tupac better dayz歌词

Sweetbox These Dayz歌词

01/23 03:07
By[杀死男爵] Da da da- Yeah yeah hoo I don't know what I gonna do is touch you Seeing you're using things everyday And I wish that we can stay together Guess I gonna have to make more way You know you never be replaced there You'll be my friend to the en

2Pac Better Dayz歌词

04/19 07:34
[ti:Better Dayz (Feat. Mr. Biggs)] [ar:2Pac] [al:Better Dayz 更好的日子] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.49]Lookin for these better days [00:04.51]Better days, heyyy! Better days [00:09.33]Got me thinkin bout better days [00:12.32]Better days! Better days, better

Onyx Last Dayz歌词

08/23 12:05
South suicide Queens....all niggaz gather up all your arms and get ready for this new world order shit is about to change-muther fucker Verse 1: I'm America's nightmare young black and just dont give a fuck I just want to get high and live it up so f

鈴木達央 somelights dayz歌词

11/29 07:19
PERFORMANCE:駒江クリストフ?ヨウスケ(CV.鈴木達央) LYRIC:佐藤大 MUSIC:高井ウララ ARRANGEMENT:村上純 CHORUS:Jun-G 聴(き)かせてくれ お前(まえ)の声(こえ)で everything... anytime... 重(かさ)ねた手(て)の ぬくもり 夜空(よぞら)浮(う)かぶ 星(ほし) ふたつ オレが真顔(まがお)でキメると いつもチャカす お前(まえ) その瞬間(しゅんかん)が 今(いま) ふたり somelights dayz 雨風(あ

Raekwon Rainy Dayz歌词

12/03 03:01
Intro: Blue Raspberry Summer's dream inside Of how I'm gonna get mine I'm thinkin bou-owowow-out so many ways Of how to conquer, these raihahahahahny days... [You sang beautifully just now] [ I sang for him, and he isn't here] *birds craw and cackle*

Various Artists Tupac Back歌词

01/27 14:46
[ti:Tupac Back] [ar:群星] [al:MMG Presents_ Self Made, Vol. 1 via iTunes] [offset:0] [00:00.57]Tupac Back - 群星 [00:40.02]Tupac back Tupac back [00:42.02] [00:43.07]There's all these bitches screaming that Tupac back [00:45.23] [00:46.26]All eyes on me

群星 带着梦想飞歌词

02/20 18:16
横跨台湾海峡的MICPASS-带着梦想飞 你爱HIPHOP吗?让我们带着我们的梦想一起飞! 来自海峡两岸的RAPPA们 让你们仔细的听中国饶舌歌手的心声! 让你们了解这种心情! the world is hip hop! 台湾的JNCO,AP满人,摇摆族群,三劈 大陆的APLUS,喷嘭乐团,大肆院,C-BLOCK,JRFOG,福麟阁,NOFEAR,BIGZOO,SOULCREW 还有D2厂牌下泛音集团的FATKAN,发起这次HIPHOP心声!! 地域有局限!!音乐没有!!HIPHOP世界更没有!

Soundtrack ’Till I Collapse歌词

02/01 14:54
Till I Collapse(feat. Nate Dogg) 直到我崩溃 (伴唱.纳特・多狗) Intro: Sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak 有时你会感到疲倦,感到虚弱 When you feel weak, you feel like you just wanna just give up 当感到虚弱时,你觉得干脆放弃算了 But you gotta search within you, 但是你将深入了解自己, try and find t

2Pac Still Ballin歌词

04/15 17:20
2Pac Still Ballin(Nitty Remix) Artist:2Pac/Trick Daddy [Tupac] Straight muthafuckin' ballin' Part two Still ballin' Westside... [Verse 1: Tupac] Now ever since a nigga was a seed Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary Still Ballin' Ridin' on

Kanye West Through the Wire 歌词

01/06 00:31
Yo G they can't stop me from rapping can they? Can they huh? I spit it through the wire man To much stuff on my heart right now man I'll probably risk it all right now It's a life or death situation man Y'all don't really understand how I feel right

2Pac Thugz Mansion (Acoustic Version)歌词

12/10 02:58
intro: Shit, tired of getting shot at 该死,厌倦了受到枪击 Tired of getting chased by the police and arrested 厌倦了被捕和警察的追赶 Niggas need a spot where we can kick it 黑鬼们需要一个能自由的地方 A spot where we belong, that's just for us 一个只属于我们的归属 Niggas ain't gotta get all dre

