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Mary J. Blige Be Without You歌词

10/05 03:09
I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh) I wanna be with you, gotta be with you, need to be with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh) Oooo (oh, oh, oh, oh) oooo Chemistry was crazy from the get-go Neither one of us knew why We did

Ray J One Wish歌词

02/05 04:53
damn baby just don't understand where we went wrong i gave you my heart i gave you my soul i gave you... as a matter of fact i was the one who said i love you first it was about eight years ago, don't act like you don't know we were sittin' at home i

Jay Sean Maybe (J Remy & Bobby Bass Album Version)歌词

11/04 06:46
Jay Sean-Maybe Beep Beep On It Now There Goes My Phone 哔哔,铃声响起 ,是我的电话 And Once Again Im Just Hoping Its A Text From You 我再一次期望那会是来自你的短信 It Aint Right i read your Messages Twice thrice Four Times A Night Its True 我知道一晚上读你的短信两遍三遍四遍是不对的,但事实上我却这样做了 Every

Frankie J Don't Wanna Try歌词

05/22 07:06
(oooo)...dont wanna try dont wanna try (try try) (oooo)..dont wanna try no more (ooo)..dont wanna try dont wanna try dont wanna try Verse 1 i cant believe u had the nerve to say the things u said they hurt so bad that they ended our relationship i ca

Marc Lavoine J'espère歌词

02/04 14:21
J'espère(我希望) 演唱:Marc Lavoine(马克·莱沃因), Phạm Quỳnh Anh(范琼英,越南裔比利时籍人) Je fais des e-mails à tout allure 我全速发了一封e-mail(给你) Tu me réponds « à toute à l'heure » 你回应我:一会儿见 Tu mets du rouge sur ta figure 你羞红了脸 Je mets du baume sur mon cœur 我放下了心 J'espère, j

Mary J. Blige Missing You歌词

10/31 20:20
[Verse 1:] I'm not in love It's just some kind of thing I'm goin thru Goin' thru, goin' thru And it's not infatuation Ain't nothin goin on between me and you Me and you, me and you But I dream about it every night, baby Wantin you here with me Makin

J. Holiday Suffocate歌词

03/18 05:33
Suffocate--J Holiday Now even though I try to play it off Im thinking bout you all day long and I cant wait for shorty to come through From your lips and back up to your eyes my hands on your hips when we grind im fantazing Bout what im gon do to you

Frankie J Daddy's Little Girl歌词

05/05 11:08
He drops his suitcase by the door She knows her daddy won't be back anymore She drags her feet across the floor Tryna hold back time to keep him holding on And she says Daddy Daddy don't leave I'll do anything to keep you Right here with me Can't you

Frankie J Still歌词

05/29 01:49
Still Frankie J. I got a call late last night from a number I didn't know It was so strange I knew who it was from the moment she said hello And I paused for a minute I couldn't believe it I kept my cool so my girl just wouldn't see She said, I'm sor

Mary J. Blige Family Affair歌词

06/08 15:43
lets get it crunk, we gon have fun up on in this, dance for me we got ya open, now ya floatin so you gots to dance for me dont need no hateration, holleratin in this dance for me lets get it percolatin, while youre waiting so just dance for me come o

J. Holiday It's Yours歌词

02/27 13:34
[ti:It's Yours] [ar:J. Holiday] [00:01.80] [00:06.80] [00:15.80] [00:18.11]All I want to do is please you (Please You) [00:21.52]Run into this woman let me show you [00:25.02]How I feel (How I Feel) [00:26.71]Love is real (Love Is Real) [00:28.67]Now

J. Holiday Sing 2 U歌词

04/16 02:21
[ti:Sing 2 U] [ar:J. Holiday] [al:Round 2] [00:-2.00]J. Holiday - Sing 2 U [00:-1.00] [00:02.00] [00:13.99]Last night I thought to back [00:16.45]when we were in the lac [00:18.25]listen to tracks some of that have you seen her [00:22.32]then I told

Mary J. Blige Can't Get Enough歌词

03/16 08:53
Unnhhhhhhhhhh, Yeah No matter what I do, I want you to pull me through, cause I need you. Every day and every night, you make wonders in my life, that's why I call on you. Ohhhh, this is true. I can't get enough of you. (I can't get enough of you) Oo

Ray J What I Need歌词

09/21 12:36
Yea..i been tryna get away..but its just something about u thats pullin me back in...ya know? ..girl ya what i need..and i cant even front im wildin out..planin on you can calm me down..you make it alright when your around..girl your what i need ..i

Mary J. Blige Real Love歌词

11/23 03:02
(Vs.1) We are lovers true and through and though we made it through the storm I realy want you to realize I realy want to put you on I've been searching for someone to satisfy my every need won't you be my inspiration, be the real love that I need (C

Sheryfa Luna J'ai Le Droit歌词

03/04 06:11
J'ai Le Droit 我有权 Ils aimeraient me voir dans les clubs 人们喜欢在俱乐部中 Me voir danser sur la piste 看我在舞台上炫舞 Ils voudraient que je sois comme ces meufs 人们希望我成为另一个 Juste une de plus sur la liste 那种被列入名单的女人 Ils voudraient que je vende ma vie 人们希望我出卖自己 Dans l

Jon Young & J. Cash Dance Floor歌词

09/15 14:01
[Chorus] If you can do it like you do it on the dance floor I ain't eva eva eua let you go No more waitin Shawty (put it on me) If you can do it like you do it on the dance floor I ain't eva eva eva let you go No mo waitin Shawty Come on and put it o

Mary J. Blige We Ride (I See the Future)歌词

03/15 22:45
Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want Said I Just can't help it I love my hun All that I need And all that I want [1st Verse:] Everybody asking "Why Mary ain't mad no more?" It seems Like a question That I've alrea

Mary J. Blige No More Drama歌词

09/20 21:21
No More Drama So tired, tired of all this drama, You go your way, I'll go mine I need to be free Broken heart again Another lesson learned Better know your friends Or else you will get burned Gotta count on me Cause I can guarantee That I'll be fine

LL Cool J Move Somethin'歌词

05/11 21:38
hello Move Somethin' LL Cool J N.O. Joe, hit me baby! Push it out girl,arch your back Them 17s is fittin' like bubblewrap Uhh, plus they low on your hips You there,let me grab That thing you do keep me brick 50 told you about the "Magic Stick" C