Turn Around (Radio Edit) 歌手: Enigma

Enigma Turn around (Radio edit)歌词

01/19 23:14
[00:00.02]Turn around and I will show you something [00:03.02]Turn around and you will see [00:09.02]Life is like a roundabout, a kind of LSD [00:17.35]Turn around, have faith in all the changes [00:22.35]Turn around and you will feel [00:26.45]No mo

Tanya Lacey Now That You're Gone (Radio Edit)歌词

04/16 01:18
What do you do with the truth when it's nothing like you ever imagined When you know you've tried, with all that you got inside To keep the flame alight, but it doesn't burn Just to say their name, reminds you of too much pain You're stuck in heartbr

Tim McGraw One of Those Nights (Radio Edit)歌词

03/07 15:18
One of those night She's getting dressed up, putting on that lipstick She be shaking, riding to them cut-offs baby, oh yeah You're getting of work, catching up that paycheck Gotta change that shirt and pick that girl up on her front step Here she com

Kat DeLuna Dancing Tonight (Radio Edit)歌词

10/17 11:12
I wanna see you dance like no one's there You're all alone and you don't care 'cause This is your night, I let them all stay You're so amazing, amazing Baby tonight, turn the music loud 'Cause we'll all be dancing, dancing, dancing Set this floor on

Ylvis Someone Like Me (Dubstep Radio Edit)歌词

11/03 13:04
Boy: People hug and give each other kisses Holding hands and walking side by side But everytime I try to charm a lady she runs away... What am I doing wrong? Is it the dubstep in my song, when I go (Singing dubstep sounds) Excuse me, miss.. but do yo

Bogdan Vladau Hila (Radio Edit)歌词

12/20 10:48
Baby stop, wait a sec And don't get out of my way Kiss me back one more time And give me reasons to stay I was lost now I'm found In every inch of your skin Makes me mad, makes me bad But I can't stop giving in to feel your lips on my skin Your legs

Michael Jackson Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Remix Radio Edit)歌词

11/16 11:00
[ti:Love Never Felt So Good] [ar:Michael Jackson] [al:Love Never Felt So Good] [by:] [offset:0] [00:01.35]Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson [00:02.95] [00:17.02]Baby, love never felt so good [00:22.05]And I'd die if it ever could [00:25.60]No

Belle and Sebastian I Want the World to Stop (Radio Edit)歌词

06/05 21:15
I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop) Give me the morning (give me the understanding) I want the world to stop (I want the world to stop) Give me the morning, give me the afternoon The night, the night Let me step out of my shell I'm wr

Lilly Wood & The Prick Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)歌词

08/20 10:22
Yeah, you never said a word You didn't send me no letter Don't think I could forgive you See our world is slowly dying I'm not wasting no more time Don't think I could believe you Yeah, our hands will get more wrinkled And our hair will be grey Don't

Sak Noel Paso (The Nini Anthem) [Radio Edit]歌词

12/01 19:54
Monday - Party! Tuesday - Party! Wednesday - Party! OK! Thursday - Party! Friday - Party! Weekend, weekend, weekend - Party! Wow! I'm telling to you mama There is no need for drama But I don't wanna study I just wanna party I'm a nini mom; You know w

Макс Барских Atoms (Radio Edit)歌词

08/09 18:23
I don't don't realise What I'm wait less above the crowd Heart beating inside Everytime makes a different sound I was lost never seen The moment oh pretty girl then you are And I saaaaid to myself I wanna love you and nothing else matters I wish I co

Adam Tyler Fade into the Light (Radio Edit)歌词

06/03 04:29
Fade Into The Light--Adam Tyler Dreams are where i run to stay So i can have you near without the chase My imagination paints the perfect picture When i slip to fantasy I can feel your light surrounding me It's the only time i know i'll have you clos

Shift K3Y I Know (Radio Edit)歌词

03/22 01:46
I know what you're looking for But I'm not that guy and I'm not that type Twilight you haven't seen before Cause I'll make you up just a little bit more I know what you're looking for But I'm not that guy and I'm not that type Twilight you haven't se

Tom Swoon Ahead of Us (Radio Edit)歌词

01/27 00:39
I feel alive When all when all When all the world goes dark Let me spark a memory We'll go back in time And take and take The best thing that I've seen Make you say my name again So when the sky falls down on us I won't look back because Best days ar

RÜFÜS Desert Night (Radio Edit)歌词

04/17 02:23
[ti:Desert Night] [ar:Rufus] [al:Atlas] [offset:0] [00:00.97]Desert Night - Rufus [00:16.23]Your touch is taking me away from here [00:22.40] [00:23.38]But I'm alright with no direction [00:29.07] [00:31.75]Too much, you're making me forget myself [0

Bob Sinclar Heart of Glass (Radio Edit)歌词

09/28 16:42
[ti:Heart of Glass] [ar:Gisele] [al:Heart of Glass (Remixes)] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.12]Heart of Glass - Gisele [00:19.28]Once i had a love and it was a gas [00:22.07] [00:23.08]Soon turned out had a heart of glass [00:26.04] [00:26.89]Seemed like t

The Common Linnets Calm After the Storm (Radio Edit)歌词

06/06 05:14
Driving in a fast lane Counting boundary marker signs The empty seat beside me Keeps you on my mind Living in a heartache There is something I pursue I can keep on chasing What I can be for you Oooo skies are black and blue Thinking about you Here in

Mike Hough Hero (Radio Edit)歌词

08/24 10:41
artist:mike hough songs title:hero let us skyscrape together it's better up here don't you have no fear through the storm through any weather i'm your perfect guy girl i'm gonna dry your eyes me and you forever it's so possible if you just let go gir

Alex Kenji Pressure (Alesso Radio Edit)歌词

11/10 14:19
origx Pressure (Alesso Radio Mix) - Nadia Ali I've got pressure, I'm in deep Seems everybody wants something from me I was a lover, but now I thieve I'll take your breath away and set you free So much pressure So much heat So much hassle They want me

Passenger Holes (Radio Edit)歌词

11/17 20:24
I know a man with nothing in his hands, nothing but a rolling stone He told me about when his house burnt down, he lost everything he owned He lay asleep for six whole weeks, they were gonna ask his mother to choose When he woke up with nothing he sa