Sky Kisses Earth 歌词

Prem Joshua Sky Kisses Earth歌词

11/16 21:47
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Supreme Beings of Leisure Last Girl on Earth歌词

04/12 14:25
Crimson was the color of the sky that day A sudden flash trying to shakes me Was someone singing in a dream? I could not understand the voices Theres no one out there Am I the last girl on earth? Dont you want me If Im the last girl on earth? Theres

Tristania Tender Trip on Earth歌词

08/18 15:56
Tender Trip on Earth 这世上易碎的旅程(生命) Music: Anders Høyvik Hidle & Einar Moen Lyrics: Østen Bergøy Another day – The next page 又是新的一天 - 下一页篇章 Still in daze – Still in a dream (我)还是那么迷茫 - 还是那样像在梦中(*这个"我"即"Wormwood/苦艾"中的"我",一切结

Thomas Newman Down to Earth歌词

10/04 21:22
did you think your feet have been bound by what gravity brings to the ground did you feel you've been tricked by the future you've picked well, come on down all these rules dont apply when you're high in the sky so come on down, come on down we're co


03/08 09:23
la la la la are you feeling a change in the air? la la la la i sang a spell on you i said la la la la clouds are gathering fast i hear la la la la i'm waiting here for you gave you my key man, i'm sure gave it to you yesterday i know you were coming

Sky Sailing Sailboats歌词

11/16 00:01
Sailboats wish that they were stars Floating softly in the sky Among our dreams that bid goodbye Moving through transparent space Drifting through the stratosphere And onward till they disappear These continents from overhead Look like tiny paper sha

Michelle Shaprow Back Down to Earth歌词

09/13 19:14
I want to take the bus today, And read a book along the way. And nevermind the place I'm going to, That's the thing I want to do. Take you on the ride, Leave my blackberry aside. You want to watch a moving picture show, That's fine. Let's go, We'll l

Kate Bush Hello Earth歌词

03/01 07:26
"Hello Earth" "Columbia now nine times the speed of sound." "Roger that, Dan, I've got a solid TACAN locked on, uh, TACAN twenty-three." "The, uh, tracking data, map data and pre-planned trajectory are all one line on th

Jason Webley Dance While the Sky Crashes Down歌词

04/09 07:58
The flowers by your bed are wilting. The sun is setting in the west. A fog is covering your eyes, Your stockings are attracting flies, Decay is nibbling at the boards on which you rest. There's someone waiting at your window, Familiar face without a

Swans Mona Lisa, Mother Earth歌词

04/02 17:13
Mona Lisa, Mother Earth Tonight, I'll Spend The Night In Mona Lisa's Bed She'll Hide This Beaten Man Beneath Her Innocence Tonight No Dream's Denied In Mona Lisa's Mind We'll Ride A Drowning World Through The Cold Black Sky Mona Lisa, Mother Earth Mo

Globus Wyatt Earth歌词

08/13 19:37
Looking down at this barren land Once known as home before Destruction, all the world It's an ending we have brought The world we wrote a million times before And what we allow to break this all down The world we broke a million times before What sho

Pete Murray Blue Sky Blue (Acoustic)歌词

03/13 09:31
Blue sky blue Come on shine your rays On another fool's day Just to help them get right through All the cash is down You're on the ground But your heart is mighty true It's up to you now Blue sky blue Come on close those eyes and realize What your dr

From a Second Story Window Leaving the Earth歌词

05/08 07:17
I'm never coming back We've made our choice Now let's live with it In my life I never had the chance to change Why can't we change? Grown enough to know where to begin If we know where it would end Then we all could see the sky for what it is We are

Matisyahu Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth歌词

02/12 17:09
Fire descends from on high in the shape of a lion Burn the sacrifice of pride and ride on Mount Zion Rub me the wrong way, taking the highway Rubbing sticks together but your fire's man-made Capitalize on hot air, soar like an airplane Yearn to rise

Don Diablo Edge of the Earth歌词

06/08 15:08
Edge of the Earth - Don Diablo Beautiful life, a beautiful day A beautiful world and I am wide awake Beautiful life I'm living each day I open my eyes and it is okay There's always a battle to fight on Your sky can be blackened with storms There's al

Anneli Marian Drecker Who on Earth歌词

08/19 08:40
Far away the sky is turning grey Although the sun is shining above right here No, I won't let the fish eat you... And of course I know they wouldn't do! But you're too little to understand that Say, who on earth can guide us Help us stear this boat o

The Platters No Power On Earth歌词

02/23 23:50
No power on earth Can distroy All the joy That I feel about you No, Oh no, No power on Earth No Lover has known Love like mine Faith like mine What can make me doubt you? Oh, Oh no, No power on Earth For with your lips to my lips I grow stronger Then

Miriam Bryant Last Soul On Earth歌词

09/16 15:06
been I've thinking about butterflies And now endless blue sky Dreaming about could be And twilight apple dreams I can't breathe I can't talk I can't think I can't walk I can't see I can't believe That I am the last soul on earth For what it's worth T

Ragnarok Burning the Earth歌词

04/23 13:59
Rushing through the sky, hunting the horizon, hunting towards the end The eyes of a man suffers the rage of our infinite master Power and passion, hate and sins, raise your fires from the abyss within Fire sweeping the earth, ruining the soil, as the

The Platters Heaven On Earth歌词

10/18 21:26
[ti:HEAVEN ON EARTH] [ar:中岛美嘉] [al:RESISTANCE] [offset:500] [00:00.00]中島美嘉 - HEAVEN ON EARTH [00:16.97]作詞者名 加藤健 & Lori Fine [00:18.97]作曲者名 Lori Fine [00:20.97] [00:22.97]アイするほど素直になれなくて [00:27.63]すれ違うなんてあるよね? でも [00:32.62]理性的すぎるあなたのコトバは [00:37.41]わかるけ