Estatic Fear Ode To Solitude 歌词

Estatic Fear Ode To Solitude歌词

05/25 09:26
译BY莫须有 Ode To Solitude 致献孤独 Wandering restless through the hillside on a cold December day, my solitary journey guided only by the pilgrims high in the sky. Fog invades the lands blocking the last rays of the dying sun and a veil of mist and serenity

Estatic Fear As Autumn Calls歌词

10/23 12:17
Instrumental 专辑:Somnium Obmutum 歌手:Estatic Fear 歌曲:As Autumn Calls

Estatic Fear Chapter IV歌词

10/07 00:11
Chapter IV 译BY莫 The leafs and I entangled dance a harmonie 落叶纠缠着我翩飞的裙摆 I dare not stain with vain delight 我害怕自己骄浮的喜悦会玷污这和谐的旋舞 And thus embraced we roam the passing eve 于是,我纵容消逝的暮霭拥紧我款款步履 like a pilgrim who craves a shelters guiding light 仿佛一个朝圣者渴求通往光

Estatic Fear Chapter I歌词

10/19 18:44
The feeble leafs decline, 羸弱的落叶凋零 Enshrined in downing deep 落于回忆深处永远珍藏 The mourn abandoned plains, 无声哀叹的洪荒废土 Laid down in somber sleep 接纳我颓然跌入黯然长睡 Misty shades engulf the sky 朦胧阴霾拥住天空 Like past,worn memories 仿佛斑驳的伤痕覆满回忆 The bird's song fills the whis

Estatic Fear Chapter VI歌词

10/02 07:53
Chapter VI Unveil yours eyes, see the special moon gone 抚开你的双眼 见明月已逝 Leaving not a single ray of joy to rest upon 只剩一缕微弱的欢愉之光可以依赖 Feast on those that crave thy kiss with a ghastly wail 饕餮之后我苍白的呜咽 只因渴求你的亲吻 Behold them cry as their faces innocence grow

Estatic Fear Somnium Obmutum歌词

09/01 14:57
静谧梦乡 Aumquam orem dulcem obliviscor de ea somniare non cassavi. Sed quod pulchrior et desiderandios illa somnia sunt ea major tristia mea cum expergiscor. Tamen desiderio noctes illam dulces sed dolorosas, ut regno somnii amorem meum osculis teneris

Estatic Fear Chapter IX歌词

05/15 01:20
Chapter IX The Dawn arose, the slumbers shadows have passed 破晓降临 沉睡的阴霾消散 The autumnal grace which so kindly has cast 秋天的优雅笼罩现世 It's sombre yet gracious delight on my grief 它寂寥而优美的给我的悲伤注入一丝欣喜 Enshrouded and lulled by the winters far deeper relief 却停止在

Estatic Fear Chapter VII歌词

09/29 14:38
[ti:Chapter VII] [ar:Estatic Fear] [al:] [by:] [04:14.14]Estatic Fear - Chapter VII [04:38.91] 专辑:A Sombre Dance 歌手:Estatic Fear 歌曲:Chapter VII

Estatic Fear Chapter III歌词

02/21 19:07
Chapter III Eil mein Gram gebeugt klagelied 我的悲伤谱成了挽歌 klim empor entflieh der Brust die dich geboren 飞速逃窜 攀上你的胸膛 Am Tage wohlverwahrt dem Traumer offenbart 只有在白昼才能完整的留住织梦者 War deinem Klang des Herzens Kenntnis gtets verwehrt 你心跳的节奏阻止了我的思想 Machst der

Estatic Fear Chapter V歌词

03/29 11:04
Chapter V Many a weary night endured Since the utter charm of joy has pured 只有当欢愉的魔力升华到极致 才能熬过漫漫长夜 My unquiet dreams, my misery 我所有不安的梦境 我所有苦难的际遇 How sweat if I could share with thee 多么想与你一同分担 Unable to endure it's smile 无法忍受的是你的笑容 Which kindly eased

