free fall歌词-the workday

The Workday Release Free Fall歌词

01/29 19:15
Where do I start? The wide eyed kid that I was is gone for good Shot through the heart and left to bleed A victim of love and the mark it has to leave I'm trying to land on my feet but I'm spinning I'm falling fast head first into the madness All the

Craig David Rise & Fall歌词

06/26 00:23
英文名曲精选 <Craig David - Rise And Fall (acoustic version)> - 歌词 Craig David feat. Sting Rise And Fall Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over, And it seems as though the writings on the wall, Superstar you finally made it, But once your picture be

Allison Gray If I Fall歌词

02/18 23:54
Standing at the edge of oblivion, I call out, but no one hears me Getting closer to the edge, if I fall, will someone catch me No more will I give into fear, what am I waiting for There may not be another chance to walk through that open door The wor

Deadstar Assembly And Ashes Will Fall歌词

04/07 01:06
[ti:ASHES] [ar:蔡健雅] [al:] [00:10.43]I looked around for life [00:15.36]For something to hold me back in time [00:20.53]Yearning, waiting to [00:27.25]Break into the silence of the night [00:39.21]A thousand troubled lies [00:43.23]Trapped within trut

Michael Paynter Love the Fall歌词

07/07 23:19
Michael Paynter - Love The Fall I remember the time When I was searching my mind Just to find out if I'd ever define who I am Could I ever afford To consider being bought? I was sure that I saw All the world but I keep wishing for more So I keep chec

Matt Goss Watch Me Fall歌词

07/25 00:31
It don't mean that, I don't like my life It don't mean that, I don't like my life It don't mean that, I don't like my life It don't mean that, I don't like my life It's like a train, my blood runs through my veins at night It's such a painful feeling

Maria Arredondo Catch Me If I Fall歌词

04/29 19:36
Ooh I need someone to hold me I need someone to take my hand Who always understands You will never be that someone Who's always by my side To shelter me with pride I will keep searching till I've found Someone who never lets me down Someone to catch

Brandy Fall 歌词

10/12 03:17
brandy - fall how would i loose myself in love, yeaahh let you have me completely, yeah yeah if i give u all my trust, can i just let me go, (can i not be afraid) to let you find my way when you find someone that means so much to you giving all you g

Justin Mortelliti The Fall歌词

10/29 21:02
I, I'll never be Never fly and see The lights up above I, I will make of me, Seperate part of me No one there to see What's it feel like to want Feel like to need Feel like to be free So empty inside Something's miscarried me Make me feel whole Nothi

Peter Cetera The Next Time I Fall歌词

10/04 03:53
Love like a road that never ends How it leads me back again To heartache I'll never understand Darling I put my heart up on a shelf 'Till the moment was right and I told myself Next time I fall in love I'll know better what to do Next time I fall in

Amber Pacific If I Fall歌词

04/30 05:42
If I Fall This is for the ones who believe their lives won't change Hoping that someday things will mend and be the same This is for the ones who have lost it all when all that's left to gain Is a simple reminder that the things that were blind to sl

Tamyra Gray Raindrops Will Fall歌词

01/14 04:22
There's a time 4 every star 2 shine And a place 4 every dream 2 see the light When u have everything U don't need another reason 2b something Hold on, and look to your faith Can't let nobody, nobody get in your way Chorus I walked thru the fire Fough

Lady &amp; Bird See Me Fall歌词

10/30 14:14
See Me Fall Lyrics -Lady & Bird Right here coming to life No one to blame Right now up and about A minute of fame I've been staying alive So many days No fear, happy or wise All through the way But I thought there was something In life to live for Bu

Lucid fall 보이나요歌词

09/19 02:58
내 맘이 보이나요 你能看到我的心吗 이렇게 숨기고 있는데 我这样试着隐藏起来的 내 맘이 보인다면 如果你看到我的心 그대도 숨기고 있나요 你是否也会把它隐藏起来 내 맘이 보이나요 你能看到我的心吗 언제쯤 알게 됐나요 要是你什么时候知道了 그대도 그렇다면 如果那样的话 나에게 말해요 请告诉我 조심스럽지만 심각하게 谨慎又认真的想想 얘기하면 어떨까 说了的话会怎样 다른 얘기하다 슬그머니 말한다면 如果说了其他的话呢 (그대 마음) 你的心 어떨는지 怎样呢 (허락할수 있나

Cowboy Junkies My Fall歌词

03/13 23:45
Notice the fall of the city Please watch it closely The sun outside shining The moon also hanging The years start to gather your dreams start to tatter Your tears busy fuelling this song I'm singing tonight Through those hopeless nights I wander alon

The Postmarks Winter Spring Summer Fall歌词

09/27 14:05
Clouds are falling to pieces Covering the ground My heart in hibernation Woke up to the sound Of the beating wings Migrating home Little bird on my shoulder Whispered in my ear Let your heart sing its song now that springtime is here Snow is melting

Rosie Thomas Let Myself Fall歌词

07/16 18:41
I let myself fall I let myself fall I let myself fall In love with you There's no turning back There's no turning back There's not urning back Since I met myself fall in love with you Now I picture things Now I picture things Wedding gowns and weddin

Boys Like Girls Learning to Fall歌词

06/10 13:25
title: learning to fall today is the day the worst day of my life you\'re so content it hurts me i don\'t know why the cost of misery is at an all time high i keep it hidden close to the surface in sight i\'m learning to fall i can\'t hardly breathe

The Cinematics Rise &amp; Fall歌词

11/04 15:00
I turn around and I'm in your world Your pleasure is my pain in your world But dissatisfied, I'll crawl to your world And your body's warmth will only leave me colder in my world No it's not what I wanted But she's holding my hand No it's not what I

Ina Fall歌词

10/24 17:36
I gave you all you desired All that you needed Boy, I provided I let you into my head Into my bed And that's a privilege I had your back at the answers You took the dollars I took the chances Defended, battled and fought Cuz I really thought you love