twista wetter 歌词

Twista Wetter 歌词

09/29 07:27
I'm callin' ya daddy (daddy) Can you be my daddy (daddy) I need a daddy (daddy) Won't you be my daddy (daddy) Black Caddy, Mack Daddy, With a hoe up in the back seat With the '97 pimp flow Gotta feelin' when you smokin' When I flip it to a track spee

Twista Hope歌词

12/09 03:53
i wish the way i was living could stop, serving rocks, knowing the cops is hot when i'm on the block, and i wish my brother woulda made bail, so i won't have to travel 6 hours to see him in jail, and i wish that my grandmother wasn't sick, or that we

The J. Arthur Keenes Band Water2 (Wetter)歌词

06/06 07:20
If this turns out to be another trick I'll have to reassign what I let stick it's not so bad, it's just a nervous tick what I make well would make you sick You always found a reason not to find out all the little things I never really questioned why

Twista Badunkadunk歌词

02/26 04:16
(feat. Jazze Pha) [Chorus: Jazze Pha] Badunkadunk, All in your face when you're at the club, Badunkadunk, Slide down the poll for the 30 Dub, Badunkadunk, Look at your ass girl, it's so much fun, Badunkadunk, I tell the DJ, I need a hundred ones, Bad

Twista Drinks歌词

03/06 12:16
[Intro] This is for my ladies, Sexy like champagne Glass, You what I'm talking about, A reflection of a Pena Colada, Listen up... [Verse 1] I know you heard the terms chicks are like cars, Well I treat bitches like drinks, When I step in the club and

Twista Overnight Celebrity歌词

06/23 22:27
artist: twista (feat. kanye west) album: kamikaze (2004) song: overnight celebrity lyrics : oh you didnt think we can do it again...? twista... kanye west... from po pimpin' to poppin' tags... from champions to slow jamz... oh baby... we can even mak

Twista Make A Movie歌词

10/05 01:31
Make A Movie (Feat Chris Brown) Lyrics The perfect storm is twista and chris brown ya dig I got a new one for ya lets make a movie baby Twista got cars big swagger im a rock star like Mick Jagger and i got bars that i spit faster you a hot star no bi

Twista Get It How You Live歌词

03/18 17:57
rap basement! get it crunk up!! correct twista and scott storch in a dropped porsche that new shit, check it out my neck on bling, cris on chill standing on the corner steady, trying to make a mill when it come to hustling, got to get it how you live

Twista Up To Speed歌词

06/08 01:15
[Chorus: x2] I'm glad to see niggas catch up to speed Y'all can never fuck with me (no way) I am a Mobsta', I am a chief Then I am a monster, I am a beast Never let negative energy interfere with this I be from the Outer Limits and I devour to men to

Twista On Top歌词

02/14 16:35
[ti:on top ft akon] [ar:Twista] [al:Category F5] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.95]on top ft akon - Twista [00:15.24]I like to watch your body move when your ridin on top, [00:18.67]on top, on top, on top eh [00:22.04]I like to watch your body move when you