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Damien Rice The Blower's Daughter歌词

02/22 15:28
The Blower's Daughter Damien Rice And so it is Just like you said it would be Life goes easy on me Most of the time And so it is The shorter story No love, no glory No hero in her sky I can't take my eyes off you I can't take my eyes off you I can't

Damien Rice 9 Crimes歌词

06/22 03:43
Leave me out with the waste. This is not what I do. It's the wrong kind of place. To be thinking of you. It's the wrong time for somebody new It's a small crime, and I've got no excuse Is that alright? Give my gun away when it's loaded. Is that alrig

Bryan Rice Curtain Call Feat. Julie Berthelsen歌词

07/25 06:57
Try to convince me we will be OK And I'll believe in every word you say Soon you'll be gone, you got me hanging on Don't wanna say, wanna say, say goodbye I don't want you to go please just stay, stay right here Time is running out for us now Listen

Damien Rice Cannonball歌词

08/10 18:46
Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt Still a little hard to say what's going on Still a little bit of your ghost, your weakness Still a little bit of your face, I haven't kissed You step a little

Bryan Rice Breathing歌词

06/25 12:22
It's cold and I'm frozen... I'm here again on my own So I keep on fighting But the sea let's me sink like a stone Even love has a dark side And you pray and you hope it won't show Every time I'm in balance You keep pushing me out of control, oh So pu

J Rice Can You Hear Me Now歌词

02/09 23:11
girl you're so poisonous just like a cigarette you're always pushin it to see how far you'll get but you won't easily make a fool me I've seen this happen once Oh, that's my cue to leave B-section: you say it's a misunderstanding but i know know know

J Rice Thank You for the Broken Heart歌词

09/20 00:58
Everything I know about love I learned from you From you And everything I know about pain I learned from you, you you were my only you were my first you showed me lonely and you took me in when I was hurt but the most important thing you ever gave me

J Rice Just A Dream 歌词

06/30 15:24
[ti:Just A Dream(feat. Marctheshar] [ar:J Rice&Marcthesharc27] [al:The Covers, Vol. 2] [offset:300] [00:00.00]J Rice - Just A Dream [00:05.00] [00:10.34]I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me. [00:13.09]Thinkin about us, what we gonna be? [00:15.6

Chris Rice You Don't Have To Yell 歌词

01/20 10:37
So called reality right there on my TV If that's how life's supposed to be Well, somebody's lyin' The camera's on and we can tell To keep your fame you have to yell 'Cause tensions build and products sell And we're all buyin' I hope we're smarter tha

J Rice Afraid of Love歌词

12/25 04:30
J Rice - Afraid of Love (Lyrics by 小白@MaxRNB) Maximal r&b - The Freshest & Hottest R&B/ Hip-Hop Music! Don't be afraid, Don't be afraid yeah, yeah. I Keep on tellin myself that I'm alright, But I know that this wasn't other times, When I let e

Bryan Rice In Your Room 歌词

03/19 06:33
in your room - bryan rice take a hit make it fit let me in on your emotions tonight bare your soul lose control and connect me to the heart of your mind you got a story but you just won't tell i know your secret how you keep it well i hear you talkin

Chris Rice Lemonade 歌词

04/14 01:53
Lemonade Chris Rice 环球音乐极品典藏集 2007 zjycmr so go ahead and ask her for happy ever after cause nobody knows what's coming so why not take a chance on loving come on, pour the glass and tempt me either half-full or half-empty cause if it all comes down

Chris Rice Let The Words Escape 歌词

03/18 02:00
Love, how did I find you? Was I even breathing before I knew your name? Who could ever have planned this? Arranged the whole planet to all turn out this way? Hey, only heaven knows The dreams behind these things I'm asking Yeah, even our angels look

Damien Rice Rootless Tree (Kcrw Version)歌词

09/10 11:44
Damien Rice - Rootless Tree What I want from you is empty your head They say be true, don't stay in your bed We do what we need to be free And it leans on me like a rootless tree What I want from us is empty our minds We fake the thoughts, and fractu

Damien Rice Cheers Darlin'歌词

11/22 03:46
Cheers darlin' [干杯,亲爱的] Here's to you and your lover boy [为你和你爱的那个男孩] Cheers darlin' [干杯,亲爱的] I got years to wait around for you [这些年,我一直等待在你身边] Cheers darlin' [干杯,亲爱的] I've got your wedding bells in my ear [你婚礼的钟声一直萦绕在我耳边] Cheers darlin' [干杯,亲爱的] Yo

Damien Rice Cold Water歌词

09/29 09:29
Cold, cold water surrounds me now And all I've got is your hand Lord, can you hear me now? Lord, can you hear me now? Lord, can you hear me now? Or am I lost? Love one's daughter Allow me that And I can't let go of your hand Lord, can you hear me now

J Rice Pray Mashup 歌词

10/06 06:31
I just can't sleep tonight Knowing the things aIn't right It's in the papers, It's on the tv It's everywhere that I go Children are crying SoldIers are dying Some people don't have a home But I know there's sunshine behind that rain I know there's go

Bryan Rice Good News 歌词

03/05 22:21
[00:06.64]I am here I am clear [00:08.76]In the moment Back with a better view [00:13.55]Not a clue where I'm going [00:17.23]But going all out for you [00:20.11]Tomorrow's not promised [00:21.38]what the wise man used to say [00:24.18]So let's seiz

Bryan Rice Fragile 歌词

06/28 06:31
No one wants to be the first to let someone else inside It takes some getting, getting used to, having nowhere to hide Easier to run than to stay and love someone. You think that your walls are invincible. You think you're too tall to be climbed. You

Bryan Rice Here I Am 歌词

09/07 11:56
[00:13.04]Here I am all stripped down [00:16.59]Have I lost what I've found in you [00:25.95]Should have left you alone [00:29.14]But my heart still says no don't go [00:38.63]So please don't take what's left of me [00:41.85]Cause without you I can'