Estatic Fear Chapter VIII歌词

07/08 07:49
Chapter VIII As the stars like ludicrous fauns, 当群星如牧神福恩般滑稽的闪烁 Join the grim reapers dionystic glance 残酷的收割者闯入了酒神狄厄尼索斯的视线 We step forward together with the pale withered spring 我们并肩走进满目苍痍的春季 And join the pipings of their sombre dance 在琴声中黯然的舞蹈 专辑:A S

Estatic Fear Chapter II歌词

04/14 11:18
Chapter II →→→Sengi amoris (of love-Sengi这个词实在无从查考) A mere passions fraud disgraced and to disgrace, →→→In pacis quentis, 在宁谧寂静之中(猜测:quentis – quies - quietness) With bewitched charm seduced my every days 令人着迷的魅力蛊惑我的每一天 Begone my burdened past, 我沉重的过

Estatic Fear Intro歌词

08/20 15:07
[Instrumental] 专辑:A Sombre Dance 歌手:Estatic Fear 歌曲:Intro

Jeremy Soule Fear Not This Night歌词

05/07 00:26
Fear not this night. You will not go astray. Though shadows fall still the stars..find their way. 英雄们啊!在此夜不必惧怕,你的路途不会走错.尽管黑夜降临,星辰仍高挂夜空. 你们总会找到出路. Awaken from a quiet sleep. Hear the whispering of the wind. 英雄们将在沉睡之中觉醒,聆听风的低语. Awaken as the silence gr

Deliverance Solitude歌词

01/08 01:54
A coward dies a thousand deaths A hero dies but once But what no one else has seen Is the truth that lies inside That behind the eyes of a hero lies a fear No less A fear No less than mine I say it time and time again I don't want to be alone in this

Forest of shadows Moments In Solitude歌词

11/02 05:11
Embraced by shadows 为阴影所环抱 Feels like I'm dead to this world 好似我已经对这世界麻木不仁 This withering grey existence 这渐渐枯萎的灰色存在 A paradise for a sleepwalking kind 这离魂者的天堂 Suppressed screams echo inside 压抑的尖叫回荡在体内 They carve at my fragile state 切割着我心中的脆弱 I'm plag

吉克隽逸 Fear Not This Night歌词

02/10 20:20
Fear not this night. You will not go astray. Though shadows fall still the stars..find their way. 英雄们啊!在此夜不必惧怕,你的路途不会走错.尽管黑夜降临,星辰仍高挂夜空. 你们总会找到出路. Awaken from a quiet sleep. Hear the whispering of the wind. 英雄们将在沉睡之中觉醒,聆听风的低语. Awaken as the silence gr

Black Sun Aeon Solitude歌词

06/20 06:27
Downhearted daybreak Pale morning light Ill-natured and bright Draws shadows unkind Designs and shapes A dreadful day Crestfallen sunrise Paints a grey landscape Never before has my solitude felt like a cage Regret as a friend Misery as company in th

Hélène A force de solitude歌词

01/21 11:06
A force de solitude 因为孤独 Tu attends que l'amour ou la haine 你期待着爱与恨的降临 Arrivent et te surprennent 期待它们带来给你奇遇 Mes tes jours et tes nuits Sont pareils Tous les mêmes, idem 但是你所有的白天和夜晚都是一样的平淡 Qu'est-ce qu'il pourrai t'arriver ? 明天在你身上也许会发生什么? A force de

丝袜小姐 Solitude歌词

07/21 05:16
禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 and I bleed, to breathe 酸楚的冬日陽光裡 活著的渴望連根拔起 拼不回我完整的身體 冰冷的激動就快要窒息 禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 and I bleed, to breathe, to breathe, to breathe 憋在胸口的情調 就在你的眉心跳躍燃燒 燃燒著而我就快要死掉 濕成一片漆黑待在那兒就好 禁不起最溫暖的擁抱 可不可以就讓我跌倒 不被原諒那兒也去不了 an