Julian Cope-World Shut Your Mouth歌词中文

Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth歌词

05/12 01:31
Artist:julian cope Songs Title:world shut your mouth She's flying in the face of fashion now Seems to have a will of her own She's flying in the face of fashion, yeah Seems to have it all chromed The time was going, so frequently She said if I try ha

Pain Shut Your Mouth歌词

11/20 03:13
Pain - Shut Your Mouth The only thing I ever wanted, the only thing I ever needed is my own way - I gotta have it all I don't want your opinion, I don't need your ideas stay the fuck out of my face, stay away from me I am my god - I do as I please ju

Attack Attack Shut Your Mouth歌词

10/15 02:20
I don't give a. Welcome to my party as I'm lettin' you in raise my hand to the dj let the music begin McSwagger is the type man to hold the world in his hand my name will be on all your lips and typed by all your fingertips baby don't keep coming up

Candy Coated Killahz Shut Your Mouth歌词

02/28 19:19
You're so dramatic I've had it, This ain't a movie scene, We fuss and fight, scratch and bite, It's the same routine. It's problematic a habit, The way you cuss at me, Wrong and right mixing like, Fire and gasoline. Quit your bitchin', let's start ki

Garbage Shut Your Mouth歌词

05/03 07:43
★ HomToㄨYeah Welcome We love you We hate you We love you We want you We need you We wish we were like you They say you're a saint You're a whore You're a sinner That he had you He made you He can't live without you Would you confess if we asked That

Julian Cope Me Singing歌词

06/19 14:35
I may be there Maybe try to comfort me with My vacant stare Which hangs above your vacant chair Your eyes are lost in mine Or are they my eyes lost in yours I try to entwine The wonder that we have there Oh no, no, dear Have you been coming here agai

Mighty Mouth 웃어歌词

09/29 23:13
마이티 마우스-웃어 (Feat.인순이) 韩语歌词: I BELIEVE WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD I KNOW WHAT YOU BEEN WAITIN FOR MIRACLE MIRACLE 쇼리) 모든 슬픔 지금 흐르는 눈물 우릴 지치고 멈칫거리게 하는 장애물들 이젠 지워버리고 훌쩍 뛰어넘어 버리고 고 앞으로 달려가자 LET ME GO 237) 오늘 하루도 웃으며 시작 태양처럼 밝게 밥을 먹을 땐 웃음 이란 반찬과 함께 거울을 보며 웃어

Citizen Cope Let the Drummer Kick歌词

02/24 18:34
let the drummer kick 歌词 Let the drummer kick 让鼓手继续敲 Let the drummer kick that 让鼓手继续敲 Let the drummer kick 让鼓手继续敲 Let the drummer kick that 让鼓手继续敲 Relations 所有的联系 Creation 创 造 Incarceration 幽 闭 Determination 决 定 Equation 平 等 Humiliation 羞 辱 Reincarnat

The Acacia Strain Whoa! Shut It Down!歌词

10/12 00:14
Whoa! I'm so sick of these fights So sick of your mouth I kno where you live And I see where you sleep So lets settle this here right now I'm not wasting away my life Because you don't like What I have to say Sorry! I'm not just like you Sorry! Who a

Sho Baraka Shut Us Down歌词

09/08 15:42
Sho Baraka Shut Us Down It's gonna be hard to shut us down, down It's gonna be hard to shut us down, down Down Okay, call your man, call your girl, tell them all to call their bluff Tell them call the stations and ask them why they hate on us Took an

Iron & Wine Flightless Bird, American Mouth歌词

03/02 16:10
歌曲:flightless bird,american mouth 歌手:Iron&Wine By:独° I was a quick wet boy 我是一个一贫如洗的人 Diving too deep for coins 为了生活苦苦追寻 All of your straight light eyes 城市中充满势利的眼神 Wide on my plastic toys 狠狠打量我的天真 And when the cops closed the fair 当公平在世上消失 I cut my l

Soundtrack Flightless Bird, American Mouth歌词

01/17 17:53
I was a quick wet boy Diving too deep for coins All of your street light eyes Wide on my plastic toys And when the cops closed the fair I cut my long baby hair Stole me a dog-eared map And called for you everywhere Have I found you? Flightless bird,

Mighty Mouth 패밀리歌词

03/11 21:42
Baby always I love you family Baby always I love you family I wanna be your family 오늘부터 우린 family 동서남북 어디라도 난 너를 향해 달려가 오 오 오 오 우리는 하나 family 모두같이 외쳐 family 봄 여름 가을 겨울 4evr Let's go oh oh oh oh 자 우리가 왔다 모두 여기로 붙어 믿음과 희망 그리고 사랑으로 뭉쳐 축 쳐진 어깨를 활짝 펴 더 이상

Mighty Mouth 사랑이란歌词

04/08 11:52
사랑이란 날개가 없어도 사랑이란 저 하늘을 나는 것 그대 고운 숨결에 부푼 가슴이 풍선처럼 나는 것 (사랑이란) 사랑이란 좋은 일 없어도 (사랑이란) 사랑이란 웃음이 나오는 것 그저 함께 있으면 그것만으로 세상을 가진듯한 이 맘 사랑은 글자 수만큼 인생에서 몇 번 없지 지금 우리 모습 같은 생각할수록 더욱 신비하고 또 신기한 만남 그때 그 자리에 내가 만약 없었으면 과연 널 만났을까 내가 원래 이렇게 웃음이 많았을까 가끔 하늘에서 정해준 사람이

韩国原声带 Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth.歌词

05/23 14:45
Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth Singer:Low End Project from Korean Drama "Coffee Prince" I wasn't mean you lost your mind I wasn't mean it. I was not. It ain't over till it is over. I wanna give you something new. Don't leave me. (have

Drake Shut It Down 歌词

03/27 08:17
(These girls ain't got nothin' on you) [Chorus] Uh, say baby, I had to mention, That if you were a star You'd be the one I'm searchin' for Other girls they, Got attention But I just always feel like They're in need of somethin' You got, got is she pr

Snow Patrol Shut Your Eyes歌词

11/08 12:10
>>Snow Patrol<< >>Shut Your Eyes<< Shut your eyes and think of somewhere Somewhere cold and caked in snow By the fire we break the quiet Learn to wear each other well And when the worrying starts to hurt and the world feels like gr

Little Big Town Shut Up Train歌词

01/16 14:16
Shut up train I'm trying to sleep Can't you show me a little sympathy This is the only time I can get any peace So shut up train I'm tryin to sleep [Chorus] Every time the front door shakes Every time I hear the breaks And that long whistle cryin thr

Emery Butcher&#039;s Mouth歌词

12/16 12:53
[ti:Butcher's Mouth] [ar:Emery] [al:In Shallow Seas We Sail] [00:01.12]Emery - Butcher's Mouth [00:03.05] [00:04.04]www.50004.com @ 制作 [00:09.14] [00:09.64]I've got a way of finding out what you said [00:16.10]But I want to hear it from the butch

Public Enemy Shut &#039;Em Down歌词

08/25 12:40
I testified My mama cried Black people died When the other man lied See the TV listen to me double trouble From the lower level I'm takin' tabs Sho nuff stuff to grab Like shirts it hurts With a neck to wreck Took a poll 'cause our soul Took a toll F