Smallest Tragedy

Sunday Munich Smallest Tragedy歌词

12/21 19:49
Dust has settled on my frame of mind Misunderstood prices paid blindly for your sins Remedies and resolutions unreachable from here Past the point of solution But inside your eyes there's nothing left to see Just a dull reflection of what I use to be

Theatre of Tragedy ...A Distance There Is...歌词

01/10 18:05
Come in out of the rain thou sayest - but thou ne'er step'st aside; 从雨中进来吧,你说--但你凝视着我,没有挪开 And I am trapp'd - 我被困于此-- A distance there is... 你我远隔如斯-- None, save me and the bodkin - pitter-patter on the roof: 无人拯救我,而那屋顶上如针的雨滴答作响-- Behold! - 'tis not t

Theatre of Tragedy Siren歌词

02/14 02:37
译BY莫须有 Haste not thine wisdom, for the hollow is ta'en - 匆匆而去并非你明智的选择,因吾之空虚已然释怀- By whom, know I not; 'lack! am I of twain - 由谁而来,我不知晓:我可曾因另一半的缺席而失落- And as a crux - cede I my words - 我舍弃我的言语,以逃避你的谜语- Fro my heart wilt thou ne'er 在我内心你永不凋敝 Have I bee

Double K Tragedy歌词

07/04 19:35
볼펜이 끝없이 칼질한 백지라는 거울에 비친 언어의 얼굴은 온통 상처 투성이가 돼 잉크를 운다 그 눈물 썩긴 줄거리가 강이되 흐르는 순간 저 외로운 달빛 아래 완성되는 그 슬픈 음악 그 노래에 뺏긴 밤 두 눈을 떠야 꿈을 꿔 이 가락에 맺힌 땀 새벽을 따라 춤을 춰 아침은 잡히지 않는 저 별처럼 멀게 느껴져 어둠을 삼키며 숨막혀도 그녀는 어깨를 펴 But 그래봤자 결국 그녀는 장사꾼에 노예 노력에 댓가도 없이 항상 참 바쁘게 보내 그 피묻은 작품

Theatre of Tragedy A Rose for the Dead歌词

08/28 02:04
A Rose For The Dead Theatre Of Tragedy 专辑:<A Rose For The Dead> :SillyGodDisco oh - my dearest the sweet music in the air albeit, daresay I the lullaby of an everso dark sleep. my precious, likest thou what emergeth yon the distant? the throbbing an

Ordo Funebris Divine Tragedy歌词

06/18 11:59
When the roses lose her aroma When the moon lose bright Feel the night that sings our song Feel the shadows that whisper misfortunes It's time to die... Only a tear of your soul gives me peace Only one of your dreams make my world Feel the night that

Linda Király Runaway (Beautiful Tragedy)歌词

05/12 19:05
Love has always made a fool of me I was young and he was wild and free Said he'd be the one to help me He called me Marilyn I called him Dean Said you don't really wanna fall for me But I was already in too deep Now I know it's Over I wanna runaway,

Theatre of Tragedy Venus歌词

07/29 13:31
Theatre Of Tragedy Venus Circa mea pectora multa sunt suspiria De tua pulchritudine, que me ledunt misere. Venus I trowd thou wast my friend Professed to Heaven thou wouldst send. As a disciple of a villain Didst thou act the tragedienne. Iam amore v

Marc Anthony Tragedy歌词

06/30 07:15
marc anthony : tragedy (r. thomas/m. anthony/c. rooney) time after time you turned from what i thought was good and leave me behind you shouldve loved me like i knew that you could but oh, no this wont be no hard goodbye no, oh you cant hurt me this

Coal Chamber Tragedy歌词

11/17 02:59
Cynics and Christ-like hypocrites How they stick to you like glue Jealous and thoughtless lunatics How they stick to you like glue Truth is like a tragedy unclean, undeniably surely How they stick to you like glue Offensive and corrupt How they seem

Theatre of Tragedy Der Tanz Der Schatten歌词

03/14 19:24
"Meine Augen sind so dunkel, "Gleichwohl hast Du Deine Augen versteckt Auch sind die Visionen schwarz, Lichtschein hinter der Dunkelheit; Schwarz wie die Nacht; Ein Licht das mir gezeigt hat, Der D?mmerzustand des Menschen - Da? Du von Angst erf

Theatre of Tragedy Machine歌词

02/05 18:26
Look up here Look down there I am the new man I'm tangled in wires Chipset adept Memory load Keep your vogue code that all have Tomorrow's world we've all seen Keep your modern ways And keep your bugs The Metal Man is here to stay Talk talk You say I

Theatre of Tragedy As the Shadows Dance歌词

04/04 12:35
my eyes hold the eventide, albeit behind the eyes thou hast thro' which I 'hold naught else a flame enshroudéd in its blackness; but the raven; burning without the faintest breeze. sleep my dearest ones - teach me, dearest, the reason wherefore mind

Christina Perri Tragedy歌词

05/29 23:49
if you could envision the meaning of a tragedy, ooh you might be surprised to hear it's you and me when it comes down to it you never made the most of it, ooh so i cried, cried, cried and now, i say goodbye and i won't be made a fool of don't call th

Theatre of Tragedy Velvet Darkness They Fear歌词

12/29 01:39
Instrumental 专辑:Velvet Darkness They Fear 歌手:Theatre of Tragedy 歌曲:Velvet Darkness They Fear

Brandi Carlile Tragedy歌词

01/26 02:58
Tragedy 音乐家:Brandi Carlile 专辑:Brandi Carlile Sorry, I'm only Human, you know me Grown up, oh no guess again My days always Dry up and blow away Sometimes I could do that too But make no mistake that When you need a friend You could count on anyone Bu

Theatre of Tragedy And When He Falleth歌词

01/13 11:36
L:Be my kin free fro carnal sin, 成为我这样不被肉欲原罪侵扰的族类 Bridle the thoughts of Master. 克制你主上的欲望 R:There hath past away a glore fro the Earth; 曾经在这世上的一项荣耀在逝去 A glore that in the hearts and minds of men, 就是那深植于人类内心与思想中的荣耀 Men demented - blindfolded by light,

This Romantic Tragedy Reborn歌词

02/22 11:47
As you sit back and wait for it all to change, You want to escape. This world we see is a different reality, But now I know, but now I know that I... I've lost my mind and I swear, this is going nowhere, No form of light you've seen is this beautiful

Galneryus Dawn of tragedy歌词

05/31 09:17
The light disappears Now i feel the end Seeing the black crow is calling the night The serious fact kills my heart every time I'm a prisoner of my lonely heart I feel down cause i found no way out Even if you kill me, my pain never ends Day after day

Malena Ernman Tragedy歌词

10/05 10:00
When times are hard you ask for sweeter tunes When days are tough the nights bring full saloons But when I swing and change to minor chords That's when the audience goes wild Here comes the tragedy The sound of agony The tears you love to cry The pai