killing joke war on freedom 歌词

Killing Joke Turn to Red歌词

10/31 13:46
The sky is turning grey, Bodies Every day, put on my stereo, Metallic sound! 4 Minute Warning, Turn to red, Turn to red, Turn to red, Turn to red, Turn to red The sky is turning grey, Bodies Turn to red Turn to red Turn to red! 专辑:Laugh? I Nearly Bou

Killing Joke Love Like Blood歌词

08/05 14:17
We must play our lives like soldiers in the field. The life is short I'm running faster all the time. Strength and beauty destined to decay So cut the rose in full bloom. A love like blood A love like blood. A love like blood A love like blood. Every

Killing Joke Darkness Before Dawn歌词

12/25 23:22
The lore of elders passes judgement on this waste And finding me or them does lack accepting fate We watch them come and go with speed of passing clouds Forbidden fruits of dreams that rule our thoughts my love And as the moments pass another face ar

Killing Joke Majestic歌词

10/19 05:00
Initiate wakey, wakey! Accelerated eco-meltdown, no-one gives a damn Keep everyone in debt while the big banks own their land Orwellian, Machiavellian, Hegelian dialectic World management has come, and it's to be expected You cannot tell the people (

Killing Joke Wardance歌词

08/21 13:53
The atmosphere's strange Out on the town Music for pleasure It's not music no more Music to dance to Music to move This is music to march to IT'S a war dance A war dance Look at graffiti Scrawled on the wall You know the the reason Outside the door Y

Killing Joke Madness歌词

02/26 02:59
only the righteous kiss those lips too much guessing too much "need to believe" this is madness madness why should i suffer when i can't see your eyes? whose truth is your truth? what brain can you pick? what bones? this is madness when did livi

Killing Joke Pssyche歌词

07/25 00:24
Ah! Ohhh! Ohhh! You're alone in the pack You're feeling like you want to go home You're feeling unfinished but you keep on going The reason is there You'll be falling 'til your feet are gone Because your living a hoax Sell us what you suss, no Ah! Dr

Killing Joke Hum歌词

11/27 16:47
Slowly, slowly all fall down A blindfold dance and a 1,2,3 No mistake where they always emphasize security Draw the curtains, shut the door, the heater's on I couldn't ask for more I pull the sheets right overhead Snuggle, snuggle safe in bed Take th

Killing Joke Requiem歌词

04/09 18:48
Not watching pretty girls The clock keeps on ticking He doesn't know why He's just cattle for slaughter Death - requiem And the meaning of words When they cease to function When there's nothing to say When will it start worrying you? Death - requiem

Killing Joke Eighties歌词

07/07 22:01
Eighties - i'm living in the eighties Eighties - i have to push, i have to struggle Eighties - get out of my way, i'm not for sale no more Eighties - let's kamikaze 'til we get there And we sang You do it this way Eighties - by day we run by night we

Killing Joke The Fall of Because歌词

10/05 05:42
Look at the faces Whose is the meaning Forget the passion Feeding the dead The fall of because! Look at the faces It's cold outside You're on your own Staying indifferent The fall of because! It's cold outside Losing my fear No more passion Passion i

Lucky Dube War and Crime歌词

09/17 07:50
Every where in the world People are fighting for freedom Nobody knows what is right Nobody knows what is wrong The black man say it's the white man The white man say it's the black man Indians say it's the colors Colors say it's everyone Your mother

FireForce Battle For Freedom歌词

12/07 21:27
We are fighting for freedom and count Here in Flanders bloody fields Full of anger our battlecry sounds Servants holding our shields Out of arrows retreat to the lines Between brooks and moors French knights are going to charge Endless sounds of war

Sarah Brightman The War Is Over歌词

12/23 18:42
The War Is Over My statures are falling Like feathers of snow Their voices are calling In a whispering world Waiting for the morning glow Heaven is calling From rainy shores Counting wounded lights falling Into their dreams Still searching for an ope

Various Artists Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 歌词

07/18 09:23
[ti:Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Sound-A-Like] [ar:Various Artists] [al:A Tribute To John Lennon] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.26]Happy Christmas(War Is Over)- John Lennon [00:02.40]So this is Christmas [00:03.97] [00:06.97]And what have you done [00:0

温力铭 Love & Freedom歌词

08/24 00:43
Love & Freedom 曲:温力铭 词:温力铭/张鳗鱼 ◆Make By Benc.Lee◆ 感谢使用Benc.Lee制作の歌词 每日一朝早个个都会拿份报纸 睇睇有咩新闻 又有D咩嘢故事 睇嚟睇去都系只得离家出走四个字 其实系咪报纸印错 定系我唔识字 其实系唔系 社会越来越多事 搞到D年轻人 都要自由两个字 佢哋唔想日日俾人控制 俾人怀疑 但系你哋有冇谂过你哋容易做错事 日日话父母对你唔好衰对你鄙视 讲到自己几有本事唔想大人多事 但系到头来 乜都做唔到坐喺处 究竟你哋明唔明白自由 两个字


07/02 12:47
「Freedom」 作詞∶千紗 & Kenn Kato 作曲∶鈴木大輔 歌∶GIRL NEXT DOOR Oh- Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao まるでルービックキューブを 解きあかしていくように どこかが揃えば他が-揃わない 誰にでもみんなすべて いい顔しようとすれば ホントの自分は きっと霞んでくんだ Oh- Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao Eiaoeieiao それでもきっと心は 嫌われることを嫌い

Nicki Minaj Freedom歌词

04/27 14:23
They'll never thank me for opening doors But they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross Cause your spirit is ungrateful Bítches is so hateful I remain a staple My career's been the pinkprint When I retire, tell 'em think pink Pink Friday i

Run Kid Run Freedom歌词

07/12 20:00
Oh my chains I can't disengage I don't believe that I want to One hand sings Your praise The other brings me shame I have selfishness to blame And I'm singing for freedom I know I'm not the only one Praying to the One Who can bring me this freedom I'

Running Wild War and Peace歌词

06/16 19:57
The rifles are firing, the cracking of guns break the still The march of the soldiers, no mercy, no thoughts and no will They fall one by one, their blood is shed without sense Trapped in the spell of a nightmare War & peace, you're walking just stra