smell of roses 歌词

Natasha Bedingfield Smell the Roses歌词

04/06 23:46
Natasha Bedingfield - Smell The Roses I've been livin in a room without windows Away from the sun, no oxygen I couldn't tell if it was day or night Away from the sun, growing nowhere fast Rushing along on the pavement Don't even look at the people's

Laleh Roses歌词

03/21 18:37
Laleh - roses ★ lrc 编辑 妙一法师 I will listen in stereo I'm here I'm here it was longtime ago someone whispered in my ears and Sevy says she knows me I wont stay I wont stay and she might know me well but not today, I hope and this time I'll be brave alo

Pacific Air Roses歌词

03/10 21:24
I don't know who let you in You're too bold to give a shit The sound of the ocean makes you smile While the smell of seaweeds on your mind You run your hand against my cheek you want my fingers on your lips So let me take you to the sand Before the C

OutKast Roses歌词

11/15 15:49
artist: outkast album: speakerboxxx: the love below song: roses lyrics : caroline! caroline! all the guys would say shes mighty fine but mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time and the other half either got you cursed out, or coming up short

Stéphane Pompougnac Ghosts & Roses歌词

06/14 01:51
[ti:Ghosts] [la:uk] [00:13]Theres a ghost down in the hall [00:15]Theres a ghoul under the bed [00:18]Theres something in the walls [00:20]Theres blood up on the stairs [00:23]And its floating through the room [00:25]And theres nothing I can see [00:

Henry Mancini Days of Wine and Roses歌词

08/22 01:42
The days of wine and roses laugh and run away like a child at play through the meadow land toward a closing door a door marked 'nevermore' that wasn't there before the lonely night discloses just a passing breeze filled with memories of the golden sm

Enya China Roses歌词

09/25 20:54
Enya: China Roses Who can tell me if we have heaven, 谁能告诉我我们是否真的拥有天堂 who can say the way it should be; 谁能为我指明去那的路 Moonlight holly, the Sappho Comet, 神圣的月光,莎孚(公元前6世纪前后的希腊女诗人)彗星 Angel's tears below a tree. 天使的眼泪掉落在树下 You talk of the break of morning 当你

Cocteau Twins Sigh's Smell of Farewell歌词

04/13 22:44
In all my fantasies So many fly above my head I sighed see angry So many fly above his head He says, we always have these stars Some street they're in My street street, now sold My street street, now mine Street street, now Street street So many fly

Dan Fogelberg Run for the Roses歌词

08/25 20:23
Born in the valley And raised in the trees Of Western Kentucky On wobbly knees With mama beside you To help you along You'll soon be a growing up strong. All the long, lazy mornings In pastures of green The sun on your withers The wind in your mane C

Alex Masters Jesus & Roses歌词

04/30 16:26
Jesus & Roses - Alex Masters Another pointless fight Another tearful night That's how it goes, so welcome home Oh And of course you're right Another line is drawn Another promise gone A simple word said, wrong again and Now the war is on Maybe I shou

Soundtrack Je dors sur des roses歌词

05/24 19:24
Trop de bruits Pour trop de nuit qui pensent Quand valse l'absence Dans ce bal Ton silence est un cri qui fait mal Je devine Ton visage sur les ombres Les souvenirs sombrent M'assassinent [Refrain:] Je dors sur des roses Qui signent ma croix la doule

Marie Osmond Paper Roses歌词

01/27 09:24
I realized the way your eyes deceived me with tender looks that I mistook for love So take away the flowers that you gave me And send the kind that you remind me of Paper Roses Paper Roses Oh how real those roses seem to be But they're only imitation

Soundtrack Lollipops And Roses歌词

06/04 23:47
Lollipops And Roses Tell her you care each time you speak. Make it her birthday each day of the week. Bring her nice things,sugar and spice things, roses and lollipops and lollipops and roses. One day she'll smile,next day she'll cry, minute to minut

Sofia Kallgren Smells of Roses歌词

01/17 00:20
Here in the garden, among the flowers Smells of roses that fill my head And the sun beams through the tree trunks Dancing around me in purple red And the river's always flowing And like love it finds its way I sing my song when the wind blows All mis

Various Artists Sally Go Round the Roses歌词

07/31 09:16
SALLY, GO 'ROUND THE ROSES The Jaynetts Sally go round the roses (sally go round the roses) Sally go round the roses (sally go round the pretty roses) Hope this place can't hurt you (hope this place can't hurt you) Roses they can't hurt you (roses th

Buddy Guy Smell the Funk歌词

06/15 01:20
Smell The Funk - Buddy Guy Can you smell it baby, Can you smell the funk, Can you smell it baby, Can you smell the funk. Does it make you feel good, Can you feel that sound, Can you smell it baby, What I'm putting down. I can smell it baby, Can you s

Jule Styne Everything's Coming Up Roses歌词

01/31 05:28
I had a dream, a dream about you, baby. It's gonna come true, baby. They think that we're through, but baby, You'll be swell! You'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on the plate! Starting here, starting now, honey, everything's coming up roses!

Enigma Smell of Desire歌词

02/15 20:35
Enigma Smell Of Desire (cretu-fairstein) Je ne dors plus Je suis folle. je m'abandonne Je ne dors plus Je suis a toi (translation: I can't sleep anymore I am crazy. i am letting myself go I can't sleep anymore I'm yours ) In reverse In nomine christi

Various Artists Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses歌词

10/22 03:44
(Susanna ClarkRichard Leigh) My daddy told me when I was a young girl A lesson he learned, it was a long time ago If you want to have someone to hold onto You're gonna have to learn to let go You got to sing like you don't need the money Love like yo

Frank Sinatra Days of Wine and Roses歌词

12/28 19:24
The days of wine and roses, Laugh and run away, Like a child at play, Through a meadowland, Toward a closing door, A door marked never more, That wasn't there before. The lonely night discloses, Just a passing breeze, Filled with memories, Of the gol