lasah insomnia lyrics

lasah INSOMNIA歌词

01/17 19:41
INSOMNIA music by whoo lyrics by lash God,I'll lick the sole of your shoes if you'll let go of my dirty bruise no name no body,it's no use please,I've got nothing to lose. why does it feel so undemanding why does it feel so alive and forgiven so aliv

lasah 1945歌词

12/02 21:55
1945 music by RIOW ARAI lyrics by lasah (in the night, in the shadows of the concrete, I can hear the noises of the radio it hurts, it still hurts,it really really hurts, she says we're all just running after the traces of delusion, tried, tired of e


06/25 19:30
GHOST OF LORELEY music by sasakure.UK lyrics by lasah silence, takes me to wander silence, takes me to ponder like the wind I see you dancing with the moonlight, ephemerality prancing as the district's neon's glancing into the depth of the night I he


07/31 18:42
EXCERPTS FROM THE DIARIES OF _ music by 椎名もた lyrics by lasah every time I think of you, I hear the sounds of vanity like a snake that hisses in my tiny heart of honesty in your words of "I love you", I smell the scents of tragedy let me be a vic

lasah GIVE UP歌词

03/24 05:10
GIVE UP music by i am robot and proud lyrics by lasah I hear your footsteps disappear as the district sleeps somewhere we can't go back, somewhere we won't look back. we've said goodbye to three uneven shadows, to silhouettes we couldn't reach. like


07/28 19:40
BEAUTIFUL WORLD music by kikuo lyrics by lasah translation by しか listen:my poor children, 听着:我可怜的孩子 it's a gunshot ringing 1944 那是枪声响起的1944 sleep tight in the waters 在羊水中安稳的睡吧 it's cradle swinging 1922 那是摇篮摇晃的1922 "I've always been and will always be


11/17 07:51
THE MILLION-YEAR PICNIC music by キャプテンミライ lyrics by lasah monday's gone tuesday she spilled a can of cherry coke wednesday's yawn thursday it's a hundred degrees in new york friday nights parade lights it's independence day tonight the curtain's draw


06/18 14:56
GOODNIGHT, SWEETHEARTS music by くらげP lyrics by lasah somewhere in the distance,I see a little star maybe that's the one you're on looking for your trace I keep reaching out my hands all I can grasp is an empty sky. can you see me there? I'll be here,

Craig David Insomnia歌词

11/14 22:11
never thought that I'd fall in love,love,love,love 我從來沒想過,我會墜入愛河,愛,愛,愛 But it grew from a simple crush,crush,crush,crush 然而它也變得容易碎裂,碎裂,碎裂,碎裂 Being without you girl,I was all messed up,up,up,up 如今沒有了你,是我搞砸了一切,搞砸,搞砸,搞砸 When you walked out,said that you

휘성 Insomnia歌词

05/25 11:25
辉星 - Insomnia 作词:辉星 作曲:Craig David,Timbland 내가 달리는 길은 Love, Love, Love, Love 我奔跑的这条路是love 허나 그 길엔 온통 덫, 덫, 덫, 덫 这路上可能全是圈套 피할 수 없는 함정은 맘의 겁, 겁, 겁, 겁 躲不掉的陷阱是内心的恐惧 마치 늪처럼 용기를 삼켜 점점.. 像沼泽一样渐渐吞噬掉勇气 난 작아져 사라져가는 얼굴의 밝은 표정 渐渐消失不见的,我面上明朗的表情 내 고백에 등돌린 채 외면할 까봐

Cara Insomnia歌词

05/31 03:51
Toxocara Insomnia Pollution of life, perpetual demise Sadistic nature, destined to rise Born torturous, human unworthy Face consequence, death's what it shall be Cowards and scaredy-cats Foundation of ruin Feeble excuses, loss of morality Certain dea

Humming Urban Stereo Insomnia歌词

08/25 11:50
Insomnia - Humming Urban Stereo Taking a nap all day long There's nobody disturbs me but I just can't feel free There's no hope. There's no despair only the anger remined into my heart There's no chance and there's no clue You're gone so fareway. I'm

Various Artists Insomnia (Monster Radio Mix)歌词

02/04 03:44
[ti:Insomnia] [ar:Various] [al:Essential - The 90s] [offset:0] [00:01.45]Insomnia - Faithless [00:30.94]Deep in the bosom of the gentle night [00:33.92]Is when I search for the light [00:35.82]Pick up my pen and start to write [00:37.86]I struggle an

Moona Lee Insomnia歌词

12/09 16:19
Insomnia Written by: Moona Lee, Nancy Wu & Crystal Zheng It feels like teeth budding in my brain Creeping maggots are driving me insane City lights are dazzling quietly in pain I wonder why every night's the same I close my eyes and take a sip of the

Joseph McManners Lullaby (Music and Lyrics by Johannes Brahms)歌词

11/12 04:05
Lullaby Slumber softly,dear love neath the roses above carnations shall keep sweet watch over thy sleep when the dawn's on the pane god will wake thee again when the dawn's on the pane god will wake thee again sleep my darling so soft light angels al

Joseph McManners Pie Jesu (Music and Lyrics by John Rutter)歌词

10/25 05:54
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:21.43]Pie Jesu, Domine [00:27.36]dona eis requiem [00:33.08]Requiem eternam [00:38.98]dona eis, Domine [00:45.19]dona eis, Domine [00:51.06] [00:52.11]dona eis, Domine [00:55.22]dona eis, Domine [00:58.02]dona eis requiem [01:04

Joseph McManners Panis Angelicus (Music and Lyrics by César Franck)歌词

02/19 09:50
锘 Panis angelicus, fit panis hominum. Dat panis coelicus, figuris terminum. O res mirabilis, manducat Dominum Pauper et servus et humilis. Te trina Deitas, unaque, poscimus, Sic nos tu visita sicut te colimus; Per tuas semitas duc nos quo tendimus, A

Joseph McManners Candlelight Carol (Music and Lyrics by John Rutter)歌词

07/15 09:48
Candlelight Carol How do you capture the wind on the water? How do you count all the stars in the sky? How do you measure the love of a mother Or how can you write down a baby's first cry? Candlelight, angel light, firelight and star-glow Shine on hi

Yellowman Na No Lyrics歌词

04/24 01:54
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Yellow Like Cheese 歌手:Yellowman 歌曲:Na No Lyrics

Dark Fortress Insomnia歌词

11/28 03:03
I drown... For too long I felt the winter's breath The rain keeps falling down into my soul Thorns cover my grave... they hurt within me I wonder how death shall ever set me free When I cannot close my eyes I wonder how death shall ever set me free W