
There was a time not so long ago Girls were nothing more than a little fun 'til you caught my eye Now all I see is you Never thought I'd be a fool in love well, I spilled coffee on my favorite shirt forgot to tie my shoes--I don't know why. I started

Plug In Stereo You’re On My Mind歌词

06/11 16:32
Took a left at evergreen street To the house with the sycamore tree It'll always be yours to me, But you're long gone now Saw The Marquis at the Paris Theatre Thought of shows that we used to see there Tell me how you remember me Am I on your mind? I

Plug In Stereo A Love Like Mine歌词

08/20 13:05
Hey honey, how would you like, to have a time on the town tonight? We can go where you wanna go, it'll be so nice! So cutie, what do you say, I'll pick you up round 7 or 8. We can talk and laugh all night, it'll be so great! (Chorus) A love like mine

Plug In Stereo Home Soon歌词

04/27 03:22
[ti:Home Soon] [ar:Plug In Stereo] [al:A Little Peace] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.64]Home Soon - Plug In Stereo [00:11.62]Every day I look outside [00:13.42]Staring at the houses that are passing by [00:16.62]Some of them kind of look like mine and [00:

Plug In Stereo To Be Wanted歌词

06/04 13:07
[Verse 1:] You don't know what you got so you just give it away. To anyone who's looking. Makes your heart want to stop. When he refuses to stay. Ohhh-ohhh [Pre-Chorus:] So save your love for somebody who under don't cave because of the wait'll be wo

Plug In Stereo Rackets歌词

11/07 15:01
Well, I've never been the kind of guy that begs for the spotlight. To put up of a front, try to pull stunts just to catch the people's eyes And oh, I know, you put on quite a show But maybe if my words get heard throughout these verses, I'll win the

Plug In Stereo Nothing To Something歌词

03/03 16:31
Nothing To Something - Plug In Stereo You wanna turn it from nothing To something Well I, I think I've been there too Cause you want the loving And for everybody To have their eyes on you And it's one thing To wish to be great But it's another to exp

MGK Stereo歌词

12/05 20:23
"Stereo" (feat. Fitts) So turn me on You set me free Just look inside your speakers And there you'll see me Uh, there I go 2 clicks north of the bronx Whoever thought she would found love in a stereo 2 headphones and a box She gets me up Every m

Fort Minor In Stereo 歌词

07/24 18:12
Fort Minor - In Stereo That beat is hot This is how it goes Welcome one and all to the show We're wired up, fired up, Fuckin ready to go In the back of the parking lot outside of the bar twenty deep, twenty feet from the boulevard black hoodies, blac

All Time Low Lost in Stereo歌词

08/17 04:41
Lost in stereo, lost in stereo Lost in stereo, lost in stereo She works for the weekend, mixtape of her favorite bands Tearin' up the radio lost in the stereo sound She's trouble in a tank top pretty little time bomb Blowing up I'll take you down Liv

Flunk Personal Stereo歌词

12/17 21:22
Flunk - Personal stereo This one goes out to the one I love This one goes out to the one I love This one goes out to the one I love Coming to you, on your personal stereo I'm coming back to play But I don't know the rules And I'm nobody's fool but my

The Cars Moving in Stereo歌词

08/29 14:04
Life's the same I'm moving in stereo Life's the same except for my shoes Life's the same you're shakin' like tremolo Life's the same it's all inside you It's so easy to blow up your problems It's so easy to play up your breakdown It's so easy to fly

Humming Urban Stereo 샐러드 기념일歌词

01/31 06:22
라라랄라 라라랄라 워어 워어 너가 맛있었다고 했던 살구빛 샐러드 맛있어서 또 먹고 싶어 너가 좋아했던 것들을 나에게 자그마한 행복들 달력 안 기념일들로 채워지네 채워지네 Yeah 나나나나나나 너가 좋아했던 살구빛 샐러드 그 날은 샐러드 기념일 우후나나나나나 너가 좋아하던 멜로디언 소리 그 날은 멜로디 기념일 우 라라라나나나 너가 예뻤었다고 했던 조그만 고양이 귀여워서 또 보고 싶어 너가 좋아했던 것들을 나에게 자그마한 고양이들 방에 한가득하게

Summertime's End In Stereo歌词

02/16 04:01
Unspeakable Like a truth unsaid The thought of you Fills my tired head Your hand in mine Taking left in right As we combine Joining black and white Turn out the light and we'll dance through the night Spinning slow as our hearts beat in stereo Twirli

Humming Urban Stereo 넌 그날歌词

01/31 21:06
어느 날 네가 문득 생각이 났던 5월 4일 10시 23분 某一天 我突然 想起了5月4日10点23分 조금은 네가 싫어했던 야한 옷을 입고 나갔었던 그날에 那天我穿着你不太喜欢的性感衣服出门 넌 그날 조금 야위었고 你那天有点清瘦 넌 그날 울먹이며 你那天含着泪 넌 그날 나를 안으면서 你那天抱着我 넌 그날 헤어졌지 你那天分手了吧 넌 그날 수염이 자랐었고 你那天胡子长了 넌 그날 술을 마시고 你那天喝着酒 넌 그날 내게 키스한 뒤 你那天吻我后 넌 그날 도망쳤지

I Got You On Tape Stereo歌词

06/17 07:00
You're saying war is not enough Very greedy to think that you can buy my love And you talk of religion and of the good things that you found But it shows all to well that the same things are bringing you down I think you worry all too much Love is ea

Muse Plug in Baby歌词

05/24 19:42
宝贝,我已揭穿了你的谎言, I've exposed your lies baby 真相也在意料之中, The underneath's no big surprise 是时候改变了, Now it's time for changing 清除一切 And cleansing everything 以忘掉你的爱 To forget your love 我的插电宝贝, My plug in baby 当我倦于奉献时,它替我把敌人都送上十字架, Crucifies my enemies When I