The Game Red Nation歌词

05/09 22:46
歌词整理:DavidLeon http://weibo.com/davidleon Throw your motherfucking Cincinnati hats in the sky Nigga, don't ask why Red laces in and out of them Air Max '95's I, walk on the moon, flow hotter than June Any nigga want drama I kick up a sand dune Peace

2Pac There U Go歌词

01/06 17:11
2Pac There U Go Written:Artist:2Pac/Kadafi/E.D.I/Kasbro/Napoleon/Big Syke/Jazze P There you go Had you like a whoe I don't know why I be fucking wit' chu [Verse 1: Tupac] Was it the liquor That makes me act blind Times that I'm with her Anonymous pic

サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 NEXT EPISODE歌词

08/05 15:29
サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 NEXT EPISODE 作词:サイプレス上野 作曲:BUZZER BEATS BACK IN THE DAYZ あの顷吐き気がするまで フリかけた Wing と GATSBY のコロン 兄贵の部屋にレコードプレイヤー初めて针落とす指が震えた DJ SINISTA のあのスクラッチ真似しても出る音 ジュクジュクジュクジュク ノリで始めた RAP ラジカセの前で车座ミスった奴笑う 针金丸め母ちゃんのストッキング被せて マイクの前に付ければもう 雑志で见たスタジオみたい

Lene Marlin Maybe I'll Go歌词

03/29 23:26
Maybe I'll Go By Lene Marlin You think youve made it everythings going so fine But then appears someone who wanna Tear you down Wanna rip you off those few nice things youve found When and if you hit the ground. Then its falling kinda hard Cause all

Stevie Hoang I'll Be Fine歌词

02/17 23:06
Stevie Hoang - I'll Be Fine (lyrics by 夕梨@MaxRNB) ~ 歌词来自映云, & yanyin修改 ~ It's better if we don't speak at all, at all, at all It's better if we don't speak at all, at all, at all, at all Now deep down inside (you know) It cuts like a knife But I'm to

品冠 座右铭歌词

11/22 05:49
★★ 爱歌词 黄品冠 - 座右铭 ★ MUSIC ★ 是谁看了书领悟诚实的道理 是谁有过名扬天地正气 是谁的一句话或一个传奇 是我的座右铭 我老爹总要背诗经跟伦理 老妈说床单每个月要换洗 老师他又说你有没有在听 快抄下座右铭 谁活得戏如人生 人生如戏 谁能退一步看海阔和天清 座右铭有一百万句 却只有一个自己 人生相信自己就很美丽 和我一起听 听一听自己 你的心 人们常忘记和我一起听 听一听自己 我的心 心跳和呼吸都很自信 这是我的生命 自己是自己的座右铭 唯一的座右铭 人没有不景气 它只有不争气

Jessica Simpson A Little Bit歌词

08/08 10:07
歌词: I'm not the kind of girl to sit out on sidelines我不是那种袖手旁观的女孩 The kind of girl who doesn't say it straight from her mind也不是那种心口不一的女孩 You're gonna know all that I'm feeling on the inside你会了解我内心世界感受到的一切 I ain't into games, I don't wanna waste我不想陷入游戏

刘畊宏 幸福的距离歌词

01/03 08:08
幸福的距离 刘耕宏 歌词:周骁将 窗外开始下起毛毛雨 云遮住了星星 夜深了还没有睡意 翻来覆去地想你 时钟嘀嗒嘀嗒的声音 像在说我爱你 转过两点三点到六点 恨不得快点见到你 幸福的距离 就算万公里 在你眼里有我想要的勇气 从南极飞到北极 南京到北京 你的笑胜过那些美景 我们勾勾手 就一言为定 我会傻傻地好好地爱你 你的名加我的姓 永远在一起 拥抱多过千言万语 music *给我最爱的菁! 窗外开始下起毛毛雨 云遮住了星星 夜深了还没有睡意 翻来覆去地想你 时钟嘀嗒嘀嗒的声音 像在说我爱你 转过两

许仁杰 梦见 (Live)歌词

02/28 07:31
许仁杰 - 梦见 Album:梦见 歌词吾爱 带你心飞 专辑:整晚的音乐会 歌手:许仁杰 歌曲:梦见 (Live)