Collective Soul Hollywood歌词

04/16 19:50
[ti:Hollywood] [ar:The Cranberries] [al:To The Faithful Departed] [00:00.89]OH......... [00:14.29] [00:27.69]Ive got a picture in my head (in my head) [00:34.12]Its me and you , we are in bed (we are in bed) [00:40.58]Youll always be there when I cal

Ive Mendes Another Way歌词

03/23 16:45
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Jack Johnson If I Had Eyes (Culver City Dub Collective Remix)歌词

07/04 19:19
"If I Had Eyes (Culver City Dub Collective Remix)" If I had eyes in the back of my head I would have told you that you looked good as I walked away And if you could have tried to trust the hand that fed You would have never been hungry but you'd

Fossil Collective Let It Go歌词

06/01 19:02
I'm on the inside everybody knows what you will say. Leaves on the ground, already came. We were an island, you were the one who broke away. I was a mess before you came. We started something, tried to make a fire without a flame. Why it wasn't right

Collective Soul Run歌词

12/28 16:24
Are these times contagious I've never been this bored before Is this the prize I've waited for Now with the hours passing There's nothing left here to insure I long to find a messenger Have I got a long way to run Have I got a long way to run Yeah, I

Collective Soul December歌词

12/28 02:58
Why drink the water from my hand? Contagious as you think I am Just tilt my sun towards your domain. Your cup runneth over again. Don't scream about Don't think aloud Turn your head now baby Just spit me out Don't worry about Don't speak of doubt Tur

Collective Soul Shine歌词

10/29 01:03
Give me a word - give me a sign Show me where to look - tell me what will I find? (What will I find?) Lay me on the ground and fly me in the sky Show me where to look - tell me what will I find? (What will I find?) Oh - Heaven, let your light shine d

Collective Soul The World I Know歌词

08/23 13:32
Has our conscience shown? Has the sweet breeze blown? Has all the kindness gone? Hope still lingers on. I drink myself of newfound pity Sitting alone in New York City And I don't know why. Are we listening To hymns of offering? Have we eyes to see Th

Know Hope Collective Build Us Back歌词

11/10 13:32
[ti:Build Us Back (with Haitian Children's Choir)] [ar:Know Hope Collective] [al:Know Hope Collective] [by:] [offset:0] [00:01.08]Build Us Back (with Haitian Children's Choir) - Know Hope Collective [00:11.40]We've been crumbled, we've been crushed [

Rend Collective 10,000 Reasons歌词

08/09 22:00
The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning It's time to sing Your song again Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me Let me be singing when the evening comes [Chorus] (Bless the Lord) Bless the Lord, O my soul O my soul Worship His holy name Sin

Fossil Collective On & On歌词

07/20 00:12
Try to remember how the story goes I'm by the side of the road the moon was high the trees all black as coal. Why did I run where did I go, back at the side of the road I tried to walk a long long time ago On & on - the silence seems to matter - you

Fossil Collective Wolves歌词

10/02 03:21
There's a fast life, all the lights went down for miles around. And they taught us to lie, taught us how to survive. All we are is what we were told. The wolves are comin out, light the fire and see they won't arrive. Everybody can't around, gone aga

The Collective Burn the Bright Lights歌词

04/19 12:47
Tell me every secret that you've never told I won't runaway, I won't runaway They scars that you've been hiding Don't be afraid to let them show That's what makes you beautiful You're so damn beautiful Hold on don't let me go And we're gonna burn the

The Collective Last Christmas歌词

03/10 19:04
Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away This year, to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away This year, to save me from tears I'

Rend Collective The Cost歌词

02/20 01:48
I'm saying yes to You And no to my desires I'll leave myself behind And follow You I'll walk the narrow road 'cause it leads me to You I'll fall but grace Will pick me up again I've counted up the cost Oh I've counted up the cost Yes I've counted up

Collective Soul How Do You Love歌词

09/05 07:24
There once was love thrown into your room But you never knew A calendar of days just for you But you never knew, never knew no And the truth that you'll find will always be The truth you hide So how do you love, how do you love When your angels can't

Jukebox Collective Icon Parade歌词

02/25 22:57
Blisters, On my fingers, Getting worse I've got cuts from Making faces, Swelling up. I see the little Creatures dancing, Having fun. And then I ask my sister "Where you watching?" (Chorus) Animals One and all. They gather at the same time Each n

Collective Soul Bearing Witness歌词

06/19 12:47
Another day newspapers say Life what'd you do to me I'm always here, you're always there Hope that's my company Yeah stars have only so many wishes though They can't tell what we already know See I'm just gathering all my eyes can see through I'm bea

Rend Collective You Are My Vision歌词

08/11 11:19
You are my vision, O King of my heart Nothing else satisfies, only You Lord You are my best thought by day or by night Waking or sleeping, Your presence my light You are my wisdom, You are my true word I ever with You, and You with me Lord You're my

Ive Mendes .Yellow歌词

06/09 02:48
Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow I came along I wrote a song for you And all the things you do And it was called yellow So then I took my turn Oh what a thing to have done And it was all y