square circles moon taxi

Moon Taxi Square Circles 歌词

02/10 01:05
He just wore his wicked good, clearly you're misunderstood like pagans in the house of God. And I am just an honest theif I believe in disbelief, you wait to even out the odds. Try it on, one size fits all clear as mud and urban scrawl listen to the

Moon Taxi Morocco歌词

08/20 11:49
So sick and tired of the pouring rain I took a train to Morocco just to kill the pain Oh it might help a little, it might help a lot I don't know, but it's all I got Ran down the aisle to find a window by the bar I blew a cigarette to pieces so I lit

Moon Taxi The New Black歌词

03/22 23:47
[ti:The New Black [Live & Unplugged] [ar:Moon Taxi] [al:Acoustic on West 56th - EP] [offset:0] [00:03.12]The New Black (Live & Unplugged) - Moon Taxi [00:11.49]I've seen it all, all before [00:14.87] [00:15.62]And now I want something more [00:19.

Moon Taxi Suspicious歌词

08/12 22:44
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Mountains Beaches Cities 歌手:Moon Taxi 歌曲:Suspicious

Various Artists A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square歌词

05/16 04:32
A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square - Various Artists When two lovers meet in Mayfair, so the legends tell Songbirds sing. Winter turns to spring Every winding street in Mayfair falls beneath the spell I know such enchantment can be Cause it happene

Brian Setzer Orchestra A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square歌词

07/15 19:34
Brian Setzer Orchestra Brian Setzer Orchestra A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square That certain night The night we met There was magic abroad in the air There were angels dining at the Ritz And a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square I may be right, I

Thompson Square Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not歌词

12/21 09:12
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not - Thompson Square We were sittin' up there on your momma's roof Talkin' bout everything under the moon With the smell of honeysuckle and your perfume All I could think about was my next move Oh, but you were so shy and so

Azure Ray Walking In Circles歌词

06/02 00:55
Sinking eyes, heavy spirit Your drifting mind We lament with the passing of time Hoping we never show it Swallow these words from your mouth I thought I was strong Until my strength wore out I was chasing this shadow as if I didn't create it It was l

Kami Lyle Mr. Moon歌词

12/11 17:23
I am fourteen with my sister's face On the fake I.D. that you got Your flashlight on Shining down on her not me In that little square So I talk about this weather While my sister smiles Then you hand her back to me saying "You don't have brown hair&q

Dispatch Circles Around the Sun歌词

04/27 06:11
When he was born, the doc said Whats this? Hes much too small, its like hes weightless When he turned six, they ran some tests They said its for science, its patriotic Ah lets send him where no one else has gone And after all he can not speak or walk

Sun Kil Moon UK Blues歌词

07/19 01:08
Arrived in Helsinki, tired and sticky My body hit the bed, I almost fell dead Got to the venue, they ink-stamped my wrist, waitress asked me Mark... Need a white fish Got up on the stage, the sound it was ok But I struggled like a marlin on an unluck

Rocket Juice and the Moon Poison歌词

08/12 20:43
If all that we are wishing for is poison, poison is part of love She will hold you until the sunrise Poison will only break your heart So Hallelujah, the night has come If it´s a riot how far do you go now? Back to square one, hitting the glass If it

Dexter Gordon A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square歌词

03/25 17:45
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.06]艺术家:Bobby Darin [00:04.79]歌曲名:A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square [00:10.45]编辑者:pyy [02:57.12][02:23.13][00:53.63][00:34.76][00:12.21] [00:16.23]That certain night, the night we met [00:20.20]There was magic abroad in th

Various Artists Walkin On The Moon (Feat. Kanye West)歌词

06/30 04:36
[ti:walkin on the moon] [ar:] [al:253979] [offset:0] [00:16.33]is there anybody up here? [00:20.83]welcome [00:21.57] [00:23.40]2085 [00:24.76] [00:25.52]2085, that is... [00:27.88] [00:30.40]the magic of the moment snuck up on me [00:33.15]and caugh

Moon Duo Sleepwalker歌词

09/30 09:01
I've been living- over here, I've been living high/hot, now I'm feeling kind of low, now i'm feeling fine Now I'm feeling fine, no - to the - All the things to end , and all the sessions in the - Until new round again (I tell the - to go) walking thr

Riverdogs Water From the Moon歌词

01/21 04:54
[ti:]Water From The Moon [ar:]Celine Dion [al:]Celine Dion [00:04.50]Water From The Moon [00:06.43]Celine Dion [00:07.98]Celine Dion [00:11.80]席琳迪翁中国歌迷站 [00:12.43] [00:14.75]I've looked everywhere I can [00:17.79]Just to find a clue [00:20.86]Oh to g

Circle Takes the Square A Crater to Cough In歌词

11/29 19:45
This path that we walk upon Is the collection of points that the rain has drawn. The rhythm section of the storm. By the moonlight to the gateposts of the forest, In the snowlight, we are bound for the portal of the pines. Grey as famine, on this pat

A Rocket to the Moon Wherever You Go歌词

01/10 04:16
An hour away from home And time's never felt this slow It feels like a week ago Do you feel it too? I bet you went back to bed My pillow beneath your head Repeat the last words I've said "I miss you" You're all I need So fall back to sleep Wherever I

After Forever Through Square Eyes歌词

05/12 17:54
(Child) This is the world through square eyes, I can see fiction like it's real Window to an unknown paradise A paradise where no one sees I wish I saw it all, A paradise where no one knows, all these images for real, the reality It's a seduction, li

Emil Bulls Dancing on the Moon歌词

03/23 01:28
We're all cast in the same tragedy most of us never achieve a lifetime award The clocks are ticking the seconds away so we're getting closer each day to our last curtain call If I have one wish fulfilled... Tonight I wanna sing with you no matter if