smash tone damli 歌词

Tone Damli Smash歌词

10/20 18:14
You had to end what you never started 'Cause you were chasing something I ain't got yet And you returned 'cause you couldn't find it Said I'm amazing Once again I bought it You You were faking everything you did Alright I think that I knew But I let

Tone Damli Love Me Like You Hate Me歌词

07/09 07:49
Let's break it down, Let's smash ourselves to the ground don't say it's getting better When I make up truth, the option is to loose or lose don't say it's getting better When I come home late, you look at me with broken eyes don't say it's getting be

Tone Damli Imagine 歌词

09/25 07:59
Every step that I take It's like miles from where I wanna be miles away from you and me, yeah Here I am Standing hopeless with no plan'cause I loved another man, yeah She doesn't know that I am picturing you Any day I'd walk a hundred miles in his sh

Tone Damli Stupid歌词

08/08 10:49
I guess you're my kryptonite The way you knock me off my feet Now i can't tell my left form right You only see me when I'm weak I can't believe the things I hear me say And I don't even recognize myself why can't I get out of my own way It don't make

Tone Damli Can't Face Losing You歌词

11/07 19:19
I won't admit it, but I missed you today, yay It's four thirty in the morning, and I'm awake hey-yay Now since you been gone, can do what I please Can see who I want, can choose where we eat My heart is breaking even more with every smile I fake So I

Tone Damli Then Comes You歌词

09/13 14:52
Then comes you Lyrics Always on time never too late gone for a while but you're always worth the wait Your present makes cold as change I'm happy you're finally back - again After summer must come fall Winter's through and Then comes you and raindrop

Tone Damli 40 Years歌词

02/19 18:37
Don't even know what you've been doing to me I'm seeing colours that nobody have seen I'm falling over myself just to be at your window I'm painting pictures of your beautiful face I'm dropping everything to be by where you say-hey Holding you colser

Tone Damli Somewhere Soft to Land歌词

01/12 20:06
No ones around you to see when a teardrop fall And no ones can hear when you cry theres no sound at all No one can tell I'm broken No words were spoken Through this I'm fragile I gotta find me somewhere soft to land Don't you see If I crash this hear

Tone Damli Butterflies歌词

09/11 09:36
Time to wake up Don't know what to wear To my make up Then I brush my hair Read the first scene As I paint my nails And suddenly my heart starts beating I think I need some air Little frightning As the lights go down Almost show time Curtains opening

Tone Damli Little Lies歌词

07/05 11:07
little lies - tone damli if i could turn the page in time then i'd rearrange just a day or two close my close my close my eyes but i couldn't find a way so i'll settle for one day to believe in you tell me tell me tell me lies tell me lies tell me sw

Tone Damli I Know歌词

02/20 08:33
Tone Damli Aaberge - I Know I try harder, more than ever before Slowly I started to trust my heart so much more Now I know that I'm wiser I've learned a lot from this game Clearly I see that, all we have been through has just made us stronger I know,

Tone Damli That’s What You Get歌词

02/20 13:54
Tone Damli - That's What You Get This time I'm gonna think with my head And I'll remember every time my heart bled Keep going over what my mama said She told me stay away, you ain't no good for me This time I'm gonna think with my head I Should've kn

Tone Damli No Way Out歌词

05/16 03:42
This is it, I just know But don't ask me how. So I Hope, I can fly It's a long way down. There's no going back, and there's no way out, no At the edge, about to jump Will you catch me now? Can't go, no I can't walk away from you Can't run, cannot out

Tone Damli Slightly Bitter Taste歌词

01/03 07:13
It seemed perfect first, we could make it work Then I guess, in time you need More than chemistry to make it for real I took my chanced the circumstances Were complicated, we made it, we got it right And now it feels like, we're gonna get by You're m

Tone Damli Heartkill歌词

04/23 00:04
Word is that you are mine Asking me for answers that I cannot find So close all the time Everybody's talking, everybody's talking 'bout How you and me are meant to be Talking never gives you any guarantee Word is that you are mine, and maybe [Chorus:

Tone Damli Winner of a Losing Game歌词

12/31 17:24
I didn't know that we were those with counted days Like water they were slipping though my hands I couldn't stop the time, I couldn't stop the race We reached the finish line with nothing left to chase [Chorus:] Every piece of me is hurting Every par

Tone Damli I Love You歌词

06/28 20:34
I have been looking for pieces of what we shattered I have been touching the parts I could find together And I am starting to see traces, baby. I know you know I've been waiting for you to call me, You know I know you got problems with say, I'm sorry

Tone Damli Stuck In My Head歌词

08/04 23:09
I am going insane from the words that you said Stuck in my head, stuck in my head So I twist and turn, ain't going nowhere Stuck in my head, oh Sho, I can see your smile inside my minds view And overtime I'm close my eyes my thoughts they seem to fin

Tone Damli Crazy Cool歌词

02/15 10:11
What do I do when you're busting my bubbles When you know, you overcome troubles What do you do when the sun is out And you've got nothing to complain about Do you look down to the ground Or do you go and paint the town I'm a loaded gun, wanna hit so

Tone Damli Look Back歌词

09/24 18:25
Tone Damli - Look Back Pretty, pretty, you begging me pretty please. And I have been on my knees while you have been a passer by. Oh, and I mean really, Cause really I gotta say. Remember now you left me, so dry your red and lying eyes; And you cant