ENTWINE Until The End歌词

Entwine Until the End歌词

09/22 11:53
I'll lead you down to the ocean I'll show you all my darkest deeds I feel like losing my emotions When we fall into the stream We will drown, we will drown Into this love You may decide I'm hanging on to these emotions There ain't no cure for love I

Entwine Thy Guiding Light歌词

02/09 18:56
Wish I could always love you, always hold you, all the time Share with me the last moment, for I'll take you, to the sky you always wanted to be the last one but you never thought what it would be like to be the only one To the sky I will reflect my

Entwine Closer (My Love)歌词

01/21 02:08
Closer my love Veil me with your warmth Oh how afraid we are I hold my breath I try to hide my pain here in your embrace So this pain would be gone This time I want you to dry all your tears as we make Love for the last time Replace your heart with m

Entwine Time of Despair歌词

02/23 02:42
Eternal is the pain that you gave me Lonely roses wither and die These tears of mine stain your veil I'm forced to hide and fade away Take my life and bring me to the ground In this time of despair When all that you love is dead It's my desireless ga

Entwine Safe in a Dream歌词

02/25 21:48
On the edge of life站在生活的边缘. After all these days are gone在那些已逝去的时光之后. The endless haze will rise那无尽的薄暮将升起. I close my eyes我闭上了双眼. I'm safe from all harm我在这些伤害之中感到安全. I'm safe in a dream我在梦境中感到我是安全的. I want you to stay我想要你留在这儿. I want you to be there

Entwine Surrender歌词

11/18 15:06
:牛牛 Entwine - Surrender I'm on my way I'm on my way to lose it all I'm a stranger to myself, I can't go on I'm all outta space And I'm surrounded by the wall I believe that my mind has caught a million storms Falling down When you lose all that you a

Entwine Curtained Life歌词

03/30 20:24
You turned off the light of innocence Overstepped the mark for deliverance War within' the end that never comes Faking what you are to be faithfull after all Grace created lies in my mind All that you've been hiding will be found in your eyes You You

Entwine Break Me歌词

10/19 05:57
You rape me with your lies You hurt me deep inside Some might say I'm not the fortunate one You love too break me down But I'll stay too hear you out Some might say that I'm the fallen one Lead me out from the dark And kill my pain Bring it on Tear m

Entwine Oblivion歌词

06/22 22:32
Only hate is left to feel Old enough he is to bear the weight He's lying bruised and left to die by the sons of his own The storm is leading him into the dark Dark is the light inside your fearful mind Your fearful mind Plead...plead for your life, t

Entwine Deliverance歌词

03/28 00:19
Shedding blood and tears to deliver the pain of broken years, hollow cold despair The time is running out as the beautiful sun is going down, darkened solitude will show the way No more drops of loss, no fear Deliverance, warm embrace Confined by mis